How to Make McDonalds Hamburger

Next up on a McDonald’s Hamburger.
Hi everyone this is Stephanie Manley with, today I’m going to show you how
to make a McDonald’s old-fashioned hamburger. Before the 1980’s when they actually grilled
the burgers. Today they actually use a cooking method that presses the meat on both sides
at once. They use to grill them like this, so we’re going to go ahead and get started.
The first thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to make a seasoned salt for the
burger, because when you’re cooking beef on a grill you really need to season it. If you
don’t add the salt and pepper at that time, it’s not going to taste as good. Let’s go
ahead and get started. We are gonna make our seasoned salt, we’re going to use two tablespoons
of regular salt here. I’m using a teaspoon so I need to put six of these in here. Then
I’m gonna use two teaspoons of ground black pepper. I’m also gonna use a little bit of
flavor enhancer called, accent. This is MSG if you are sensitive to MSG, skip this or
it you feel you don’t want to enjoy MSG, skip this as well. I’m going to stick a quarter
teaspoon of the accent in here. It adds a little bit of extra flavor, it helps brings
things out. I’m just going to stir this in and this will be our burger seasoning. You
can use this on anything that you like. Then I’m going to just pour it into a salt shaker
and we’ll start on out hamburger patties next. In this bowl I have a little bit more than
a pound of ground chuck. I like to use ground chuck for burgers, it has a little bit more
of fat in there, 20 percent or so along with the meat. We’re going to take this meat and
divide it into 8 equal hamburger patties and we’re going to go ahead and put this right
on the grill. I have my grill set to 350 degrees, if you don’t have this you can absolutely
use a skillet it’ll work just fine. Again, 8 small patties these aren’t going to be very
big. You want to kind of make them in a round shape the best you can and we’re just going
to put these right onto the grill. After we wash our hands we’re going to grab
the seasoned salt shaker and we’re going to go ahead and give these a great seasoning.
While these are cooking up I’m going to go ahead and toast a few of the buns on one side
of the grill. I’m just going to lay them right here on the grill just like they are. This
will make the buns nice and soft and a little bit brown and we’re also going to season these
on the other side. Now it’s time to go ahead and start to assemble the sandwich. So we
are going to assemble if on the bottom. We are going to put five dots of ketchup down.
We’re going to put a couple of squirts of mustard on. We are going to put a couple of
teaspoons of onions on. These are onions that I rehydrated, I use dehydrated for these.
We’re going to stick on a pickle slice. I think they only stuck on one, but you know
what I like pickles so I would always order mine with extra pickles and we’re going to
stick a hamburger bun on top. Alrighty, here we go we’re going to give these a try in just
a second. I f you enjoyed this video here on YouTube
be sure to go ahead and subscribe to this channel. Don’t forget to hit the like button
and drop me a comment down bellow, what you’d like to see next. Let me go ahead and take
a bite of this. Umm, very nice. I hope you enjoyed this video and you’ll check out many
more of ours. Thanks for watching.

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  2. Red Reddington says:

    What is bin grain? time make kielbasa sandwinch

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    You forgot the lettuce and the cheese

  4. Armenuhi Manukyan says:

    Fu 💩👎

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    I would have used a burger press but that aside, they looked delicious.

  6. xman42 says:

    You look like that one lady from American horror story and the ceo of sabre on the office and

  7. dehylov says:

    It's a chemical cocktail, sodium glutamate, dehydrated supplements, preservatives, I would not give that up. You can find a better burger on YouTube than this burger chemitrals.

  8. Rich Laue says:

    When adding a teaspoon one needs to level it out. Your teaspoons where overfilled

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  19. Steve schatz says:

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  20. Steve schatz says:

    Clickbait there is no spit or pubes!

  21. Steve schatz says:

    Clickbait there is no spit or pubes!

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