How to Make Instant Pot Bruschetta Chicken

First thing we’re gonna make today is the bruschetta chicken from my new cookbook. Bruschetta, honey Bruschetta Bruschetta sorry my darling
Like an italian Bruschetta Lose Weight With Your Instant Pot and basically the idea behind this is I wanted to be able to hit the grocery store and then just get home and be able to dump it all in. So, we use the little tomatoes in here. Can you make this without an Instant Pot, though? Could you make it just
You absolutely can Slow cooker, in a Dutch Oven, in a low oven I recommend in the oven. Okay 350 degrees for 30 minutes and I love it cause it’s all one pot even in the oven or even in the Instant Pot That’s great. I don’t like doing dishes. (laughing and audience clapping) So, we’ve got in here is our So, green onions cherry tomatoes
Little tomatoes Garlic Garlic And then we add in our chicken Boneless, skinless chicken breast. Yes, ma’am and some water And put in a little water A little bit of water. Now, if you’re gonna do it in the oven skip the water but you do need the water Oh in a pressure cooker. Well because it’s a pressure cooker Right, because it’s a pressure cooker, exactly Yay (audience cheering) So, first we’ve got our kitchen. Thank you. I’ll put it on here. Plated away. Lovely And then we’re going to add add some of the tomatoes. Spoon over your tomatoes and garlic and broth. The tomatoes are one of my favorite part
Look how beautiful that is I know, right? So delicious and then immediately top it with cheese so that it quickly melts Melts on top Now if you’re doing this in the oven, stick it under the broiler, oh my gosh. Um hmmm. And then the little bit of basil Don’t be cheap with the tomatoes I know, that’s the best part, hello Well, the basil’s my favorite part so Yum Add more basil (cheering and chimes)

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