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Today on The Stay At Home Chef I’m showing you how to make Garlic Butter Pork Tenderloin This pork tenderloin is super simple but it’s incredibly delicious! To start, you’ll need 2 pork tenderloins which should be about two pounds Then we’re going to take some salt and season our loins with a little bit of
salt flip it over, get the other side too And then we’ll also season it with a little bit of black pepper and you can kind of rub it in and get the other side as well and last we’re going to get some herbs on
there with 1 teaspoon of Italian seasoning We’ll just sprinkle that on and rub it in on both sides as well Once you have your pork tenderloins all seasoned
up we’re going to head on over to the stove and get a large heavy skillet heating over medium heat. You’ll want to melt 1/2 cup of butter Once the butter is all melted we’re going to add in 5 cloves of minced garlic And I just add that in there and start sauteeing it a little bit in the butter The garlic really only needs about 1 minute
to cook in order to release all of its flavor Then we’re going to take our pork tenderloins and sear them right in that garlic butter You’ll want to brown your pork tenderloin all over on all of the sides so make sure you keep turning it. See how it gets just kissed with brown? That’s exactly what we’re looking for. This is going to finish cooking in the oven so if you are using something like a cast
iron pan like I am, you can slide it straight into
the oven. If not, you’ll need to transfer it all into
a baking dish. So we’ll just slide this right into the oven. You’ll want a 425 degree oven on that. It’ll take about 10 to 15 minutes to finish
cooking. Pork needs to be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees for medium rare which is what I highly recommend when it comes to pork tenderloin or you can go up to 160 Don’t go any further than that or you’ll end
up with a really dry piece of meat. Thanks for watching! You can find the full written recipe in the video description. Be sure to subscribe and check out the rest of my videos where you can find hundreds
of restaurant quality recipes you can easily
make at home. See you later!

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