How to Make Roast Beef in the Oven

Hi this is Stephanie Manley from CopyKat Recipes today I am going to show you how-to roast a standing rib roast. This is one of my favorite types of roasts. because they are so wonderfully marbled and let me just take a second to talk about quality of meat. their reacted great there are often
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anthony’s listed here carla close and leading actors rubicon unstinted like this animal farm property outside that really
actually meetings here started coming back and
preheat and about three hundred and twenty practically and can accept this very low and slow this rose pal reno hapter for accountants this rest actually ended up taking me
about three-and-a-half our stock up at this temperature now if you’re not
using this cut be this is a standing rib roast yours kind will be resale really
encouraging you to buy and meet them on the narrative
very expensive i might want to do is go ahead and judge the time of cooking
based upon and uh… what temperature it is now i’d like to thank my wrist about a
hundred and fifteen two hundred and twenty degrees because
when i cook this it is going to uh… raised another five degrees they
take it out of the op ed so it will be nice and medium rare no doing is cutting this with a little
bit of kosher salt and some fresh cracked pepper again i
have not to worry about putting in a big pizza crust on here uh… this those slow cooking have roasts and brown’s a little bit fat there up on the
top you can always cut that off but if you’re going to cook it directly
at the package it’s not to have enough time to mary through so combat just go
ahead and put it in your other promises skinny right now i’m going to show you what it looks
like they’ve taken it out of the other this wise at battery and twenty degrees
like to get you can see it it’s wonderfully shoes see and uh… electors breast for about
thirty minutes b four serving so the juices had a chance to float back
end and i think we need to tell you how
wonderfully tentar this for us uh… skinny kid with a quick little
fight here thickens fabulous so dairy cow it’s wonderfully juicy really good but just thought that dr so so that may have another bite free
here so i’m gonna take the painter paints and
those are going to turn it into your sure footing so be sure to watch that video next uh… and tell you what this roasted really really good correctly make me a lot of it so there you go the pattern making
inroads wing the and and scrap so you can

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  1. Patti Robinson says:

    Great recipes! !!!

  2. Soldier Blue says:

    Jesus thats what you call cooked ? That cow could recover from its wounds with plenty of bed rest ! .

  3. Garth says:

    Over cooked Stephanie not pink enough..Have you tried sous-vide..There is no need to tart up a really good piece of beef esp rib of beef..This is how I cook it but requires a blow torch..If you want to try it there is a simple way it's incredible just ask

  4. Ana Hidalgo says:

    wow… she talks too much for me…

  5. Rosemarie Attardo says:

    Hi Stephanie, the roast looks so delicious, I'm hoping to try this for our Sunday dinner. I couldn't quite tell, did you remove the ribs before carving?

  6. OidyB21 says:

    Thanks for the tips, I'm about to try one for Thanksgiving hope it turns out like this.

  7. Dan Webster says:

    Have you done a roast beef like they have at arbys?

  8. miles hiebert says:

    That's fine for me, but what are you going to eat??

  9. Tippy H says:

    hi stephanie ur demo seems simple , easy will try soon! thanks a mills looks yummmmm

  10. Connie Hilton says:

    Nice video, Stephanie. I do have an observation, though. (This is NOT a criticism!!!) Your knife needs sharpening. I noticed that when you were slicing the roast after cooking, the knife seemed to have trouble slicing the meat.

  11. Akash Subramani says:

    cute ☺

  12. Meso Making It says:

    Just the way I like it. Nice video!

  13. Val Earp says:

    What's the gas mark for cooking

  14. Gemma Quinn says:

    she cant cut

  15. Dead Yak says:

    im friggin starving so im watching cooking videos

  16. Oso Supa says:

    do I bake in water?

  17. No no no Hell no what come on Oh no says:

    Great info about the meat, really helpful.

  18. Mae Bell says:

    No blood good…..

  19. Matilda Rose says:

    Lmao, the captions

  20. Cholita Cholita says:

    Too much talking and you don't explain well.

