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hey guys what’s up today we’re going to do something totally different on this channel so we’ve all heard of you know detoxifying ourselves and getting rid of toxins out of you know our foods out of our bodies and everything else but sometimes we don’t really think that there’s toxins in our cookware such as our skillet or pots or pans etc etc and we’ve gotten so used to the idea of using nonstick skillet nonstick pans nonstick everything for years I’ve been guilty of using nonstick cookware just because the convenience of it and it’s just easier to clean up it’s you know less hassle and I feel like nowadays we’re always rushed and we’re always trying to do whatever is fastest and it looks a saying if you’re making food for your family you’re always in everything you kind of want to get the dishes done fast and using something that stainless steel is probably not as practical but today I want to show you how to use your stainless steel just kill it and make a nonstick I remember when I first got my stainless steel cookware I did a ton of research on ways to make things not stick to it and quite frankly they were kind of bizarre like weird weird stuff that didn’t make any sense but I want to get right to it show you guys it’s pretty simple pretty easy and to be quite honest with you guys I do have a couple things in my kitchen that are nonstick just because sometimes let’s face it like it’s busy and you’re in a hurry but for the most part I would say 98 to 99 percent of the time I do use my stainless steel cookware first thing you can eat is your stainless steel skillet this is just an all clad stainless steel skillet Thank You thing you’re going to need is your preference of cooking fat so I’m using clarified key you could use butter you can use oil whatever works for you I like clarified ghee third thing we’re going to be is an egg the reason I’m using an egg is because an egg it is kind of everybody’s choice in the morning usually and place it if you don’t do this right your eggs gonna stick to your ceiling still so this is going to put to the test a and then a few other ingredients are gonna be salt and pepper just because I kinda want my egg to have a good taste last but not least you’re going to need a fish spatula this is kinda what I’m using I’ve been using this for years I love this thing I use this a lot in my kitchen so it’s quite handy step 1 turn on your stove so I like mine to be at medium step 2 put your skillet nice top top step 3 I’m going to be adding about a spoon of ghee to my pot or twice killin it should say and I’m going to let it get hot and once I start seeing this smoke rising and I know my skillet talk that’s when I’m going to add my egg while I wait for my key to get nice and hot and my skillet I’m going to crack my egg into a cup and just wait an ID is nice and hot and my pot nice and hot when the key kind of toasts translucent folks to smell and their smoke rising I’m going to lower my heat to low and I’m going to add in my egg make sure that your fat is put it on the bottom of the pot or the skillet in this case I’m going to be using some pepper and salt at this point you can do one or two things you can either put a lid over it and let it cook slow for another two minutes or you could flip it I’m going to put it oh yeah after I turned off the need I’m going to take it out oh yeah okay so here’s my perfectly cooked egg here’s my skillet as you can see there’s not really anything stuck to it actually nothing stuck to it it’s nice and clean so as you guys saw there’s no tricks there’s no nothing crazy nothing like that your best friends are Heat in fact once you get your skillet nice and hot and you’re fat which was ghee in my case but like I said you could use butter or oil there’s there’s nothing sticking on my skillet there’s I mean yeah there’s like salt like stuff like that but it is methyl nice and clean nice and pretty so you don’t need anything crazy to get your stainless steel to not stick um it pretty much works with anything so you don’t have to go the route of buying toxic nonstick cookware you can definitely use stainless steel and have the same effect you just need a little bit more patience and that goes to when you’re cooking and when you’re washing him because you do want to preserve your stainless steel cookware and make it nice and pretty I’ve had them for over a year and they still look great now to my egg so here’s my egg looks nice and beautiful it’s runny in the middle just like I like it with that oh yeah so this would be good with a nice little bread I don’t know how we do a bread and a little salad in the morning really good really easy nothing to it it’s nice and crispy on the edges just the way I like it in my opinion are perfectly cooked egg and this goes also for scrambled eggs if you choose to do scrambled eggs same thing I hope that I encouraged you guys to buy stainless steel cookware it’s definitely worth the investment for your family and for yourself and don’t watch those crazy videos with people using just crazy methods of saying that’s the weight that they got their stuff to them sick now it’s just heat and butter use common sense or I’m not even buttered it’s just he and fat use common sense and don’t believe all that stuff alright guys thanks for watching I’ll see you on the next one bye

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  1. In The Kitchen With Matt says:

    it's all about the fat and heat….mmmm fat….mmm eggs….mmmm bacon……lol

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    Big like! This I do for me detox! Good job!!! Big kiss!

  3. Branscum Farm says:

    I love your Kitchen. Great tips. I love my stainless steel. And my cast iron

  4. Green Dream Project says:

    🤔Very interesting. We've been using cast iron for cooking. What is the advantage do you think of the stainless steel? Thanks for sharing.👍🙏

  5. Paul Tech says:

    Another awesome video great information 👍

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    Thanks for the tips!

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    This was a amazing video as all of yours ♥️☺️

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    Excellent tip! I had some eggs right after watching this, haha.

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    Super tips.

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    Thanks for sharing. Now I’m hungry for eggs!!👍

  12. The Sloyde says:

    Hehe Lydia the Female Gordon Ramsay of the US

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    I love these kinds of videos

  14. Amirah Adeyinka says:

    Can you do an easy Red Velvet recipe for cupcakes that an be used in Home ec in school. Thank you.

