How to Make Spanish Breaded Steak : Frying Spanish Breaded Steak

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Lizbeth Muller
and today we are going to cook some bistek empanado, breaded steak. The oil is now hot
I’m going to shake the excess breading on this and I’m going to lay this flat in there.
The oil is going to bubble over that is okay. Yeah, I’m glad I have chose this pan. Look
at the size of this steak. Oh yeah this is going to make somebody really happy. You don’t
want to mess with it too much and you don’t want to fuss with it to much;just move it
a little bit. You don’t want it to stick either but you have the high going on. You want that
breading to really take there and absorb. You want to cook up that steak.

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