  21. Gar Bear says:

    Thank you 📖

  22. Keshia Hare says:

    that looks perfect just the way I like it

  23. lyall53 says:

    Looks over done to me

  24. Pizza Co says:

    cook on a trivet of carrots, celery, onion. season with salt and pepper and thyme.
    add rosemary and bayleafs in trivet. after roasting you can make a great gravy with the juices and the trivet

  25. seanviv2 says:

    That looks amazing.

  26. dreb2g says:

    Do you have a smokey bones brown sugar sauce recipe?

  27. Smells Noice says:

    Is ze jewce in ze ooven?

  28. TheTruth7242 says:

    Stephanie Manely that roast looks beautiful …. just like you! Thank you for sharing {:-)

  29. John Doe says:

    that hair flip though lol

  30. Ebony White says:

    So you didn't cover it up at all while it cooked?

  31. Dvash Branch says:

    Amazing! Thanks Kathy Bates…… I meant Stephanie.

  32. I Muggs says:

    I love your videos! Standing Rib Roast same as Prime Rib?

  33. Leonardo Summers says:

    I clicked like so please don't break my ankles like you did to James Caan

  34. Mara Venu says:

    mmmm! delish looking!

  35. Vincent2wice says:

    Turn on Manual Captions and have a good laugh 😂😂😂

  36. Andre Pakulak says:

    looks amazing!

  37. Freckella says:

    W H E R E S T H E R O A S T B E E F

  38. Ricardo Charles says:

    do you cover the meat it in the over..?

  39. Arlyn Johnson says:

    This is my go to video when I need to remember how to cook a roast, thanks for posting!

  40. Arlyn Johnson says:

    This is my go to video when I need to remember how to cook a roast, thanks for posting!

  41. xScreamToRisex says:

    So… I'm passing the Rubicon what's Next? (Captions)

  42. Eden Morrison says:

    Stupid vegan fucks, shut ur fooken mouth and go eat some lettuce

  43. Dawn D says:

    How many hours did this take to cook?

  44. Jon Sant says:

    Very nice but for me a little over done. but every one likes their beef different some like it blue and some like it cooked with no pink at all it's all a personal thing

  45. Victoria Burns says:

    In going to make a beef roast for the first time for my family on what temperature do I use to cook it and how long does it take to cook in the oven and will one beef roast feed a family of 5….

  46. Alina Dominguez says:

    I was looking for a roast comebacks for school tomorrow but I found flipping this

  47. jon snow says:

    What the fuk you just ruined a perfect pc of meat…

  48. pete fudge says:

    Ahem, the first thing you need for "perfect" roast beef is a piece of beef that's been correctly dry aged and not that bright red stuff straight from the meat counter, try it.

  49. ravenblackhawke says:


  50. Aa Glad says:

    u roast would rate up in the top 3. food wishes #1. Gordon Ramsey# 2 and u # 3. # 1000 is the deep fried, bar-b-que sauce and pitt boys. ok thanks.

  51. jim crow says:

    I don't think the fat rendered.

  52. Spunkymunky says:

    Maybe you should work on your cutting technique. That's the money shot…and it could have been done more neatly.

  53. afendi ujud says:


  54. Selma Shifotoka says:

    you talk too much start the show

  55. Ron Cooke says:

    Nice interesting video, when is the best time to check temperature? do i check when it's had few minutes resting,
    i feel if i check just as its brought from my oven it's not going to be accurate it will be hot. If I check and it's wrong it's pointless checking

  56. Beacon Debbarma says:

    Hello mam that's a nice recipe, well is it possible to bake in OTG?

  57. إيمان says:

    Lmao these captions 😂

  58. Gary Cazzell says:

    would it be alright if i seared it first? i usually do that to lock in moisture and flavor.

  59. Pfiftyone Mustang says:


  60. apacheizm23 says:

    Well done, but I prefer my Roast's with a lot less fat. That wasn't the nicest cut I've seen that's for sure. Again well done looks good.

