How To Make Japanese Vegetable Tempura : Frying Vegetables For Japanese Vegetable Tempura

Hello my name is Hui on behalf of Expert Village.
I’m going to show how to cook vegetable tempura. So once the oil is ready, we would just gently
add each slice of the vegetables into the water and then drop it into the wok. Try not
to dump all the vegetables slices into the batter. We want to keep the batter really
thin so that the batter when it cooks up in the oil it would be light. We don’t want to
have like a funnel cake texture for our vegetable tempura. So you see I do the same thing for
the zucchini slice just as the eggplant slice. Also, the sweet potatoes you see I never really
submerge the vegetables slice into the batter. I just want them to kind of get a light coating
and then I would just drop it into the oil. When we fry tempura, usually we would leave
half of the area empty so that the oil temperature will not drop dramatically. After 1-2 minutes
after you see the coating has crisp up, we can flip the vegetable slice. For 1 or 2 more
minutes when see they are light brown in color, you can start putting them into the rack baking
sheet set up.

27 comments on “How To Make Japanese Vegetable Tempura : Frying Vegetables For Japanese Vegetable Tempura”

  1. Super Mario says:


  2. vaiccini says:

    fuck you RJ!!! you know nothing. Peace of shit!

  3. reddeath1888 says:

    yummy! can you do tempura carrots too?

  4. 9aspengold5 says:

    The oil didn't look hot enough.

  5. ryan dwyer says:

    oil is not hot enough…all your doing is soaking up all that oil..and that is not good to eat.

  6. Ti1301 says:

    u need a hotter fire y0

  7. GamingbytheBay49ers says:

    what is up with expert village they are not expert well 60% of them. you can tell they do not know what they are doing

  8. GamingbytheBay49ers says:


  9. Manik Sethisuwan says:

    "hello my name is Heu, on behalf of xxpertss village I am going to show, how – to – cook – weggie-tabels = tem- pu- ra" . open fridge, carry out vegetables. stop

    watch next video.!

  10. mixedgrain says:

    Expert Village my a**.
    This must be the village idiot then.
    How come they're letting him play with hot oil and 'wegetabels.'?

  11. Amy R says:

    But i do like my tempura nice and crispy. So maybe we need to add a little more flour for the wedgetable tempura?

  12. explodapoof says:

    savor the irony, for it tastes like FAIL.

  13. RoboTekno says:


  14. anglodaisy says:

    This guy must have learned his English from the Krauts, hence "wechatabowes" and "expert willage".

  15. Rhys Rex John Take your pick but I was born as RHYS says:

    weelly luuuw tha wegatables tempuwa essspert viwwage is gwate it is fwantastic

  16. Rhys Rex John Take your pick but I was born as RHYS says:

    good poiwnts about leaving room too

  17. smy1989 says:

    light brown in colour? i dont see any colour at all.. it looks plain white to me..

  18. castorel says:

    bloody hell…that oil is not even hot!!! crispy? NO! soggy? YES!

  19. Michaelsp9 says:

    Expert Willage

  20. hello world says:

    the only thing good in this video is his english

  21. msa1985 says:

    i always feel bad for the "experts" they have on this goddamn channel. this is not the way its supposed to be.

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  23. philip aldwailly says:

    stop saying hello man,,, hello my name is touk touk

  24. ke wei low says:

    hong konger?

  25. Mister Bang says:

    Hiu didn't look hot at all.

  26. JJtoob says:

    Is this part 4? It doesn't say what part this is.

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