How to Make Tapas : Pre-Frying Ingredients For Spanish Garlic Shrimp Tapas

Hi I’m chef Rainer Wickel and I’m here today
with Expert well we prepared all the ingredients and we’ve peeled and deveined
the shrimp and now we’re ready to start cooking. Now the first thing we need to do is fry the
garlic before we put the shrimp into the mixture. So remember we’re going to be using extra
virgin olive oil, and just ahead and pour enough olive oil in there just to cover the
bottom of the pan. Remember you want quit a bit in there because it’s going to be the
mixture that we’re going to be using for dunking the bread in. Now go ahead and turn on the
stove and turn it on to medium high because we want to get it warm and now were going
to ahead and use the garlic press and put the garlic into the mixture. So just go ahead
and get your cloves put in the garlic press, then squeeze it in there and once again the pairing knife comes in
handy cause then we can scrap that off
and you specifically need an iron skillet for this particular dish because its going
to cook it nice and evenly. And you can see its already starting to bubble
and lets take the other clove and go ahead and sqeeze it in there. Scrap the edge off
and 6 cloves of garlic is quit a bit, so this is going to have a really strong smell. Now
that we have the garlic in there go ahead and take your spatula and spread it out and
what we want to do is we want to get this garlic just so that the aroma starts coming
out. We don’t want the garlic to get really brown we don’t want to char it, with this
just enough to release the flavor. And now that it’s starting to fry lets go ahead and
turn it down to about medium cause we don’t want to burn this. The important thing with
the garlic is we want it to burn enough where it doesn’t become brown but just enough to
where you start smelling that garlic. And mix it around you can see its already starting
to get a little color in you can already smell that. And once we get it to that point it’s
already cooked pretty well go ahead and take your chili flakes and just generously sprinkle
it in there and this is about you know about 2 teaspoon fulls. Then mix that through and this is how we prepare our garlic to get
ready to make our Gambas al Ajillo

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