How to Make Instant Pot Wendys Chili

hello everyone this is stephanie manley
with today we’re making Wendy’s chili in your instant pot so
grabbed an instant pot and hit the saute button and then goes two pounds of
ground beef now we’re gonna cook this ground beef to where it is done now
drain it if desired before we get started be sure that you subscribe to
this channel and don’t forget to have a bail notification so you’ll be the first
to know when new videos are released what makes this chili so special tomato
juice in goes of 1 quart of manages now if you like and you want to change up
the recipe just a little juice also makes a great addition it was chilly so
after we have the tomato juice in there we are gonna add in 29 ounces of tomato
puree it’s sold in your grocery store it’s next to the suit tomatoes and the
tomato sauce tomato sauce can be used so again two cans of 15 ounces of the
tomato sauce or tomato puree your choices what goes in next the beam so
Wendy’s does put beans in there chilies they never talk to anyone from Texas and
realize but they shouldn’t put these in their jelly one can of red kidney beans
goes in there and one can of pinto beans now these are both 15 ounce cans of
beads and so I just bring them they’re already precooked so what goes the next
the veggies so we’ve got lots of great veggies going in here one and a half
cups of chopped white onions I’m also going to add in a half a cup
chopped celery that really gives the chili a nice flavor and after the celery
goes in 1/4 cup of bell pepper and that concludes all the veggies in the next
choose the spices so we got lots of spices in here we have a quarter cup of
chili powder and make sure it’s chili powder and we also have one teaspoon of
cumin after me I like that just a little bit more cumin but I think to make a
copycat style and you don’t then you’re going to add in one and a half teaspoons
of garlic powder make sure that’s garlic powder and not
dark salt we’re gonna add some salt separately 1 teaspoon of salt 1/2
teaspoon of ground black pepper 1/2 teaspoon of dried oregano 1/2 teaspoon
of sugar the sugar helps to cut the acidity of the tomato and then I’m gonna
add in just a touch of cayenne pepper I don’t think Wendy’s chili is super hot
have you personally like chili that’s hot add in more cayenne pepper I’m only
adding in an eighth of a teaspoon but you know what if you like more just
drive that up to where you think you’re gonna be comfortable with it
your chipotle powder would also feel great in here but again I’m trying to
make a copycat stuff now most of the components is chili are already cooked
you really only need to cook the bad days so I have a 6 quart instant pot
here if you have an 8 quart instance pot go ahead and make the recipe the same
way so I’m just going to give everything you quick stir I’m gonna put the lid on
and I’m gonna do I’m gonna cook this chili manually with really thick minute
all the veggies the only needs to cook now are the veggies and you really only
take about four minutes but we’re giving it two additional minutes just for good
measure now when it’s done I went ahead and
performed a quick or release on this you don’t need to wait for the naturally and
then just simply go ahead and spoon up some of this delicious chili you can
serve this chili with anything you like cheese a little bit of sour cream some
green onions on top there you go and there you go there’s the one these chili
so I hope you enjoyed this recipe drop me a comment down below what you’d like
to see next thank you for watching

35 comments on “How to Make Instant Pot Wendys Chili”

  1. Dwayne Wladyka says:

    That chili looks so good.

  2. Carolina Coffey says:

    Wendys use the leftover meat from the burgers, i used to work there, they trow the meat on a bucket and hours later they make the chili.

  3. The Real Joey B says:

    Will make this without the beans….thank you so much for sharing

    The Real JoeyB Dallas Fort Worth Texas USA utilizing the Traeger Timberline 1300

  4. TINABEAR1981 says:

    This looks good!

  5. Saby Soto says:

    Thank You xo

  6. Curtis B. Cookin says:

    I like it. Subscribed long ago. Keep the IP cooking recipes coming. And I’ve looked at several of your videos and we have two things in common…Kroger and HEB!

