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Great sushi starts with great rice. And successful sushi rice is
determined by two things: the type of rice you buy, and,
how you cook it. We’re going to show you the right rice,
and the right way to prepare it, right now. Choose short grained rice.
When it comes to sushi rice,
size matters. Or more specifically,
grain length matters. Sushi rice is a short grained rice,
who’s grains bond together nicely after cooking.
Now, lets make sushi rice. You can use a rice cooker, which is a
fuss free way to make any type of rice. Or you can go old school and
make it on the stove top. This process is easy too, and that’s
what we’re going to do here. You need a large pan,
and a stainless steel bowl. In addition to short grain rice,
you need the following seasonings. Rice vinegar, sugar, salt. Step One:
Rinse the rice. Put the rice in the pan, and
rinse it under the faucet. Run cold water over it until the
water that runs out of it is almost clear. This takes a few minutes. Step Two:
Bring the water, and the rice, to a boil. Add water to the pan using
the amount required for the number of cups of rice
you’re cooking. Turn the burner heat to high,
and bring the water and rice to a boil, and cover with a lid. Reduce the heat, and simmer
for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, turn off the heat,
and leave covered for 10 minutes. Don’t peak at the rice, it’s still cooking
even though the heat is off. If you lift the lid, you let out heat. Step Three:
Add Seasonings. Sushi rice is seasoned with
rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. Mix together these 3 ingredients
into a small bowl. You can experiment with the ratios
to find the taste you like. We’re using 5 tablespoons of
rice vinegar, and 2 tablespoons each of
sugar and salt. Step Four:
Mix the seasonings with the rice. Transfer the cooked rice into a
large bowl, and gently add the vinegar mix. Add the liquid a little at a time. Mix it gently into the rice with a
wooden spatula using a slicing motion. Don’t stir or beat the rice,
or you will make it too sticky. Cover the bowl with a clean damp towel,
and let it cool for 30 to 60 minutes. Your sushi rice is ready
for making sushi! See the consistency; it’s a little sticky,
but nice and fluffy. Sometimes sushi is called sticky rice,
which perfectly explains the the consistency you want for sushi. A not about quantities:
if you’re making rice, make about a cup per person. You’ll have enough to make sushi,
and some left over for a quick stir-fry. Great sushi starts with great rice.
Now you’re ready to get rolling.

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  1. willyduu says:

    First time watching channel. The out-of-focus is a bit distracting. Informative though!

  2. youaremysong says:

    Okay i like this.. the how to cook eggplant is way too fofo

  3. Sara P says:

    Huge improvement from the eggplant vid – this woman's voice is a lot less annoying and I actually learned something 🙂

  4. Neil Devine says:

    Sushi rice is one of my favorites. There is a dish where you put therice in a bowl and lay the raw fish on top. I think it's called chiroshi, if I'm spelling it correctly. Thank you for that great recipie

  5. Exotwin says:

    good video

  6. tizz mcgizz says:

    you've butchered your rice, it looks like porridge. firstly, you put a wrong mixture of seasonings (wayyy too much salt) second, you have over cooked the rice by leaving the pot on the hot burner. last but not least you didn't rinse the rice well enough. way to fuck up an ancient tradition.

  7. myusernamereallysux says:

    It's one thing to critique, its another to just be an ass. She did say experiment with the seasons, and she gave the right information on how much the rice should be cleaned. As for the over-cooking, well, you got that. As for "fucking up an ancient tradition" if you want something traditional, go to japan and learn it there or do research. I just want to make easy sushi.

  8. myusernamereallysux says:


  9. Rachel Ruiz says:

    Very helpful video.

  10. Stephanie Schulz says:

    two tablespoons of salt?? that seems crazy

  11. capt jim Mcintyre says:


  12. Deirdrina Mia says:

    what seasonings are that can u tell me

  13. wheeler1 says:

    pretty much anything is an improvement over eggplant!!

  14. Sana Meshari says:

    noooo sticky rice is a different thing !

  15. Wild Borego says:


  16. Marvin Arevalo says:

    Hah did anyone else get that pun at the end ?? ^______^

  17. pde442 says:

    Good video

  18. Allrecipes says:

    Thank you for your question. You would want to reduce the heat to low or medium-low – depending on your stove. Check to make sure that the rice is simmering and adjust the heat accordingly.

