How to Prepare Eggs : Frying An Egg

Hi! I’m Anne Mooney. I’m a personal chef and
also food writer. I write for Simply the Best magazine in Delray Beach, Florida. Today I
am here on behalf of Expert Village. We are going to talk about fried eggs. This is part
of our series of eggs on eggs and fried eggs are probably as good as a meal as anything
you could ever have for lunch, breakfast or dinner. Now I am going to start with two fresh
eggs and some butter. But the fact is that you can fry eggs in any kind of grease you
want. You can use anything from cooking spray to add just a little bit of fat to the bottom
of a non-stick skillet all the way up to a tablespoon of butter which is what I am going
to use. You can also use olive oil, meat fat like bacon grease or anything that suits your
pleasure. Now one of the easier ways to handle an egg is rather than break it over the pan,
it is easier to break it into a dish like this and slide it into the pan from the dish.
So we are going to do this. The butter is foaming and it is about ready for us to put
those eggs in there. Now the fried egg in all of its variety can
be either flipped over, it can be cooked sunny side up or it can be what my mother used to
call basted and that is what I am going to do today because it turns out such a nice
egg. We are cooking the egg over low heat and I have not added salt and pepper. This
is just a pure egg and what we are going to do to baste the egg as you can see, the white
now has coagulated on the bottom so you’ve got kind of the classic fried egg. The egg
is not stuck to the pan, it is moving nicely around the bottom and I am going to add a
tablespoon of water here.
Then I am going to put a top on the skillet and the top of those eggs are going to steam
so that you don’t have that kind of runny skim of white across the top of the yolk.
All of that will be cooked but the yolk will remain nice and soft and runny so that you
can sop your toast in it. As soon as they have just a small white film on them just
like that, we will take them out with a spatula and there they are, perfect little fried eggs.
Check out my other cooking tips on Expert Village.

79 comments on “How to Prepare Eggs : Frying An Egg”

  1. mycall911 says:

    I never can fry an egg without breaking it. THANK YOU!

  2. Maria Puaula says:

    it's actually really depressing that I had to watch this video in order to know how to cook the yummiest eggs I've ever tasted LET ALONE just cook full stop. NO ONE i know knows what "coagulated" is or "yucky stringy white stuff" or "runny yolk" LOL! bless your soul! i think you just saved my financial life! 🙂

  3. markkoo naaktgenoren says:

    fried eggs with cheese is yumy =D Í always do cheese when I fry eggs

  4. markkoo naaktgenoren says:

    I don't have the use a spatel when you are frying and you wiggel the pan for and backwords you don't need it.

  5. MEpianist says:

    PERFECT job, i will check your other vids out

  6. kilikman says:

    I'm 14 and never made a fried egg properly..It always fails…Hopfully this will help…

  7. Jordan Banks says:

    haha. im 17. i want eggs. i cant figure out how my mom makes them. i feel so stupid.

  8. Gamer4672 says:

    lol dont worry im 16 and have the SAME problem XD

  9. Jose Santos says:

    im 15 and im alright at cooking egg as long as you like them horribly tasting and very very non edible 🙁

  10. Jack says:

    Well,I'm 28 and I've never even fried an egg! So you're doing ALOT better than I am!! I can't believe I just admitted that,but,maybe after watching such a great video like this,I will finally do it!!!

  11. Ctasker5 says:

    1st add oil or butter ya need just a little oil enuf to cover the bottom and a little around it or if ur using butter wait til it foams
    u could crack them in a dish and slide it in or just crack and put in the pan
    let it sit for 1-2 minutes or until the egg whites are really white
    u could serve like that or if u want to flip it then take a spatula make sure almost all of it is under the egg then flip! NOTE: if u add salt and/or pepper with oil it will pop at u and trust me, it BURNS!
    next serve!

  12. Ctasker5 says:

    im 12 years old and i fried alot of good eggs trust me
    guys i dont think expert village does it a good way.. the way she does it it is just as fragile as well like it always is it could be a mess trying to get it on a plate it could also be all over ur pan seriously follow my ways of fryin an egg ive done it many times and correctly according to alot of ppl.

  13. Ctasker5 says:

    follow my instructions above for good results just look at both of my comments! u should have some good fried eggz if ya do what i say

  14. chris mutter says:

    that is stupid, what if i were using bacon grease like you said and added water? hmmm lets see here…FIRE!!!

  15. ping oh' says:

    Thank you. That turned out rather nicely.

  16. idkthenameXD says:

    i'm an 11 years old boy and i forgot to cook egg,so going to learn it again XD

  17. chiquisbaby81 says:

    I like this style the best….

  18. moewishaw says:

    do u like it runny or hard? i'm 25 and never made one lolz. im gonna teach myself.

  19. QuickRide12 says:

    Lol im 18 and didnt know

  20. chrissyboey says:

    i too! but i learned it from my mom. and im 12 too!

  21. Zac Carroll says:

    yeah she is a lovely egg xxooxxoo i just want to kiss and squeeze her!!!!

  22. ... says:

    it means that you have to roll and suck balls.. lol

  23. XRvd15X says:

    shes drunk

  24. natediggitydog85 says:

    anything that suits my pleasure…oOoOo

  25. Joyo Snooze says:

    It was donated by the local animal shelter.

  26. 1CME90 says:

    I've been cooking egg's since I was one….

