How To Make Taco Soup!

Today we’re going to be making this delicious taco soup for dinner So what you’re going to need for this is hamburger, and I just have a small chunk about like that two hamburger patty size, and then I chopped up one large onion What else you’re going to need, Kidney beans and I’m going to use two cans I have a bunch of people to feed tonight. Two cans of corn, a can of chili beans, a can of pork and beans and then I have some taco seasoning Some sour cream and some cheese for the for the toppings with these fritos, and then I also have tomato sauce and though these are just two eight ounce cans and then some diced tomatoes and that’s about it. Just cook up your hamburger onions and now that that’s ready, i’m just gonna take I’m just going to take each of my cans and throw them in You just throw them all in there, and then what I’m going to do is mix it and I want my water to be enough that it covers the very top So if I go like this everything is covered and I think I might need a little bit more water. I can use my can and kind of rinse out the outside of the juice tomato sauce. Probably one more of those and we’ll have enough water in here, and I know it is soup but I don’t like it too watery I like having lots of things to eat in it So I feel like I’m gonna be full when I’m done and this is perfect consistency Just like that Just enough liquid and now I’m just gonna take my taco flavoring Taco seasoning and I’m just gonna add it until I think it will add enough flavoring to the rest of it and that equals to about two packets, if you’re just using taco flavoring packets and I also like to just like Taste it as I go To see if it’s gonna be enough flavoring or not, and if I’ve ever add too much taco seasoning then sour cream will kind of take away the spiciness, so if my kids think it’s too spicy I’ll put in sour cream, and that will make it better, so to go along with the taco seasoning I usually like to look put a little bit of brown sugar and here’s just, I guess that was a big flop but season it to your flavoring, whatever you can – That was about 1/4 of a cup it’s really just depends on how sweet you like it because it kind of counteracts all the other flavors that are in there and as soon as it’s warm, it’s ready. So you just put a couple scoops into your bowl, and then I like to put cheese on next right in the middle and then next I put on some chili cheese fritos. This is just a really pretty garnished trough on top and it tasted delicious and then here is my dollop of Whipped cream to go on top of that and this is all that it is it’s super delicious and really quick and easy to make. It’s one of our favorite dinners in my house So I hope you liked this video. Please comment and subscribe and tell me what you want me to make. Hit like on our video and we’ll see you next time I like it I like it I like it Micky likes it I like it. I like it

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