How to Make Fried Rice : How to Use a Rice Cooker

Hi my name is Paris Sourivang and I’m here
on behalf of Expert Village. I like to use a rice cooker because it is fast, efficient
and quick and easy to do. Pretty much you plug it in and it comes out a bowl comes out
in it, you put your rice in the bowl. You could wash the excess rice in to the rice cooker. The only hard part
is getting the measurements right for rice. What my mom thought me is you add water to
it for a little while and see what it comes to. What you do finger in where the top of
your finger touches the rice and let the water hit your first line or first knuckle so when
I do that it shows the water has not hit so I need to add a little bit more water and
that is how you do it you have to hit the top of the rice to the tip of your finger
not the tip of your finger of the bottom of the bowl. So once that is in you put the rice
in the rice cooker. Standard rice cookers you just have to hit the bottom and it says
rice cook and you are done. You have to wait it takes usually to 30 minutes or so. Good
fried rice is made with a day old rice you could cook it 24 hours in advance put it in
the refrigerator and let it harden and let all the water evaporate and it becomes a hard
type of rice. Because what you are doing when you are cooking it you are putting liquids
back in the rice to make it softer and what you do not want to do is have the rice really
mushy when you are cooking it.

49 comments on “How to Make Fried Rice : How to Use a Rice Cooker”

  1. boykhan22 says:

    great tips…i never knew how to measure the water to cook the rice…:)

  2. Bee ToysReview says:

    deffinately gay

  3. mobious01 says:

    jajaja woww iii messed mine up =(

  4. Ellen Alers says:

    It appears that you prewashed your rice before adding it to the cooker. It may help to explain how and why this is done. – rinse the rice until the water becomes significantly clearer t(to perfectly clear) to wash excess starch off the rice and avoid very stick cooked product.

  5. Joe Wing says:

    HEY Thats How My Parents Taught THANKS FOR Doing That !! It Will Help My Friend Who Never Cook Rice Even He has been living in Hong Kong For Years !! hehe! Oh U R Cute By The Way !! πŸ™‚

  6. Joe Wing says:

    SORRY I Forgot !! WE Normally Rinse the Rice First! Also we Always Wrap the Water Off the Base first before Put it in. πŸ™‚

  7. ssjwes says:

    Whats it matter?

  8. kevo99able says:

    i use the microwave

  9. Jeanie Vang says:

    I do the same thing as he's mom said also.. it work………. cooking rice old fashion way is way better

  10. Bee ToysReview says:


  11. missqueenbean says:


  12. edwardnr17 says:

    it seems everyone's parents know that old finger/water measurement trick.

    Oh, and btw, the English captions are a bit out of sync.

  13. shodaimexors says:

    thats right, the rice cannot be fresh.. it will get mushy!

  14. ralphrenzo says:

    i had few minutes to cook rice so i searched this up lol

  15. ssjwes says:

    YOU missed a STEP!!!
    if you want nice soft rice that doesnt stick together like crazy prewash your rice until it takes on a translucent appearance. Get all that nasty starch off your rice people!!

  16. chandana marasinghe says:

    my mom told me that too.. how to measure water for rice

  17. Aney Syhananthalath says:

    Oh shit, my dad taught me the finger trick!

  18. Grass Hopper says:

    Hi, thanks for your advice. I had been trying to make fried rice after cooking it in a rice cooker. But that part taught me well about 24 hour advance in fridge before doing the fried rice to avoid mushy rice. I am trying this now in fridge for 24 hours thank you for your excellent video.

  19. stayjit1 says:

    Great tip on making fried rice. I like rice sticky rice though because now and then I get this crazy obsessive need for sushi. Nom nom nom.

  20. waffocopter says:

    The finger rule doesn't work if you're only making a little rice. I make rice for one at college all the time and if I went to the knuckle, I'd have the grossest soggy rice ever.

  21. kawaiikinki says:

    nice tip!! Thanks

  22. Lord Ambduscias says:

    Ok that is not how to make "Fried Rice" that is how to make "Rice" though using day old rice and not fresh is a nice tip. That's gonna help the chicken noodle soup Thing I am working on, lol. I still want the recipe to fried rice in a 6-cup rice cooker.

  23. Lord Ambduscias says:

    @Odd879 and the tip-to-knuckle hint is good too

  24. Lord Ambduscias says:

    @waffocopter the main rule I know is 1 part rice to 1 part water (for the rice cooker). Allow room for expansion, lol. On the stove as I remember is 1 part rice to 2 parts water. "part" meaning whatever means of measurement you choose, scoop, cup, etc as long as it is equal. If you are making less than a cup.

  25. DC0014 says:

    every asian should know this already lah

  26. Bay says:

    Great video and explanations. Downloaded the Kambrock Rice Cooker manual. Never thought to look on youtube for a video as good as this one. Cheers n thanks.

  27. Ginnsangx says:

    OMG i have the same rice cooker =)

  28. NEW1HEIGHTS says:

    @boykhan22 just finger the rice.

  29. β™› Huffdaddyβ„’ says:

    lol "finger the rice" what if i find a nail in my rice? Just add two cups of water per cup of rice bro lol

  30. pepitoos says:

    Thank you very much!

  31. wootang7469 says:

    @eva You are not supposed to rinse the rice. That washes away all of the vitamins and minerals from the rice. Nice video

  32. wootang7469 says:

    look it up

  33. Tunnel Rat says:

    The reason for rinsing is to remove excess starch to prevent the rice from becoming too sticky. If the rice is fortified with vitamins and minerals (man made process), then yes, rinsing the rice will wash away the nutrients away. Brown rice should be soaked overnight. The reason is twofold. One is soften the rice, the other is to activate the phytase in the rice that makes it more nutritious.

  34. Effs Pablo says:

    I thought you add oil?

  35. Limbergh Amayo says:

    does this method work for every rice cooker? someone please answer this

  36. Tessa Dubay-Jurado says:

    Lol why am I here

  37. Joyce Zh says:

    New and old rice also affects the amount of water needed. Asian markets sells new rice, I think it's harvest this year, whereas the old rice is from last year. New rice needs less water when old rice needs more. I'm not sure why, perhaps the old rice dries?

    Also difference brands of rice requires slightly different amount of water.

  38. dylankd1 says:

    /watch?v=yzti6AucsbE lmao its my parody of them

  39. Grammar Guru says:

    This guy is awesome

  40. Wilby Aristil says:

    watch the advertisement its hilarious lol

  41. Lux says:

    I knew this would be a great tutorial from the minute I seen he was Asian.

  42. srikruthi sri says:

    its helped me a lot in tough times. thanks to you and youtube…

  43. TheSammax says:

    The name of this video clip is "How to Make Fried Rice" .. well .. in Rice Cooker
    This is the first time in my life to learn how to fry rice in just "Water", Really impressive, Too bloody smart πŸ˜€

  44. kojmas says:

    I do the same thing he does since I was 10 years

  45. westboundNinja1 says:


  46. David Woodby says:

    You will never starve with a rice cooker in the house!

  47. M Barre says:

    LOL, I used this finger measurement of the rice water for a long time.

  48. The Gertie Birdie Chronicles says:

    Soooo… how do you make fried rice in a rice cooker? I feel the video is missing something…

  49. turki bander says:

    After using this rice cooker for about a month now, >>> I am amazed by how fast and convenient it is. When cooking rice in the flash rice option, it only takes around 20-30 minutes, and the quality of the cooked rice is good. Overall, I'm satisfied with this product and I would recommend buying it.?

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