How to Make Instant Pot Popcorn

Hello everyone. This is Stephanie Manley with
are diminishing and make popcorn here. It’s hot. So if you haven’t gotten it out of the box, It’s a great time to do that. So we’re going to begin by setting that instant
pot to saute and then hitting the adjust button just once. This should make the pot a little bit hotter
it’s going to take a couple of minutes for it to get hot but then we’re going to make
popcorn the old fashioned way. So once it gets hot I’m going to add a couple
of tablespoons of coconut oil in here. Now you don’t have coconut oil. Guess what oil works are really good. I wouldn’t use butter because the butter scorch
and burn so just let your oil know to make sure it gets nice and tight flaky you like
a good anything good make popcorn. The old-fashioned way. So I am going to add in popcorn next. So this is a much healthier alternative the
popcorn out of the microwave. I’m adding Flavacol it is a brand of popcorn
seasoning, I put the link down below, This is what movies theaters use in popcorn
and what they use in popcorn machines. And we need to put the salt in while I’m popping
the popcorn because that way spreads out a little bit more. You get that nice coating of salt rather than shaking
it on afterward. Hope you get this to try. You can use regular popcorn salt. It ends the granulated much more me. Or is it much smaller grains than people thought. So it’s just a great alternative to yours. Now if you notice here I’m using a glass squirt
from another pot instead. Pot does make wine like to leak down below. You can pop popcorn like you normally would. You’re going to wait till about two-thirds
of it pops. Then you will turn off the Instant Pot. And. You have popcorn. There you go. You enjoy this video. Please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget
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