  19. Nunya Bidness says:

    I loved this please make more sushi oriented videos

  20. Allrecipes says:

    Glad you loved this! Check out more sushi videos and recipes on our website or YouTube channel.

  21. Ponkool4 says:

    My rice is ready 🙂

  22. Theavenger35 plays says:

    this is hard…ill just go buy some 😀

  23. Micah Ibarra says:

    how will i know the measurements of the ingredients?

  24. Allrecipes says:

    Check out our site for recipes and ingredient amounts 🙂

  25. John TroLLvolta says:

    She must suck then if she's resorting to ALL CAPS idiots peddling her channel. Get a clue, MIYRIAMTV.

  26. John TroLLvolta says:

    It can be a different thing all it wants, but sushi rice is still sometimes called "sticky rice". Nobody here thinks you're smart. FAIL

  27. John TroLLvolta says:

    Oh hey look! It's Mr. Miyagi here to teach us all about ancient sushi tradition!

    These Japanese fanatics are such know-it-all losers…. I bet you're in some Japanese program at some school and you have bright pink hair.

  28. tizz mcgizz says:

    lol I'm actually just japanese…
    If you saw some chinese guy completely slaughtering a hamburger (punz for funz) then you'd probably lash out in the same manner.

    I do have pink hair, but i was born with it

  29. music31348 says:

    1 teaspoon salt = 2,400 mg sodium O.O

  30. Rick Volder says:

    Nooooo really?! 1:57

  31. ShugTexas says:

    again thank you

  32. gaia margarita says:

    that was an amazing clear explanation, thanks! Can't wait to start making some sushi rice!!! 😀

  33. Kai Lemel says:

    just made this its amazing!!! just like sushi restaurant!!! 

  34. belia america says:

    Does anyone know how long can the prepared rice can be stored in the refrigerator??

  35. Heeelion says:


  36. Katherine Novosilec says:

    Do u have to use rice vinager??????

  37. soulprovider915 says:

    How much cooked rice vs seasoning? It doesn't say!!! Five tablespoons Vinegar, 2 table spoons of salt and sugar to 1,2,3,4 cups of rice?

  38. Vincent Moore says:

    i cant find short grain raice at my stores 🙁

  39. young clout says:

    WHy is the sugar brownish color?

  40. My Youtube Journey says:

    Hi! Many thanks. Very nice video. My rice is getting too sticky. What I am doing wrong or what can I do to do it not so sticky? I did not understand that in your video. Thanks! I subscribed!!

  41. JoshSpeaks says:

    @Allrecipes what's the name of the song in the background? I like the music! Please tell me the name of the song!!

  42. kaila teodoro says:

    What type of sugar do u use please help!

  43. fredwhet says:

    Two tablespoons of salt seems like way too much. 

  44. John Bradley says:

    really nice video thank you!

  45. Allrecipes says:

    Terrific question, Naou Chan, about the sugar content of rice vinegar. The answer depends which type of rice vinegar you buy: regular rice vinegar or seasoned rice vinegar. Regular rice vinegar is made by fermenting the natural sugars in rice first into alcohol, and then into acid. Seasoned rice vinegar is made from regular rice vinegar, and does have added sugar, sometimes corn syrup, along with salt or MSG. We recommend not skipping the sugar called for in the recipe because it adds to the flavor.

  46. Jessica Barbosa says:

    When I make the rice sometimes my rice grains are still hard? Do you let it boil for a minute or two? Or just bring it to a boil and turn the heat down. Well that what I do but I notice the past 2 times I been have hard rice some grains not fully cooked? Would you know why?

  47. Lewis Evans says:

    your crap how do know how much rice our vinger our anything

  48. David Gunzenhauser says:

    while I was very happy to see you used a wood bowl for mixing the rice, I was not happy to see that you scrubbed the rice in your hands while cleaning it in water. We know that sushi chefs would never risk damaging rice by scrubbing it…

  49. Miles Hamby says:

    I have a question so my mom told me that I should use a 1 to 2 ratio 2 cups of water for one cup of rice but should I sue that here or not because it is short grain rice?

