16 comments on “How To Make Royal Shepherd’s Pie By Rachael”

  1. Linda DiDa says:

    🐗🍾🍷 😝😝😝😝

  2. a eulad says:

    I have to correct stupid Americans…. Shepards pie is only made with LAMB (that's why SHEPARDS as the watch the sheep)…. What you are making is a COTTAGE pie.

    Silly Americans

  3. a eulad says:

    That is a COTTAGE pie.. you must let the meat cool half our before you add the potato on top.

  4. To Be Honest says:

    fat rachel

  5. To Be Honest says:

    cook the veg first….#moron

  6. giselle joseph says:


  7. Jim Pokorny says:

    I'm hungry !!

  8. Afrim Sedat Tairi says:

    I freaking love rachel ray and her recipes ❤❤❤❤ always been a fan since her first 30 minute meals 🙂

  9. Nameless says:

    No wonder why shit so fat now lol

  10. John Johnson says:

    is a cottage pie hard for Americans to say I know that you don't have the best education system so I'll educate you cottage pie is beef shepherd's pie referring to a shepherd is lamb it's not rocket science

  11. Josue2018 says:

    Americans don’t eat shepherds pie.

  12. chaniqua smith says:

    When does Rachel show come on?

  13. Jeffrey Twoey says:

    Her sweater and hair is ugly.

  14. Gerard Parker says:

    Tomato tomato. It’s food.

  15. lichub says:

    Shepard's pie is made with lamb, cottage pie is made with beef.

  16. Nick Estuesta says:

    I love Rachel ray you get to the good cook delicious recipes of her with the Pulaski Liesa Bergstom loves it loves victory with a broken love you Rachel Liesa Bergstom

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