How to Make Stew | Easy Crockpot Beef Stew Recipe

How to Make and Easy Beef Stew Hello and welcome to In the Kitchen with Matt,
I am your host Matt Taylor. It is November, and uh, the weather is starting to get cold,
and here in Arizona, here in Phoenix, it means that it has dipped below 70 degrees. Gotta
get out my parka. So need something warm to eat, so what I am going to do is show you
how to make a beef stew. Great for a cold day, really easy to do, let’s get started.
For the ingredients, we have a crock-pot, we have 5 potatoes here, and I would use one
extra potato per person you want to serve. I have a beef stew mix, these stew mixes are
usually really cheap, this one was 69 cents. Great value makes it really easy to make a
good stew. I have a package of carrots; this is a one-pound bag of carrots. I have a package
of stew meat, this is really nice, it came all cut up for me. And this is about a pound
and a quarter, and I got a yellow onion. I have a knife, crock-pot, and cutting board.
First what I am going to do is cut up my potatoes. Now I previously had washed these, you can
peel them if you like, I don’t like to peel mine, I like to keep them as is. So I am just
going to cut it right down the middle like this, and then I am going to take it on its
side like this, and then go down the middle, and then take it to the side like this, and
just. Ok I have all my potatoes cut and put in here, now it is time to cut up the onion,
umm so what I am going to do is take my onion and cut off the tips here, like that, and
then take off the peel, the outer two layers or so. Ok, then we just cut up our onion;
again you can make these whatever size you want.
Always put the flat side down so it doesn’t
move around on you. And then just come in here like this, and go in, about like that.
Now let’s go ahead and put potatoes and our onion in our crockpot and then we will add
our carrots and stew meat, then we will mix up our beef stew mix. All right, so we are
going to add our potatoes, there we go, then we are going to come in here and add our onions
like that, great, and we will take our package of carrots here and open that up, and you
don’t have to use as many carrots as I am, I like a lot of carrots. Just use whatever
you want to do. Like that. All right, and we will take our meat, and open that up. Yummy.
Great. Now what we do is take about 2 cups of water, open up our package of beef stew
mix, pour it in there. And with a fork we will give it a good mix. Ok, we then add our
liquid, and we add another couple cups of water. Ok, and we will come in here and mix
this together like this. So we wind up adding about 4 to 5 cups of water. And I am going
to add some more salt, I don’t have a specific amount on this, just add a little bit more
of salt at the beginning here, and then salt to taste at the end. A little bit of pepper,
and some garlic powder. Give it a good stir. Ok then we just cover it up, ok now depending
on how much time you have, if you have a full 8 hours let’s go ahead and set it on low.
If you only have about 4 to 5 hours, let’s set it on high. And there you go, and if you
have let’s say 6 hours, then set it on high for 2 hours and then set it down to low for
the remaining 4 hours. All right now let’s let it cook, and let it sit there, and once
it is done, I will show you how it looks like. And when we are done, it will look something
like that, depending on how much water you have. All right our Beef Stew is done, it
smells amazing, my whole house smells like stew. I am really excited to dive it. It couldn’t
be easier, you just cut up your stuff, and put it in there, and turn it on, and it is
as simple as that. Another thing I like to do is make a huge batch of it, and then what
I do with the leftovers is I will put them in individual containers, like this, little
Tupperware containers, plastic container, and then put them in the freezer. And then,
I have individual dinners or lunches and then I can just heat them up later on. Pretty cool,
I am Matt Taylor, this has been another episode of In the Kitchen with Matt, thank you for
joining me, hoped you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to subscribe, if you have any comments or
questions put them down below, and I will make sure to get back to you. Time for me
to take this over to my friends house and enjoy a nice meal. Take care.

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  1. Dewclaws says:

    Thanks for the quick recipe, I've been enjoying chicken and port stews for ages. Maybe you don't need this with beef, but I do a brown on the meat.

  2. The Fab Forums says:

    Love me some Cutco

  3. cols sneepe says:

    what a crock of shite. rubbish vid

  4. Joseph Bursch says:

    Good warm recipe

  5. Sherrie Bush says:

    he didn't even cook the meat before hand to brown it

  6. Cashman135 :D says:

    Steeew is good wow matt i made your stew and it was so good

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