How to make Paneer chilli at home | பன்னீர் சில்லி | In Tamil

Hi, Today we will see how to prepare paneer chilli we will make this in two batches so now I will tell you the ingredients required for 1st batch the ingredients are Paneer 200 gms corn flour 2 tablespoon, chilli powder 1 tea spoon salt as required water as required, first corn flour, chilli powder & salt and add little water and mix well corn flour chilli powder salt first mix and then add water as required add water as required gradually will mix well and then show you now the paneer has been mixed well like this next it should be fried once the oil is hot now the oil is hot enough to fry now add the mixed paneer and fry it now the paneer fried one side so turn it to the other side then only the paneer will fry all the side evenly now the paneer fried as required so will transfer it to a plate will transfer it to a plate and then show you now the paneer has been transferred to a plate now what’s next, I will inform you the next batch steps now we are going to prepare the 2nd batch process and the ingredients are here i have mixed 1/2 tea spoon corn flour with 1 table spoon water chilli powder 1 tea spoon onion 1/2 cup, 1 green chilli sliced soya sauce 1 table spoon red chilli sauce 1 tea spoon, tomato sauce or tomato ketchep 1 table spoon, ginger & garlic cut in to pieces, vinegar 1/2 tea spoon salt & water as required paneer fried in our first batch process now will tell you the next process now the oil is hot now add ginger & garlic and fry it it’s fried well and now add onion green chilli fry it well now onion has cooked well and now add soya sauce mix it well add little water mix well now add tomato ketchep now mix well so that the gravy coat well its coated well and now add vinegar and mix well now its mixed well now add red chilli sauce mix it well now add chilli powder add a pinch of salt now add the fried paneer now mix it well so that the gravy coated over the paneer now the gravy coated over the paneer now it’s mixed well now we have corn flour mixed with water add it now mix it well now it’s coated well now our paneer chilli is ready if required you can add green capsicum & spring onion now we will transfer it to a plate now our paneer chilli recipe is ready if you like this video subscribe my channel and like this video don’t forget to share this video to your friends and family try this dish and provide your valuable feedback in comment box “Thank You”

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