How to make Soft Flour Tortillas | Como Hacer Tortillas de Harina

To get started you will need 3 cups of all purpose flour 2 tsp of baking powder and 1 tsp of kosher salt After combining all the ingredients I’m going to give it a good mix. (background music playing) Next i’ll be adding 1/3 cup of vegetable shortening What i’ll do is combine it with my hands (background music plays) Now that its all combined I will be adding 1 full cup of hot water And I know some people like to use boiling water Don’t give yourself third degree burns Just make sure the water is hot enough to be able to melt down some of the lard So it can incorporate better with the flour And I’m just going to be pouring the water little by little while mixing it with my hand of course the water and the flour mixing together will look very tacky your hands are gonna get messy the key here is to continue to knead the flour and water together to make sure our tortillas are nice and supple you want to keep the dough on the wet side so right now that you see me mixing it my hands still look messy and tacky but you DO NOT want to add flour at this point you just want to knead until the dough ball forms and the dough stops sticking to your hand It will still feel a little wet and tacky when your done kneading but if you add flour now your tortillas will lose that supple soft tender texture you’ll end up with a harder tortilla that won’t have elasticity to the dough So that’s why it’s important for you to continue kneading I will be kneading for a good 10 minutes I’m close to the ten minute mark and you can already see how the dough has stopped sticking to my hand and it is nice and soft and supple so you could at this point let it rest for ten to fifteen minutes but before I do that I actually like to seperate the dough balls in to about a dozen pieces so with this recipe it can easily make twelve tortillas but for some reason I don’t know why every time I do this I end up with fourteen but definitely you can have a dozen tortillas or a dozen dough balls, at this point so what I’m doing is just a tuck and turn motion to make the dough ball And you could definitely just roll it out with your hands and shape it into a ball but this is the way my grandma taught me so that’s the way I like to do it so anyways I’m going to go ahead and speed things up and continue forming my dough balls I also wanted to show you by stretching the dough The elasticity you achieve when you knead it and let it rest and this is what we are looking for because the elasticity you find in your dough is what you are going to find in your finished product or in your tortilla So. Anyways. Now that that’s done I ended up, once again, with my fourteen I tried for twelve but I always end up with fourteen Now I am just going to cover all of my dough balls with a damp paper towel I will be letting this dough rest for a good ten minutes you could even go as long as fifteen minutes but ten minutes at least Now that my dough balls have restes for a good ten minutes I am going to go ahead and start rolling my tortillas out and you can see how soft the dough looks This would also be a good opportunity to gradually bring your comal or whatever pan you are going to make your tortillas in, up to heat you want to bring it up to a medium high heat I’ve just floured my working surface and I’m going to flour my rolling pin and my dough ball and now I’m just going to start rolling them out it’s not a perfect circle but, you know some what of a circle and by the time I start getting in to my third or fourth tortilla rolling it out I’m sure they’ll start to look better but for some reason, that first one, doesn’t quite make a circle shape Since I am making tortillas by myself I like to get a head start on about two tortillas and I’ll hang them on the side of the bowl and once I get to rolling out the second one I’m gonna go ahead and start cooking my tortillas I’ve pre heated my cast iron skillet this is what i’ll be using to make my tortillas in and I am just going to real time I’m going to show you how long it takes for those air bubble to start forming I’m just want to show you how long I cook the tortilla on the first side and once I flip it over I’ll speed things up Okay so now that I’m done with all of my tortillas I just wanted to show you you can buy one of those tortilla warmers, but I just use a plate lined with a paper towel and aluminum here I just wanted to demonstrate how supple soft and pliable these tortillas are you can fold them, shape them and and Viola! they go right back in to shape with out breaking or tearing and I also wanted to show you my favorite way to eat tortillas and that is with a delicious breakfast taco here I have my homemade Mexican chorizo and for this recipe you can wait till the end of the video and click on the video icon it’ll take you straight there or you can go to my Gochujang Mama You Tube channel for this recipe and more the aroma in my kitchen right now is childhood all over again nothing bets a freshly made flour tortilla and a homemade breakfast taco I certainly hope you guys try this recipe it’s delicious and as always the recipe for these tortillas will be located in the description box below I hope you give this recipe a try I hope you like it and thanks for watching! 🙂

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