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Hi everyone on YouTube! This is Geoff from Today I’ve got another
cooking video in the series of videos called the 360 Chef, Cooking with Geoff. These are all Instant Pot cooking videos
that you can watch in virtual reality or on your phone or your desktop
computer. Today we have an amazing recipe. All the ingredients are behind me for a
Turkey Chili. The original recipe was
by Elizabeth Barbone, so thank you very much Elizabeth! We’re looking forward to
trying your recipe today. So please come
a bit closer and have a look at the ingredients for today’s recipe. As you
can see here the recipe calls for turkey so I have some uncooked turkey breasts that
I cut into cubes. We have black beans. These black beans
were originally canned and I drained them and rinsed them with
some water. We’ve got some minced garlic,
some green bell pepper that’s chopped up, some sliced carrots, some chopped celery,
and some chopped onion. For spices and
flavors we’ve got some salt, some chili powder, some cumin, soya sauce, and some
green chilies, and of course a can of diced tomatoes, and a bit of water. So the
first step is to put about two or three tablespoons of olive oil into the
Instant Pot. I’m gonna turn the
Instant Pot on saute mode and we’re gonna wait for this to heat up. The
recipe says to wait until the oil is shimmering so I looked down there and I see
it is kind of glistening and shimmering in the heat. So now I’ll take the
chopped-up uncooked turkey and I’ll pop it into the
pot with the oil. It sizzles! I’m gonna stir this for
four minutes until it’s no longer pink. Just start browning the meat a
little bit. If you’re using ground turkey you
can do the same thing. It’s starting to smell really good and
we got the turkey sauteeing in the bottom of the instant pot. Our four minutes are
up, so scrape the bottom of the pan and make sure the turkey is cooking nicely. We’re
gonna add the onion, the bell pepper,
the carrots, the celery,
and the garlic, and then stir this up and cook it for
three more minutes. That’s been cooking for three minutes so
let’s add the tomatoes. This is a can
of diced tomatoes. We’ll add the black beans,
and the can of green chilies, the water,
our chili powder, our cumin,
our salt, and the soy sauce. Stir this up to combine it. Make sure your Instant Pot lid has
the sealing ring in place and let’s close the lid up. We’re going to set it at high pressure,
pressure cooking for 20 minutes. Make sure the dial on top is turned to
seal. So in 20 minutes or so… actually it takes
about 10 minutes to heat up… and when it’s heated up then it will take about
20 minutes to cook. After that time we’ll
do a quick release and enjoy our delicious chili! So the steam has started
coming out of the Instant Pot and you can see that pressure valve is starting
to go up and down. In a second the
pressure valve will just rise to the top and the pot will seal, causing the
pressure to start building up inside the pot. There you go! The pressure valve just
popped up. Now it’ll take another couple
minutes for the pressure inside the pot to reach the full high-pressure. In the
meantime I’m gonna turn off the Keep Warm feature of the instant pot. That way
when it finishes its cooking cycle it won’t try to keep things warm. But if
you’re cooking a dish that you’re gonna be away
from the Instant Pot when it finishes you may want to keep the “keep warm” setting on
so it’s still hot when you get home. The
Instant Pot just beeped – that means it has come to full pressure inside the pot. The
internal computer of the Instant Pot has sensed that pressure is now the desired level,
and if you look down here you can see it is counting down from 20
minutes. That means in 20 minutes the
cooking cycle at high pressure will be completed and then we can quickly
release the pressure and enjoy the chili. So the instant pot just beeped and it
finished its 20 minute high pressure cooking cycle. So now that’s done we do
what we call the “quick release” where the pressure is still inside the pot and we
turn the valve on the top to release the pressure quickly. So when you do this
be careful not to touch the steam so I’ll do it like this. I’ll just direct the steam
over towards the vents there by using the wooden
spoon. Alright the Instant Pot’s pressure
valve just popped down so let’s open the lid, but make sure to open it away from
you, so the steam doesn’t go towards you. The steam is coming out! Now let’s have a look at the chili! Wow it looks really good! So now I’ll do a little close-up video
so you can see what the chilli looks like up close. Wow looks really good! Looks delicious! So you want to give it a good stir to
get anything off the bottom, if there’s anything stuck to the bottom, but no
there isn’t. And then just taste it for flavor. See
if you need to add any more salt or pepper or something. So I’ll just have a
little taste with the spoon. Mmm! That’s perfect! Very good. So now to do the taste test of the dish. I’ll serve some into a bowl. I’ll do another close-up video of
this little bowl of chili. That’s really good! So thanks again to Elizabeth Barbone for
this excellent Instant Pot Turkey Chili recipe. As you can see here it is really,
really good and let me just have a big taste! It is very hot! So better be
careful. But look at that, so good! Wow! Mmmmm. Delicious! For more recipes for the Instant Pot in 360
videos, please click the subscribe button below. Hope to see you again soon on YouTube! For more 360 cooking videos in virtual
reality please visit and geoffmobile on Youtube. Hope you have a great
day and bye for now!

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