How-To: Make Shrimp Parm on Steroids with Meyhem Lauren

where you get flair out of trunk of my closet where I’ve hidden trinkets and ancient treasures I collect things I mean we all have addictions colorful things silk cashmere cotton nice counter when my closet is like it’s like a time machine for real like you hopped in the DeLorean you’re there with Doc and McFly I don’t plan on giving anything away except recipes let’s go [Music] car smells like black ice basil and deceit what’s going on everyone I don’t like that that was that was kind of weed Craig may I’m the brand the shrimp are more steroids munchies we out here shrimp are more steroids is just really shrimp farm kicked up I mean I just have a long history with shrimp in general shrimp is near and dear to my heart so this is just like a creation like something I felt like giving back to the shrimp community to be honest we’re going to start with the sauce the sauce is important like the sauce isn’t up to par the dishes and up to par it’s pointless even serve shrimp farm without an amazing sauce the base of the sauce is simple garlic and olive oil we’re going to start with that here we have about 10 cloves of garlic we’re not going to chop them up we’re gonna let them cook become tender I’m gonna smash the garlic with the fork you know kind of like a paste and we’ll build on top of that I’m actually into multiple problems at once maybe I shouldn’t be talking about this because we’re focused on shrimp Lee one of the best things my mother ever did she used to make chicken and eggplant home we have a fresh oregano we have dry oregano to be honest the reason for doing that is simply because I’m not into giving up on the past so I used to only use dry oregano and then it’s like okay now I met fresh oregano you know it’s the best smell in the world right here I don’t want to completely disregard my past life we built something so it’s again I meet somebody a little better and then it’s like Oh act like I’ve never dealt with you like no I don’t do that then we have our fresh basil chopped parsley bay leaves cayenne pepper which isn’t really a normal ingredient but like I said we’re on steroids right here so that’s how we’re moving and a salt sugar and garlic powder okay so as you see I threw some fresh tomato in there fresh tomato oregano there’s no particular order on how to do this I cut these a little smaller because there’s a no rulebook and I felt like cutting a little smaller you know what cut this one in half it really doesn’t matter mom I’m going to tell me after now fire-like doing the same thing to all the fresh tomatoes that I did with the garlic I like to cook them down a little bit give them a little texture a little personality before I just blend them in with the other tomatoes basil we go heavy on the basil I’m into it we just rip it don’t ever put a knife debate that’s disrespectful a little fresh parsley you can put a knife the parsley you can put a nice the most thing it’s just basil to be rich oregano I never gave up on your kid cayenne pepper I might add more than this a little later it’s great that I remember spoon I’m mixing this with a fork by the way now I’m not complaining I’m just showing that what I get things done we use what we have now we’re going to throw in the cans aminos with the help of a fork that’s that I really measure anything but we’ll measure the salt I don’t like to go crazy with soap why because salt is the black man’s kryptonite so we’re gonna Oh steroids crushed red pepper oh good it looks like a lot but there’s a lot of sauce right it’ll be spread even these things not so good that’s kind of like one flake per teaspoon don’t forget garlic trailer the answer different flavor but it’s a different element to light it kind of changes the consistency somewhat it thickens it up and I got that for my man who uses fresh garlic and garlic powder when he makes mashed potatoes so I took that Jule put it on my chain and applied it to something else that I’m doing you know I mean I put a pinch of sugar in now just because this is amazing we can let this cook for a while give it a taste testing on see what needs to be added or adjusted if anything now I can start getting it cracking with these shrimp phase to the breading breading process don’t you know so I just cut these right well we’re going to cut these where I can work on the bread though we’re not going to bread them with a shell on them yeah just cut them down and come down the middle it’s easier to peel that way also you pull the vein out or whatever that might be and you see the butterfly perfectly I’m breaking eggs because let’s face one of the process of the breading process other procedure oh man I got a little piece of shell in there and that’s how easily a problem was fixed everything’s at the end of the world we got the sauce fork and we have the other fork the universal for three-sixty with the wrist boy now I’m going to tell you a secret come hither jack [Music] that’s it adding just a splash of a milk during the whisking process doesn’t do much of anything I just wanted to break up the sequence and show the back of my sweater too so here we are some people when they are bread things they’ll egg dip flour dip again bread crumbs that’s not like too much of a coating for me we don’t really need to do that shake a little flour in here mainly bread crumbs wait a minute these aren’t on steroids have to fix that oh my here’s what we’re doing we dip we dip and we place it’s just a light flaky coating you don’t want to go overboard with the breading like I hate that when you go someplace and get something breaded you like you’re where where’s the actual shrimp or chicken or whatever it is under the breading like nah not in my kitchen now back to the frying process traditionally people deep-fry we don’t have to submerge anything in a row we can just flip it give it a little 10 on each side you don’t want to overcook it because we’re putting it in the oven after and you’d have all overcooked shrimp and who wants that not me or any other member of the community we’re going to find our trusty fork the temple of choice like you bring attention to the fact I’m still using a fork I give it a quick wash while it’s in the oven I’ll eat with the same for that’s what I do in my house and I’m usually shirtless doing this too and you look at these it feels so good to make the community proud I’ll tell you the secret man beyond the sauce beyond the quality assurance it’s really about the sweater and the fork usually I do a fast spin but I really want you to see everything that’s going on each shirt tells your story this is kind of like a silent section I don’t even want to speak on this I just want to demonstrate did you see all right we have the whole bottom of the stand covered those on the bottom sauce on the top and then we get to the cheese you know I just realized I forgot a step generally before I put the sauce on the shrimp I squeezed a little lemon on them I’m sure it’ll work at the same fresh what’s the route same cheese just ready one thing about the cheese is I like to brown the cheese a little when we cook it we like it like a color of Reggie Miller a good golden brown and here’s when we get back to the steroid part of it get another layer of sauce on top of this can we do the same thing again this is a mess you know it’s like a beautiful mess it’s kind of like anything I make is not about being equal or symmetrical it’s about 600 shrimp in here again take a look at this so with the respect it deserves Jack and we throw this into the oven preheated at 350 we’ll leave that in there for about 20 minutes shrimp farm on steroids grand finale come on celebrate get excited let me tell you something that tastes even better than it looks a little chopped parsley garnish purposes black pepper because it’s on steroids and there’s really not even one’s going to say about this can we try it can we eat same for let’s rinse it no soap because you don’t want to rinse off the history is this gorgeous corner right here Oh [Music] I’m really proud of myself I really am I’m really proud of myself everything’s about energy so this is what it made me happy it made the mill that much better I’m good a handful here come on [Music] weird you

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