How to Make Tapas : Frying & Flipping An Egg For Tortilla de Patatas

Hi I’m chef Rainer Wickel and I’m here today
with Expert well we’ve mixed our potatoes and our onions together in our mixture
and now we’re ready to make our tortilla de patatas. Now the very first thing that we
need to do is we need to get our pan ready to fry this. So go ahead and turn the stove
on and you want to have it in about medium high, now remember we don’t want to put to
much olive oil in this because we already got quit a bit of olive oil in the mixture.
Even though we drain most of it out a lot of it is still in the potatoes so we actually
still have quit a bit in there to actually fry up the mixture. So really all we want
to do is is put a a tablespoon in. So go ahead dab it in and then jut roll it around. Now
remember you want to make sure that the oil is nice and hot and the pan is nice and hot
before you even put the mixture in. And remember the little trick I like to use is just ahead
and take a little piece of onion and put the onion into the oil and once you see that it
starts bubbling then you know the oil is hot enough. You see it’s already starting to boil
so we know the pan is hot enough, so go ahead and grab your mixture and just doul it out
into the pan. Make sure you get it all the way in there and then you want to go ahead
and doul it out and you want to make it into a circular pattern. Cause that’s the way it’s
actually served, so go ahead and spread it out make sure that the eggs and the potatoes
are nicely spread out even. And now we’re going to have to let it fry for a little bit
and what you want to do is let it fry enough so that it becomes nice and firm in the middle,
now it doesn’t have to cook all the way through. You want to make sure that you don’t burn
it on the other side but you just want to make it nice and firm. Because what we’re
going to do then is going to take a plate and we’re going to put it over and flip it
and slide in to cook the other side. So let’s go ahead and let this cook now, okay so now
the next step is we’re going to take our plate and what we want to do is we want to flip
that over. So be really careful not to touch the sides of the pan but just ahead and put
the plate in there, drop it and then take your pan and put it over a bowl because there
might still be some oil that comes out and just flip it over. And make sure not to burn
yourself and you can see it’s already cook pretty well on there and all your going to
do is just slide it back in. And now we just need to let it cook through and once again
on this side it’s probably about another minute. And just let it cook you can see on top already
it’s really nice and brown. That’s exactly the color we want to get this, and you want
to make sure that none of the egg is actually running, it’s got to cook nicely through.
Actually you can see the color on this, this is actually the color that you want the omelet
to be.
Now when we pull it out we want to put in on to a fresh plate but it looks like we’re
good, check underneath to see if it’s brown and it looks pretty brown under there. Now
the next step is go ahead and turn the heat off on the stove and just take the tortilla
and put it on to a plate. Now in Spain traditionally these aren’t served directly off of the frying
pan, usually let these cool down a little bit these are usually sitting out for a couple
of hours when there made and we cut these up into slices just like a pie and that’s
how actually its served. Now most Spanish restaurants your going to find this and they’ll
have this on a plate up at the bar and you know normally you come along and get this
between breakfast and lunch. Sometimes it’s also between lunch and dinner but it’s more
traditionally an early Tapa and this is how we make tortilla de patatas.

4 comments on “How to Make Tapas : Frying & Flipping An Egg For Tortilla de Patatas”

  1. Tigadee00 says:

    He likes to start most sentences with "so" and "and"… Kinda annoying.

  2. hadybird says:

    @Casisevillano If the point of this video is teaching how to flip a tortilla, I really got it! However, the omelet sucks, sorry. I must say his spanish accent is quite good. Greetings from Spain.

  3. classysasafrassy says:

    I love this stuff. We just call it potatoe omlette. So good. Even makes a great sandwich on sliced bread.

  4. Keith Peters says:

    This guys is terrible with making videos. The first two DRAGGING minutes were about how to get the pan hot with oil !!

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