  15. Southern Food Junkie says:

    Good job on the nonstick egg. Rob from Sapper Gardner sent me over here. I know everyone has their own tricks and one that I have learned over the years is to let the pan heat up then add the oil cold. I like your way as well. If I ever use just plain butter I always add a little olive oil or canola oil, something with a higher smoke point than butter. I need to get my hands on some clarified butter or ghee so I get that higher smoke point. Awesome video too by the way. Beautiful kitchen!

  16. John Smith says:

    I actually found your channel by seeing your comment on Food wishes and i have to admit.. i just wanted to see what is this beautiful girl doing in life but actually i find your channel great! Keep up with the good work 😀

  17. Roger Hardy says:

    I love stainless, but I prefer to use less oil and have never had success with sprays on stainless. On the other hand, I love using carbon steel for my eggs. A quick spray before adding the egg and one before storing the pan and I have perfect eggs every time. I have less success with fish on either pan. I use nonstick for fish but that is all I use it for.

  18. Ramesh Kumar says:

    I love you

  19. His Child says:

    Do you hand wash your stainless steel cookware ? I worry that the dishwasher might damage it.

  20. b metrix says:

    You’re cool.

  21. Whippo Morpha says:

    Nothing is more toxic than dairy

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    I always make a mess now it’s fine so 🙏 thanks

  23. Xzx RAILGUN says:

    Idk but your personality feels a bit different today

  24. joracer1 says:

    Hey, if you get your cast iron pans hot, say 400, do the oil, i use butter, and on the hot pan throw your egg, it will do as good or better… the secret you already know…. then when done on a warm pan wipe clean leave the oil do not wash, your pan is now seasoned ready for the next cooking adventure… if you do wash your pan don't use soap, let it dry put in on heat bring it up to cooking temp put in oil, let it cool some wipe the warm pan clean then you are ready to store until the next cooking session…. you reheat the pan after washing to remove water from the pores of the cast iron, you oil the warm pan to keep it from rusting while stored, oil it all over inside and out. I think cast iron is a little better because when you put your food in to cook there's very little pan cooling.

  25. Devan Harripersad says:

    Lol 😂

  26. slicktmi says:

    Awesome tips and pretty smile!

  27. jgfunk says:

    I just bought two non-stick pans. I hadn't used non stick in 7 years (used mostly stainless and cast iron). I have to say that I missed using non-stick. I like having all options.

  28. Frank Winkhorst says:

    You know you can season the stainless like you season cast iron. Just heat the oil until it starts to smoke, then pour out the oil and wipe with a paper towel. Then you can use no oil or less oil to fry the egg. Just wipe with a towel rather than washing and it should stay nonstick for a good while.

  29. Zulfi P says:

    peper lol …wheres the peper😂😂

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    Again I'll say.Keep it up and up and up…..

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    U r so beautiful

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    And hot

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    Actually gets to the point at 1:39

  34. Tania Membreno says:

    But I like to slowly cook my eggs on medium heat, I do not like a crunchy crust! 🙁

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    nice video. hi , i welcome you to Sri Lanka. Hope we can discuss on that

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    I like to eat Egg Eat too little or too little

  38. 1RUFDAY says:


    This process is called Seasoning the Surface of the Steel frying pan, because it allows the steel surface to act like a non-stick frying pan.

    There's only 3 steps you didn't try.
    1. Wipe the hot oil around the sides and bottom of the hot pan.
    2. While the pan is hot, pour out the excess oil, and lightly wipe around the pan, again.
    3. Let the pan cool off.

    And then, cook without adding oil.

    Please try it, and let us know what you think.

    Seasoning A Steel Pan.
    After adding fat oil of choice to your pan, on medium heat, wait for the oil to start lightly smoking.
    While it's still hot, wipe the oil around the bottom and sides.
    And then, remove excess oil by pouring out and then, let the pan cool off.
    After letting pan cool down, lightly wipe again.
    You should be able to see yourself in the pan because, the hot steel molecules expand and let the oil fat molecules bond once the steel cools off.

    This process is called Seasoning the Surface of the Steel frying pan, because it allows the steel surface to act like a non-stick frying pan.

    Now, you can cook on top of the semi-dry steel surface for a long time, if, you remember to clean the surface WITHOUT using soap.
    Re-season your pan, as necessary.
    I tried it. It works.

    Listen, I just found out about this process myself, from watching other videos.

    Here's the video I watched:

    Have an awesome day!

  39. Robin Kershen says:

    It only makes sense that cooking with fat will eliminate the sticking, but what if you're trying to lose weight and don't want to use fat – that's the big question….

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  41. My Joy Of Cooking says:

    Great and useful tips, thank you for sharing your knowledge! Your channel is amazing, keep it up 🙂

  42. Steve_ ZA says:

    Properly seasoned cast iron is a healthy non–stick option, but it does require a little bit of maintenance and care.

  43. Scott Moore says:

    Just cook it in a no stick. Way easier. If you have cooked eggs b4. Non-stick. Flip with the pan and no brown on the egg. Thx for video but I can cook an egg better!!

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    I just came to a random video to say hi 😅

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    Video is too long, she talks way too much. This should have been less than a minute video.

  46. spicecrop says:

    Unfortunately Stainless Steel has nickel and chromium so it can leach toxic metals too. If you really want the healthiest you want to use Cast Iron or quality Carbon Steel. Both can be very non stick if seasoned right. The downside is cast iron is heavy and need maintenance.

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