How to make the BEST WEEKNIGHT pasta in 30 MINUTES

Today we are making a beautiful Spanish
pasta dish that uses very simple ingredients that are very affordable but
promises to be one of the best pasta dishes you will ever taste guys we are talking
perfectly cooked pasta noodles al dente served with a Spanish roasted red
bell pepper sauce this is insanely delicious effortless to put together and
done within 30 minutes the perfect dish for one of those busy weeknights where you don’t
have a lot of time in the kitchen but you want some big bold flavors or even
better for a relaxed weekend lunch next to a glass of red wine to make it a
special moment in life now to make this pasta dish I’m using some penne pasta
noodles but you guys can use what ever type of pasta you like second thing I’m using
some jarred roasted red bell peppers just to make things easier but if you prefer
you can roast your own in the oven and last but not least make sure that you use
a good-quality extra virgin olive oil at the end of the day this is what’s gonna
really flavor the sauce and give that beautiful touch such an important
ingredient in Spanish cuisine for this recipe I’m using an extra virgin Spanish
olive oil from the Georgetown olive oil company this one is made with the Picual olive
such an incredible Spanish olive oil full of flavor incredible aromatics
gives this dish that incredible Spanish touch guys get yourself a bottle of this you’re gonna absolutely
love it link in the description box below we’re gonna begin by adding some cold water into a saucepan you want to fill it a little
over half ways we’ll season our water generously with sea salt and then heat
this with a medium-high heat while our water is coming to a boil I’m gonna grab
a jar of roasted red bell peppers this is 340 grams which is about 12 ounces
I’m gonna crack this open and add it into a sieve with a bowl underneath and
give it a quick shake just to remove any of that extra liquid in there roasted
peppers now we’re gonna add our roasted peppers
into a food processor crack open a can of tomato sauce and measure out half a
cup pour in the tomato sauce into the food processor with the roasted peppers
and we’ll season it with some fine sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper now we’re gonna process this on a low
speed for about two minutes that way everything is perfectly combined after processing this for two minutes
everything should be perfectly combined let’s go ahead and turn this off remove the lid
and look at this guy’s look at that perfect sauce no chunks anywhere this is exactly
what you’re looking for for our last ingredients to prepare
I’m gonna grab three cloves of garlic and finely mince them and finely dice
half of an onion alright let’s start making our sauce I’m gonna grab a
nonstick frying pan heat this with a medium heat and add in 2 tablespoons of
extra virgin olive oil 2 minutes after adding in the olive oil let’s add in
our diced onions and our minced garlic and we’re gonna mix this continuously
with the extra virgin olive oil to make sure that those garlic’s do not burn three minutes after adding in the garlic
and the onions and the onions are nice and translucent I’m gonna add in a
generous teaspoon of sweet smoked Spanish paprika and continue to mix this once this is well mixed and you wanna do
this pretty quickly that way that paprika doesn’t get a bitter flavor
let´s add in our roasted red bell pepper sauce and mix it all together until it’s well
combined once this is well mixed we’re gonna lower the fire to a low medium
heat and let this simmer okay guys our sauce is simmering and our water’s
boiling so I’m gonna add the pasta into the hot water I’m gonna add in two cups
of penne pasta this recipe serves two people one cup per person again you can
use whatever kind of pasta that you want just make sure you cook it al dente
like it says in the instructions because there is nothing worse than mushy pasta once the pasta noodles are cooked al
dente I’m gonna drain the water add the pasta noodles into the simmering sauce
and mix this all together until it’s well combined once your pasta is well mixed
this dish is ready to go let’s go ahead and remove this from the heat and for the final
touch we’ll sprinkle our pasta with some freshly chopped parsley okay guys our
pasta dish is done look how amazing this looks let’s give it a try and see how it
turned out here we go it’s such a beautiful explosion of flavors
between those roasted red bell peppers the sweet smoked Spanish paprika
and that beautiful extra virgin Spanish olive oil it´s a marriage made in heaven but most
importantly those pasta noodles are cooked perfectly al dente nothing worse
than overcooked pasta guys when you are cooking pasta check the package
instructions to get it perfectly al dente incredible pasta dish loaded with so many
Spanish flavors easy to make done in 30 minutes if you enjoyed today´s video hit that like button
leave me a comment below and if you´re not subscribed
smash that subscribe button until the next time…Hasta Luego!!

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  36. A Bite Of Life says:

    Looks fantastic! For such a quick and easy meal it sure looked like a flavorful explosion! I love that you used roasted red peppers in the sauce. So creative. Big like friend. See you next time 🌟

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