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the next dish we’re going to make is a
three bean chili a hearty three bean chili this is perfect comfort food you
know we’re all so busy today and we want things fast fast fast and as a
consequence we compromise our health we compromise our taste buds and we
compromise our wallets eating out as much as we do and eating on the run so
we wanted to show you how easy it is to make delicious nutritious meals for
yourself for your family and this three-bean chili is just perfect for
that I absolutely agree Coleen I love this dish and I make it all the time
now to begin this chili what we’re going to do is we’re gonna heat up our pots so
if you want a great the pot start and have a problem terrific all right just
look at you hot you don’t want it probably low to medium flame nice and we
are going to begin by heating up a bit of olive oil now we’re using olive oil
as a general rule you use olive oil for cooking for sauteing it has a very
strong flavor and obviously there are lots of different kinds of olive oil you
can get and you use canola oil for baking and I say only those two oils
because they’re both monounsaturated and that’s really all you need to cook with
or bake with absolutely we are going to heat up now some whole spiced seeds we
have here lovely coriander seeds and and they go now we can replace if you can’t
find coriander seeds in your market you can just buy some ground coriander we
use one tablespoon here in place of the whole coriander seeds you can just use
one teaspoon of ground coriander now we’re also going to put in some cumin
seeds and they go and with the coriander seeds and cumin seeds we add some
cayenne pepper yep this chili definitely has a kick you can
obviously have more of a kick or less of a kick depending on your preference
chili powder later and also if you have a lot of chili powder but you can add
less such here so we’re just gonna wait for the spices to darken a little bit do
you want to stir that around feling I will think yeah great
and one of the other tips I give to people to make things a lot faster for
them is did you hear that pop tonight very hot Scott it’s wonderful and don’t
touch we are cue to put in the onion oh I don’t we go ahead and do that one of
the things you can do to speed things up is to make grains in advance
obviously grains would be a big part of your diet when I talk about Gray’s
I mean whole grains I don’t mean white rice white rice is white because it’s
been completely stripped of its fiber so when I say grains I mean things like
we’re gonna look at right now and you can make this on a Sunday making it
advance so that when you come home during the week and you’re tired and you
want to make a stir-fry you don’t have to come home and wait for the boil the
water to boil and make your grain so just to bring everybody up to speed on
what we’ve been doing we put in the onions we put in some garlic we put in
some oregano and now we’re putting in some chili powder and mom it’s a lot of
chili powder because this chili has some nice kick to it
great well why don’t we let this saute and we can start talking about some of
the grains we have over here sounds great Collen, well to begin with we
have over here some brown rice now that’s a standard grain of course and
this is short grain you can get my grain as well but we have a lot of other
grains here and we encourage people to try some of the other grains they have
different flavors different textures different cooking times which is fun yep
now this is a morel amaranth very precious it’s a lovely it’s one of the
ancient grains I love great I really do and I’m looking at all this food I’m
looking at these grains and there’s such an emotional response I’m having to it
it’s so gorgeous and so it’s so pretty and I can’t help saying that it’s just
so gorgeous Colleen is very maternal about her grain uh and here we have
couscous now couscous is a Moroccan grain and it’s used a lot in Moroccan
cooking it’s true and technically not a grain it’s actually a semolina pasta
it’s a very small pasta but I wanted to show you here today another option and
it’s very fast cooking so couscous is one of those things that if you don’t
make an advance you can make it when you come home
everything I’ve claimed and it’s really fast well I have found that couscous is
really fun to use at work because I don’t need a stovetop all I need to do
is boil some water in a kettle or in a microphone it’s very fun you have the
same experience I do okay i maternal as well now here we have omaha near a well
honey race now not a lot of people know about Lahani rice I even have a
difficult time finding it sometimes but ask your local natural food store they
can even order it for you it’s packed with protein it has more protein than
brown rice it has a wonderful chewy flavor its chewy texture great flavor
and it’s a beautiful color it’s really it’s my favorite it’s my favorite rice
if I had a favorite right would she do I do have a favorite right and here we
have vulgar vulgar is a relative of couscous and what I
could wanted to say earlier before you interrupted me with that with both
