How To Make Frozen Hamburgers In A Pressure Cooker

Hi folks it’s Mike with with a tip for you on how to make a delicious hamburger in about 20
minutes. That’s right from the freezer and right to your plate, in about 20
minutes. We’re going to be using an electric pressure cooker. This one
happens to be an instant pot. And I know what you’re thinking, what kind of a nut
would want to cook a hamburger in a pressure cooker? Well that would be you!
And the reason is when you come home from work and you’re tired and you just
don’t feel like messing around, or when you come home and you’ve been partying,
and you know who you are, mmm-hmm. Anyhow you just want something
to eat like a hamburger but you don’t want to make a mess in the kitchen and you
don’t want to clean up, you just want to throw it in the pressure cooker and eat
your hamburger in about 20 minutes. We’ll stick around, watch this video and
we’re going to show you exactly how to do that. Today we are preparing 100%
Angus beef burgers but you can also use this concept for turkey burgers. Our
pressure cooker frozen hamburgers need to stay juicy and the way that we can do
that is that we cook them in aluminum foil. We’re are going to add a generous
amount of salt and pepper along, with some dehydrated onions. We’re also going
to use mushrooms out of a can. And don’t get excited about mushrooms in
a can, because you won’t be able to tell the difference. Then we want to add a
slice of Swiss cheese. Now let’s prepare a cheddar cheese burger. We’re going to
leave out the mushrooms and switch to cheddar cheese. And when you pull the
aluminum foil off of the roll, make sure that it’s long enough to leave an
adequate amount of space above the cheese so it doesn’t stick. Next we want to add one cup of water to
our electric pressure cooker. Then we want to add a rack to make sure that the
burgers are not immersed in the water. Apologies if you have seen this before,
but for those who have not seen our electric pressure cooker salmon recipe,
we invite you to check it out. We cook the salmon the corn and the rice
all at the same time. We’ll include a link to that video at the end of this
video and in the video description. With the lid on, and the vent closed, sets the
control to 20 minutes on high pressure. While those burgers are cooking we’re
going to finish off the rest of the burgers from our package and put them in
the freezer for future use. We’re also going to make a delicious garlic butter
burger. And when the time is up on the control, you can do it manually release. All that’s left to do now is put the
burgers on a toasted bun and dig in. Well there you go folks, delicious
hamburgers in about 20 minutes with absolutely no cleanup. Perfect for folks
on low-carb diets. Now if you learned something here today, and you think your
friends might enjoy it, please help us grow the channel by sharing. Thanks for
watching ♥

32 comments on “How To Make Frozen Hamburgers In A Pressure Cooker”

  1. John Cilyo says:

    Mike, great video. I also do this in my Breville Oven. The Same method and same times.

  2. Jim Estep says:

    great video, only problem….no grill marks, I solved that by using a magic marker….just kidding, I used paint

  3. Rania Treadwell says:

    Can you do more then 2 at a time?

  4. Ferret Family says:

    hi mike! just wanted to say thanks for this fantastic tip, I've utilized it 6 times now! Perfect for small apartment dwelling on a budget. I tried the bbq beans, think I need to adjust my time some though, the beans were a bit more firm than I like but the flavor was amazing. Just wanted to say thanks again for the time you take to share some ideas.

  5. Karla Finch-Cluff says:

    That was a thing of beauty!! Thank you for this!

  6. TMB247 says:

    They look so much thicker than when they went in… awesome

  7. Amy Miller says:

    Do you have a Pinterest?

  8. Jack Davis says:

    Mmm! Steamed hams!

  9. Maggie Britt Leo says:

    i did it and one of the them was fine, but the other didn't cook all the way through…what do you think i did wrong. I do have a slightly different version that you have, but can you give me a clue?

  10. Sarah Reynolds says:

    Great videos, thanks! I'm attempting two double-deckers and two singles tonight all at once!  I used frozen beef patties, dehydrated onion, burger seasoning, and shredded cheddar. 15 minutes – natural release, I hope that's enough time!

  11. Joe Novion says:

    This works great. We have done it several times. So tasty and easy! Thank you for this!

  12. Kurt Galloway says:

    what if we cook it 25 rather then 20?

  13. Bassmaster Beats says:

    You know who you are! Lol 🤠

  14. kelli moore says:

    This worked out quite well for me. I wanted a burger but busy with children atm. So threw one patty in to try while I am doing other things. Turned out good. I'll have to try the mushrooms and cheese next time. Thanks!

  15. Mitchell Fuller says:

    Tried this tonight, unfortunately wasn't terribly impressed. It seemed to be missing some thing that I can't put my finger on.

  16. Vi’s Yummy Food says:

    Thanks for the easy dinner idea. They’re delicious and I didn’t have to go to the store.

  17. C. Lynn Higginbotham says:


  18. JJ T says:

    Hi Mike, if I wanted the burgers medium do you think cutting the time down to 10 minutes would be sufficient?

  19. Tiffany Rawlin says:

    I did this the other day with frozen patties and the burgers were really tough feeling. Anyway to avoid this?

  20. mkwhite08 says:

    Hey there, could I cook the burgers and then refreeze so my kid can pop in the microwave later?

  21. Whit Wilson says:

    I had to try this, but it did not pass muster with the family. We much prefer the charcoal grilled taste of the burger, and it could never be duplicated in the Instant Pot. With an objective mindset, this could be useful in horribly cold weather as an alternative to cooking outside, but this is North Texas and that is v e r y rare… This is also rare, the other videos are fantastic. 🙂

  22. Louise Jessie says:

    Thank you for the tutorial, I'm about to see how they turn out! 🙂

  23. William Teague says:

    I thought to make a frozen hamburger you had to put it in a freezer, not a pressure cooker.

  24. Dia Life says:

    All these trolls when the video was very helpful. I am Texan and I had never heard of steamed burgers but my goodness they were the softest things ever! Delicious!

  25. Dave Pruiksma says:

    Thanks for helping me cook frozen turkey patties. I stumbled upon the channel and subscribed but you should know what startled me is that you and I are nearly identical twins in appearance and manner. It’s uncanny!!!!

  26. Alexus Gipson says:

    Love it

  27. Amanda says:

    Assuming this is just on high pressure for 20 minutes? Looks great, going to try this tonight!

  28. Ruth Geitgey says:

    I tried it tonight with the frozen patties from Costco. I put a little garlic salt, pepper, bacon bits, fresh mushrooms and swiss cheese on one. I did spray the foil a little before putting the burger in and wrapping.I did a light spray on top of the cheese to help prevent it sticking. The 2nd burger was just salt/pepper, a tiny tsp of butter, bacon bits and cheddar cheese slice. I just did a quick spray with Pam on the bottom of this one before setting it on the foil and a very light spray on top before closing it. My husband was super skeptical and thought they would taste boiled, but he really liked them. We'll do it again. Thanks for the tips.

  29. Theiyre says:

    This looks healthy.

  30. 1MinuteFlipDoc says:

    where did the fat go? or you dumped that out off camera?

  31. Brent Ward says:

    Forget the Dos Equis guy. I want to hang with this dude right here.

  32. Mary Smith says:

    You are a genius! I love my Instant Pot and I'm on a keto diet. I've been making frozen hamburgers in a cast iron skillet and I'm tired of cleaning up the splattered fat. Yes, I can give up the char to make cooking faster and cleanup easier at the end of a long work day. Trying this tomorrow. Thanks again!

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