  61. TheEarthIsn'tFlatPleaseStopIt says:

    Get real. Pink is cooked, red is raw. There's nothing wrong with this recipe.

  62. Suhail Khan says:

    It looks very nice

  63. Smug Smugly says:

    I see no problem with the way you disassembled the engine with the exception of the way you removed the harmonic balancer.

  64. Dabney Fountain says:

    Oy…we need a new knife.

  65. Dave Barista says:

    Ok so I saw her seasoning with salt then tada~~~ we got really dry looking beef.

  66. Lauren Ellerson. says:

    That looks like blood coming out

  67. Kathryn Quintin says:

    You’re adorable

  68. Mark Gupton says:

    Profile of that roast looks like a skull.

  69. QuickMadeUpName says:

    how is that people think this wasn't cooked enough? it actully looks too cooked to my eyes…. so strange…

  70. oldproji says:

    The fat is where the flavour is. I like rib well done and steaks medium to rare. Not everyone is happy to see blood oozing onto their dinner plates. Eating rare for full flavour is a myth.

  71. Monica Chege Gallery Chege says:

    Is the meat really cooked.🤔

  72. angelic9889 says:

    Cuts of meat are not as important as the method of cooking. My dad was a chef. Until he got a really job with a well paying catering company, we were dirt poor. He could make roast beef from a bottom round that would melt in your mouth like butter and was seasoned to perfection.

  73. Khang Nguy says:

    I believe she meant to cook the roast at 300 F for about 3 hrs(depends on the size of the roast) until the 'internal meat temperature' reaches 115 – 125 F.

  74. Caino 05 says:

    As they say, never trust a skinny chef.
    I trust her

  75. Gladiator1972 says:

    an extra dollar or two for prime??? in what butcher?

  76. Gladiator1972 says:

    This looks like prime rib and not roast beef.

  77. HelmetVanga says:

    how long time and temperature are paramount….not very clear video

  78. Nanga punga says:

    Nobody says how much time to pre heat oven

  79. Falcon Trek says:

    January is carnivore month, got a rump roast marinating overnight and cooking tomorrow.

  80. Falcon Trek says:

    I’m marinating one overnight an plan on cooking tomorrow. Going to try and make 3 meals off my 3&1/2 pound roast. Just me.

  81. Dave O'Shea says:

    Did you know, a prime rib roast about that size 3.5 – 4lbs costs about 60-70 dollars in Canada. America, consider yourself lucky.

  82. chris18228 says:

    Did not look very tender at all

  83. chris18228 says:

    Did not look very tender at all

  84. shay shay says:

    Were having roast tonight my moms been cooking it for hours thats why i started watching this

  85. Pete Smith says:

    That is NOT roast beef!! That is a RIB Roast????????????????????????

  86. Dadbeh Rouhbakhsh says:

    skip the first 2 minutes….no info there!

  87. MrJRR67 says:

    I started to drool she cut into it 🤪

  88. katanatac says:

    That really looks good, don't worry about those nay sayers.

  89. Buzzing Rocks says:

    Cool! 🙂

  90. I love Jesus says:

    I love a chunk roast can I roast it exactly way? Same size but it's a chunk roast

  91. whitey george says:

    Needs to sharpen her knife

  92. Bayluck1 says:

    I'm gonna try this, looks DELISH👌🏾

  93. Jayden’s Kitchen says:

    Idk about these comments but thats perfectly cooked.

  94. Daniel somssich says:

    If your going to cook over rare-medium rare

    Your wasted such a good piece of meat. By cheap cut steaks if your gonna cook it well done

  95. Tony Diablo says:

    Oh my gosh !!! I love your smile and your positive attitude, this recipe is awesome… Thank you

  96. Chuck Norris says:


  97. Kane Wallace says:

    you look a lot like Annabelle Flowers(lets see how many people google her)

  98. mohamed hasan says:

    Who they're dislikes it… Varna sarma spiliting religion.. I thought so

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