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Just wait, put my lipstick on first. Lipstick on, now let’s cooking! I got a special one for you today. Marion say, a lot of people want me to make Thai dessert. Noi not usually make desserts. Noi sweet enough already. I make just for you. Thai mango sticky rice. The best dessert in the world. But don’t eat too much! You’ll get fat like my son-in-law. I just joking. He’s not fat, just chubby. Now we’re going to start with sticky rice. What you’re looking for is this rice like
this. When you’re at the shop, see here it say “glutinous rice” or “sticky rice”. That’s the one you want. You have to prepare one day ahead. See on this bowl, I have soaked
in the water til yesterday. That’s help make it soft. You take the rice out the water. Just put it on the cloth. Clean tea towel. Just spread out a bit. Cover up. I got a steamer here with boiling water underneath. That’s all you need. You put this in the top of that. Put the lid on. Steaming 20 minute. While my rice is cook. I’m going to make coconut flavour for the rice. First of all, I need coconut milk, sugar and salt. The salt important here. Going to bring all sweetener to the flavour. You listen to Noi… And mixing. Now we wait for the rice. 20 minute. Now we’re going to check the rice. See? Look at this. Sticky but tender. You can try. Mmm! This is cooked perfect. Now going to put the rice in the sauce we made. Going to put on now. Now going to mix it all up. Rice will soak up the sauce. Looks little bit wet now. We leave it rest. About 45 minute. You’ll see texture will change. While we waiting got nice story for you. Long time ago Marion’s dad, he came to my village near Bangkok. My auntie, grandma, everyone there. I made for him Thai sticky rice mango. He said he love it so much. I’m very happy. A few years later, we got married. And we had Marion! Marion should thanks sticky rice. Now we’re going to make extra pouring sauce. Start with coconut milk, sugar and little bit salt. This one going to have nice salty flavour, that’s the secret. Sweet and salty. I’ve got some rice flour here. I mixed with a little bit coconut milk. This make it thicker. Now going to cook nice and thick. Just need a couple minute. Look how nice and thick. Rice ready now. Going to put in a serving bowl. See the rice soak up all the sauce? Should be nice and sticky. In the middle and plate it up. Now we going to slice the mango. Going to do the Thai way. Noi going to show you. Nice sweet mango. Now I peel the skin. Now I cut half. Close to the stone. And just like this. And you slice. This how Thai way we do. Now we slide on here. Beautiful. Now we’re going to pour the sauce. Look at that. Another winner from Noi. If you’ve got any comments or questions, pop them below. And if you enjoyed the video, why not hit that subscribe button. Plus the little bell one. That way you’ll get notified every time I release a new video. Thanks guys!

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