How to Make Indian Lentils & Indian Capsicum : Adding Oil to Frying Pan When Cooking Indian Capiscum

Hi this is Neha on behalf of Expert Village
and today I’m going to tell you a recipe which is direct from the heart of India. We’ll I’ll
surely tell you how to do the potato cutting, but we’ll be doing it later because I need
to put the utensil on to the gas, and cook the oil and other ingredients list. For the
utensil, you need to add some oil. Oil without Indian recipe, well it doesn’t make any sense.
So you need to add oil of it. Here it goes. I think this much of oil is fine. Let the
oil get heated as I’m going to tell you how do you keep, I mean, see, cooking is all about
multi tasking. Multi tasking means in the time your cutting your vegetable, you’re also
making it. So in the meanwhile I put my oil to get “hottin”, I’ll tell you how to cut
the potato. You have to slice it in the middle and take the big, big slices. Try to cut the
bigger way of cutting because it will take less time for cooking. Here it goes. Well
I can see the oil is actually getting heated. Let me give it thirty seconds more. And just
cut the way I am cutting my potatoes and slice it into pieces like this. Here it goes.

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