couscous and bulgur you don’t have to cook them on a stovetop all you have to
do is boil some water you can have your couscous or bulgur in
a bowl and then you just add the boiling water you stir it around with a fork and
you let it sit there for some time probably about 10 or 15 minutes that’s
great yeah not long and all there’s any good
speaking that I was writing that’s great is it because they’re related that
they’re so quick yeah I think so okay yes they’re like sisters okay and here
we have barley which is pretty familiar to a lot of people used in soups to add
a little bit of texture beautiful and add some filling this is millet millet
right millets great greener millet looks very similar to quinoa I’ve actually
never cooked with millet I have cooked with militant very little
I actually if we could get to the quinoa all right I really want to get to the
king of sometimes a little and frontier love quinoa I really do area okay it’s a
grain but not a lot of people know about as well it’s not it doesn’t sound the
way it’s spelled that people don’t really have an easy time finding it but
please get familiar with quinoa it’s also one of the most nutritious grains
including the wee Hani rice it’s so beautiful it’s very tight there but
it’s cooked it opens up its translucent it’s really beautiful and it cooks in
about 10 15 minutes not long at all so this is something you can do I really
encourage you to add grains to your diet as much as you’re adding whole
vegetables and color to your diet add some grains to diet as well terrific
well it looks like these onions are cooking up they’re gonna take another
minute or so so why don’t we come back after they’ve been cooked for a while
and they’re nice and translucent sounds good great well it looks like our onions
are beautifully translucent now so we’re ready to put in our peppers we have
green peppers thanks Colleen look some gorgeous orange peppers beautiful and
some yellow peppers terrific now you could have put the peppers in when you
saute the onions that’s fine as well and now we’re ready to put in our beans and
we have three kinds of beans and again just to make things easier for you if
you don’t have all different kinds of beans you can do just one bean chili but
this obviously makes it more exciting there’s more variety there’s more color
now those are white beans what are those cones those were cannellini beans you
can use great northern beans or navy beans right now that’s a very nice black
beans good and our kidney bean lovely beautiful gorgeous now at this point
we’re also going to put in our Tomatoes charis and our corn all right thanks
Colleen beautiful now basically at this point what we want
to do is stir this we want to bring all of this to a nice boil and at that point
we’ll lower the heat and simmer for about 20 minutes
you can simmer for longer if you like and all that will do is intensify the
flavors even more okay and we just want to talk about some other one-dish meals
you can make to speed things up at home you can make casseroles you can make up
pot pies right yorkers I think it’s really good advice to make something
again on a Sunday something you can heat up for lunch the next day
this dish obviously is perfect for it you can serve this with so many
different things you can serve it with polenta or cornbread
tortilla chips or corn chips there’s so many different things you can serve with
it and exactly now this chili is gonna get nice and
beautiful as the tomatoes heat up and become part of the chili and all of it
becomes one lovely dish at that point we’ll be adding our salt and pepper and
when you’re finished cooking you can also add some chopped herb we have some
chopped parsley here which is really lovely now if you prefer a meaty texture
for your chili this is already gonna have so much texture but there are
lovely products out on the market today including the gimme lean this is
actually a 0-5 so beautiful there’s also a sausage style but of course for the
chili we’re gonna go ahead and use the beef style disagree and there’s also
this an Eve’s product ground round and it’s lovely all of these products are
already cooked and they’re all reef Laver so all you have to do is take out
your handy dandy scissors snip and put into your pot and you’re done that easy
that’s great and bow cup up crumbles there’s Boca burgers but there’s also
Boca crumbles you can also buy and it’s already all crumbled up and again these
things are already cooked so you’re just heating them up once you add them to
something like spaghetti sauce or write the filling love that stuff I make a
beautiful shepherd’s pie with the Boca crumbles love it wonderful
so basically after this is simmering for a while you said about 20 minutes could
be 30 minutes could be in an hour it’s really really up to you we wanted to
show you what our flushed product looks like here it is there we have it it’s
just beautiful and we’re serving it with some corn chips Moog wakka moly and this
is a soy-based sour cream it’s a tofutti sour cream called sour supreme gorgeous
there it is enjoy

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