  7. Laura Reese says:

    Thank you so much for sharing after adding the tomato juice you said there's another juice that you can add I'm so sorry I'm not understanding what you're saying did anybody else catch that can you let me know what it was thank you

  8. Jessica Kisner says:

    Looks great. Thank you for the instant pot recipes

  9. LaShea69 says:

    Your chili looks a hell of a lot better than Wendy's chili.

  10. Tia Pyles says:

    Can i suggest the chilli sauce from wendys also how to make the new mushroom au jus from what a burger…the new sauce on the shrimp at red lobster…and their new fries as well…love e ur channel and how u make the recipes easy to follow

  11. Delawanna says:

    What if you use a slow cooker?

  12. cortezinco says:

    Please make a spicy chicken sandwich from wendys!!

  13. Tardisius says:

    Great recipe, VERY un-necessary music =)

  14. david scoville says:

    I used to work at wendy's thats not how they make their chili.

  15. Charlie Wilson says:

    Although I have eaten plenty of Wendy's chili I don't think its all that good. It's not bad. I can eat it but not something I crave. I think any decent homemade chili is probably better. Thank you for your effort at putting this video on youtube.

  16. Cindy Maddux says:

    This is a very good recipe. Made it for my hubby and he loved it…..a lot! I was out of cumin so didn't use it (but will next time) and I think I increased the chili powder by about 1T. In addition to the chopped onions and bell pepper, I also added a drained can of diced tomatoes that had bell peppers and onions in it. I don't know if you have a 6 or 8 quart but I found that I had to cut back on some of the tomato juice in my 6Qt and I only added the kidney beans because it was real close to the max fill line. It's hard for me to judge how good it is because I don't eat chili and I really don't know what a good chili should taste like. Hubs said it was much better than Wendy's and he likes their's. Will definitely be making this again and again for him.

  17. Kori Hardinger says:

    Love chili and Wendy’s even more

  18. Carol Richardson says:

    Old fashioned beef stew would be nice in the instant pot, of course

  19. Kori Hardinger says:

    Love it

  20. USA89MAF says:

    it is more like a soup

  21. seattwa says:

    I just bought a Duo60 and I'm lookin ta make some CHILI! This looks great, but I think I would cook the onions and vegetables in with the beef and blume the spices in the hot meat, taco style! And I prefer Low Sodium Spicy V-8 juice instead of just tomato juice. And a corn starch slurry or masa at the end. I like Wendy's chili, but it's too soupy for my taste.

  22. Mark Neff says:

    Love it. I make all styles of chili. But I sure love Wendy's chilli. This chili definitely looks like Wendy's chili can't wait to try it thank you.

  23. RENEE says:

    Thanks so very much for having the recipe down below so I do not have to wander to the Internet!! Renee

  24. Jody Bellamy says:

    Wendy's is absolutely disgusting. They use old burgers. So nasty. Your chili looks good.

  25. Lilmama Taurus says:

    Please tell me was it on venting or seal?

  26. stragi says:


  27. PRETTY JO L says:

    I use centos crushed tomatoes,Wendy's dont use celery I add 1 serrano chili pepper

  28. Darrin G. says:

    Looks good…but a bit more runny than Wendy's Chili.
    I would cut back on the Tomato Juice a little and add a Can of Pork and Beans in Tomato Sauce. Just my take on it. : )

  29. representing50plus says:

    Your Amazon link is not working. Got this error message *Looking for something?
    We're sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site* 1.18.19

  30. Rachelle Belair says:

    I made this and it was bang on. My teanage boys and their friends loved it. They finished the whole pot. Gonna make man e it again tomorrow, double the batch and freeze it. Thank you for this recipe

  31. Angel26506 says:

    Looks good.

  32. M S Home Improvements says:

    You lost me at tomato juice

  33. Sandra Clasen says:

    I am going to try this today.  Where is the recipe?  Also I agree – we don't need the music!

  34. Jama Thaughn says:

    And if you really want to spice up the recipe bump it from V8 juice to a spicy bloody mary mix. I used McClures which has spicy pickle juice as its base – and it is outstanding.

  35. Rachel Kliewer says:

    Cooking this right now. Thank you. Can't wait to taste it

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