  27. tony00165 says:

    Just watch when you're next in a bar or restaurant how often the staff scratch their head…touch their faces or even 'straighten their shorts' without washing their hands..British medical researchers found over 180 different strains of urine in a bowl of peanuts on a bar counter and doens of different instances of fecal bacteria after shaking hands with everyone in a restaurant. This is prevalent everywhere..not just the UK..things will never be the same….you'll watch all the time now!

  28. Aiyic says:

    'Expert' village always drag out the simplest of tasks.

  29. tony00165 says:

    efragola…you're seeing an insult where none is intended…I'm sure you are professional when you cook food and follow the rules of hygene but I'm stating the obvious. If you look around you'll see. It was pointed out to me one night and I started to notice.. Bar staff seem to be the worst offenders…..and what's this 'It's not because your British is it'….I don't get the connection between food hygene and nationality.

  30. 0369A9630 says:

    Absolutely brilliant she is! She knows her stuff!

  31. Deeps says:

    She probably rinsed the one that she cracked the eggs into and not the other ones.

  32. Love2TravelAway says:

    OH great using Teflon pan, how healthy, when Teflon pan or pots get hot they leach out toxics. Lazy people use Teflon , use stainless steel instead. Real chefs use stainless steel

  33. Evgeniy Pizza says:

    sup /b/

  34. CobrasVenom says:

    @rmullen LOL, well everything seems to be a good idea when you're as doped as she seems to be…

  35. USA4thewin says:

    Thank you for the video I didnt know about the water there is a million ways to cook eggs and I will sure try your way thanks again

  36. Raul Lopez says:

    @extinkt "leave the fucking woman alone, geez"

  37. P A says:

    my recipy for frying an egg: egg, OIL, frying pan, heat, time -.- believe or not u can also cook an egg this way, minus the butter(classic american obesity) and water.. just in case u dint know hot oil and water can create a pretty spectacular explosion…

  38. biodin3 says:

    is that chicken eggs?
    chicken eggs here is gold-ish

  39. Anthony says:

    2:58 .. did i catch that correctly? A runny skim of whhoite? lmao

  40. Boxcat says:

    @ADbaby fail

  41. Bobo Nguyen says:

    Oh gOd…I swear I did exactly the same as she did…her turned white but mine turned black..Wat the heck>"<

  42. SSoHREZ says:

    she sounds so stoned lololoLol

  43. Boxcat says:

    Wait what bacon grease and water

  44. Chaoitcme says:

    I don't use water when I fry an egg.

  45. SparklyPeriwinkle says:

    "So you don't have that runny layer of HHHWHITE"

  46. ezodragon says:

    lol, burnt my butter XD RETRY

  47. mutaska says:

    butter suits my pleasure just fine

  48. goodrita says:

    @appledude141 Lol the first egg I made was over easy, when I flipped it the egg broke. There was a mess to clean up

  49. MickeysEvilTwin says:

    a woman is teaching us how to cook
    irony, anyone?

  50. 123iplaywow says:

    i like it when im fried

  51. CrispyLettuce says:

    @MickeysEvilTwin "Irony". You keep using this word. I do think it means what you think it means.

  52. Potato Salad says:

    monotone much?

  53. Gotislav Lunatic says:

    No offense, but your egg is NOT the perfect egg…

  54. Reed King says:


  55. LukeD OvGtown says:

    @MickeysEvilTwin Thats not irony, Thats how it should be

  56. Punani Slayer says:

    You know she sucks when she needs 2 hands to break eggs open

  57. MysteryMan1889 says:

    fuck yes!!!! those were soooooo goood. I hope I'm not the only stoner who watched this when I was high and then made it immediately.

  58. O.o says:

    on how much degrees do u put it ?

  59. Mark OShea says:

    how do i turn the top of my oven on?

  60. Heather Hays says:

    she's fried

  61. iamishgoddamnit says:

    lol expervillage is the instruction manual for every stoner in the world i feel like

  62. chizpa305 says:

    What is an egg?

  63. Amsyar Inferno says:

    What is breakfast?

  64. Blob miley says:

    The 'what is' made me laugh. haha..

  65. GavinGalbraith says:

    best eggs i've ever had 😀 awesome

  66. AK3mm3 says:

    That did not look like a tablespoon of water…

  67. ratedrshippystar says:

    yeah bitch! fry them eggs..

  68. LikesandLoves says:

    Why weren't any times as to how long the eggs were supposed to cook, mentioned? Did I miss something?

  69. kringlerferg says:

    hell no you arent!

  70. Lovatic 4 Life!!:) says:

    Pissed myself laughing when I read your comment. 🙂

  71. avery041993 says:

    seriously? no seasoning? wtf is wrong with you

  72. Shady Mike Gaming says:

    I'm high as fuck! #Munchies

  73. Loggy Boo says:

    We can tell…
    #ThisIsn'tTwitter #KeepOnFryingYourBrainCells

  74. Shady Mike Gaming says:

    I don't really care #IDOWATIWANT #HOLDMYDICK

  75. Loggy Boo says:

    So.. you are asking me, a male, to grab your genitals? I respectfully decline your offer.

  76. maryooon says:

    thank God this video, i thought i was the worst in making fried eggs 😀

  77. LTTG says:

    3:30 DAT EGG!

  78. Jane Sanchez says:

    Butter is better and put between low to medium low. Warm up the pan for a couple minutes before putting butter and eggs in pan. I hope that helps (:

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