  50. Myles Mejia says:

    wayyyyyyyyyyy too much salt. it killed the sushi 🙁 use like 1/3 or a 1/4 of the salt they recommend

  51. Z T says:

    Hi, I have a quick question. In some recipes, it is stated that I should cool the rice using a fan to remove the moisture while mixing in the seasonings. However, there are also some recipes that don't mention the cooling part at all. What would you recommend?

  52. Zuqilazrin Chew says:

    can i use any vinegar?

  53. Lizz says:

    Instead of using rice vinegar, can i use sushi vinegar without adding sugar and salt into it?

  54. Safiyah Alaidaroos says:

    Can i use normal vinegar like apple vinegar instead of rice vinegar?? Bcause they dont sell it in my country

  55. kenny chan says:


  56. Franchesca Aldana says:

    hi my question is what is the ratio of cooked rice to the seasonig like rice vinegar …

  57. L33t70mage says:

    2 tablespoons of salt?!?! i think you meant teaspoons.. 2 tablespoons would make it waaay to salty for anyone.

  58. Cumpassion Turan says:

    All crucial pinpoints are missed where as you focus on turning on the oven, what's the rice water ratio?

  59. themanginaman says:

    Can I use any alternative to the wooden tub and still have the rice cool properly without being mushy?

  60. Jose Vazques says:

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  61. msrjjon says:

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  63. Weird Kind says:

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  64. Kay See says:

    2 questions. could you avoid adding sugar? and could you make sushi whole grain and or brown rice? i like to eat a lot if sushi and would like to try anf keep it as healthy as possible. either way i will eat this. thanks for the video. p.s. will the rice still stick with none of the seasonings?

  65. MisterJoe203 says:

    Simme for 20min! Thanks guys, i juste made a rice soup _'

  66. Ross Anon says:

    dislike. leaving out the water to rice ratio. dont worry ill just go watch another video for that information.

  67. Julian R says:

    WARNING Do NOT Add that much vinger other wise it will be verrryyy sour

  68. Dust Wizard Gaming says:

    is jasmine rice okay?

  69. pahaahv says:

    20 minutes simmering? Porridge sushi?

  70. Samantha Finocchiaro says:

    I thought females said size doesn't matter. :((((((

  71. DiamondGypsy says:

    i dont have rice vinegar what can i substitute?

  72. Makubeku Urashima says:

    i cant believe this actually links to a how to make sushi rice video

  73. Grammar Police says:

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  74. Rudy Melo says:

    Two tablespoons of salt…more like teaspoons

  75. online 0227 says:

    this is japonica rice, not sushi rice. Japanese and Korean eat this rice everyday without making it sushi.

  76. The_Light_skin_King !! says:

    what kinda sugar is that and what kind of rice wine vinegar

  77. Fanny Sanchez says:

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    20 minutes – you'll be eating mush

  79. FUCKME says:

    the 5:2:2 ratio is for how many gr of rice? thanks

  80. FUCKME says:

    why this bullshit video hv so many views? it sucks

  81. Ammoo zammo says:

    How was that 2 tablespoons of sugar at 2:11??

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    Can i used brown sugar instead of white

  83. Gaia Myaphoenix says:

    yes but if you don't tell me the proportion rice-water this video is totally useless

  84. TWALSH341 says:

    Nearly worthless, no ratio of rice to water, no mention of the quantity or rice for the listed quantity of seasonings. Why did you even make this?

  85. Kaeshana says:

    Guys, 2 tablespoons in WAY too much salt! I'm hoping you meant 2 teaspoons. Don't follow the ratio for the salt or your sushi will taste like the sea, and not in a good way.

  86. zoe._.kookie says:

    What type of sugar?

  87. DrBashi Publisher says:

    This was very helpful

  88. sd1333 says:

    LMAO! TITLE READS: "How to Make Sushi Rice |" and then at 1:28 "Add water to the pan using the amount required to the number of cups of rice you are cooking"

    Totally leaving out the most crucial bit of information on how to make sushi rice.

  89. Jester Jade says:

    The vinegar was WAY overpowering. 5 tablespoons is WAY too much! Made my entire batch inedible. Absolutely vile.

  90. Thanmai Swathi says:

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