How to make set Curd at home Perfectly | कैसे दही जमाए मार्केट जैसा जमाना Kunal Kapur Recipes

Hi Guys,
This is Kunal and today I am going to teach you How to Perfectly Set Curd? To set curd, it is obvious that we need to boil milk after that set aside to make it cool To know the right temperature of the milk, there is a very simple method Use your upper part of the hand, since it is very sensitive Next drop two to three drops of milk over it, if the milk feels cold, we need to warm the milk a little if the milk feels too hot,
it means we need to cool it down a little Our milk is now on a lukewarm temperature, we need to transfer it into a bowl Add 1 big spoon of curd to one litre of milk Mix it well! It is very simple logic, curd that we have added to the milk will ferment and become curd There a few things you must consider, 1. you must not move curd again and again 2. Temperature must always be warm, which means during winters cover
the curd’s container with a warm cloth Last but not the least, Your tablespoon of curd starter must be very strong, hence, you must periodically keep changing it Cover this bowl and place aside
in any warm corner of the room. Like I said, if it is winter season, you can wrap
it in a warm cloth and place it aside. After few hours, curd will be set completely Let’s cut the curd Nice, creamy, and wobbly is how the curd
must be like, just like this one In case, your curd is too thin
or it has some bubbles inside, this indicates that the temperature
of milk was too high (warm) or if the curd is not set at all, this means the
milk was not warm enough (cold) So be very careful, setting curd is really very simple Follow these steps and you will not fall back!

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