Today I’m making stewed oxtails. This is a recipe inspired by our Jamaican neighbors in the Caribbean. The only differences are
Trinis burn their sugar from scratch, instead of using browning from the
bottle and I love using fresh ingredients. This recipe requires a few
simple fresh ingredients: oxtail, lemon or lime for washing the oxtail, green
seasoning, onion, tomato, ketchup, hot pepper and pimento pepper, brown sugar
celery, carrots, then there’s pimento seeds, red bell pepper and thyme. Firstly,
trim any excess fat from the oxtail, wash with the juice of a lime or lemon;
you can soak it for a couple of minutes rinse several times with running water and drain. Burning sugar is usually the starting
point of our stews, our famous pelau and some soup dishes.
It is not burnt like the color of charcoal, but it is mainly a method used
to develop the sugar to the right color, to add color and an exceptional depth of
flavor. Stewing of meat using burnt sugar is believed to be a West African cooking
style brought to the Caribbean by the African immigrants. I have added the sugar to the oil and, some don’t use oil, it’s up to you and now I’m allowing the
sugar to froth, bubble, expand and darken. Once it begins to darken and the bottom
starts to look like the color of browning, it’s time to add your seasoned
meat. I’m going to add a little bit of ketchup at this point: a trick or tip I
learned from my sister-in-law who makes the most amazing stewed chicken. I’m adding the meat at this point but I’m not going to stir it because I wanted the ketchup to cook a little more so that it is no longer ketchup. I’m going to stir
it for a minute or two to thoroughly coat it then I’m going to cook it on high for 5 minutes, stirring frequently. I’m gonna cover and cook it for 10 to 15
minutes to allow meat to release its natural juices. At this point I’m going to add the carrots, the celery, the red bell pepper, thyme and pimento seeds. At this point you have two options continue to cook it until all the liquid has evaporated cook for one
to two minutes more to develop the flavors, then add enough water to cover
and cook for two to three hours until tender or to your preference. The second option is to cook it in a pressure cooker. I’m using my insta pot because it
cooks in only 35 minutes. If the meat has released a lot of liquid there is no
need to add any additional, but if not, add water broth or coconut milk. 35 minutes later and your oxtails are done.
The most delicious, tender ox tails you’ve ever had in your life, in such a short
time! I like releasing the pressure, but this
usually happens for itself, but I just couldn’t wait today. If it doesn’t have
enough sauce for you, place it back in a pot, add 1 to 2 cups of water bring to a
boil and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes until the sauce thickens. More liquid
means that it will require more salt so add salt to your liking.


  1. veshmah Lalwah says:

    I have never had this before but have smelled it cooking and it smells sooooooo gooood. Nice job

  2. Sherry Ann Shirlyn says:

    Looks great as usual Ria. Just yesterday I was saying I needed a recipe for stewed oxtails. Can't wait to try it. Thanks much.

  3. Sherry Hoffman says:

    Looks amazing and I do have an Insta pot also.

  4. sherry spice says:


  5. Any body says:

    Ria r you Trinidadian Hindo ?

  6. Islander II says:

    Ooh so good! Looks delicious, a must try!

  7. Zena Shajarat says:

    Hi Ria. Your oxtail looks yummy 😋

  8. Abigail Ashby says:

    Can you make a curry chicken video?

  9. Clover Pereira says:

    Ria love your recipes. But love yr cookware as well. Did u buy them on Amazon as well.

  10. hyacinth pierre says:

    The burning of sugar was brought to the Caribbean by enslaved Africans

  11. Larry Fournillier says:

    Great video, Ria. How do you like your InstaPot? Believe it or not, but I'm still using my Grandmother's pressure cooker (Presto) from the early '70's. 😁👍🏽

  12. ecumex chulo says:

    All I learned was ah huh..🙄

  13. I luv Food says:

    If we cook this recipe in a pan and not a pressure cooker will it still taste the same?

  14. Annmarie Buchholz says:

    The color of the stewed oxtails were perfect, I bet it was delicious from the smile on your beautiful daughter's face.. thanks for sharing another outstanding recipe, I am trying it out today, wish me luck…❤️🍴

  15. Alli H says:

    Beautiful job !
    Great tip for the thyme 🤗

  16. robertstewart9071 says:

    Nice! I luv cooking oxtails in my instant pot

  17. Farrah Jay says:

    Ummm Jamaicans and Trini’s aren’t the only ones that eat oxtail. There’s other groups of ppl in the caribbean that eat oxtail. Also ppl in the US and other parts of the world eat it too. They may cook it differently but they still eat oxtail.

  18. Chris Homenick says:

    lovely video one criticism… voice up music DOWN, Thats it ! It was edited nicely it had great voice over, instructions were paced very great. Just make you loader and the steel pan lower. Also big up the my NY sisters

  19. jos lippy says:

    I recently bought a Caribbean Dutch Pot, I am planning on cooking this beautiful meal in my new pot.

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