How to Prevent & Douse a Kitchen Fire | Deep-Frying

So you want to deep fry at home. You can use the wok. You can use the pan. Just don’t put too much oil in there. This pan is actually, I’ve got it on the stove
here, I’m going to start a fire and I’m going to show you how to put out a chip fire. The one thing you have to remember is that
water and oil do not mix. If you throw water onto a burning chip pan,
you are going to the hospital. Ideally, you have a thermometer. That is the best way to get the temperature
right, and there is an absolute sweet spot, where the gas is at a certain level. It rules at 350, it’s not getting hotter. It’s not getting colder. The other way is just to have a little bit
of water, I flick a bit of water into the pan, and if you hear that bubbling away you
know you’re somewhere between 325 and 350. This is what you don’t want to happen. You can see the smoke coming off of there. This oil is getting pretty close to flash
point. The only way to put out a deep fat fryer,
unless you have specialized fire blankets is by having damp clothes. So if you’re deep fat frying at home, I always
suggest having cloths close by, and if there is a fire you can use damp cloths to put it
out. You’re basically just smothering the fire. This is hopefully not going to be bigger than
I think it’s going to be. Ideally, you’re going to go out and you’re
going to buy yourself a fryer with a thermostat, and you can have a lot of safe fun, but I
realize that, you know a lot of people don’t have the space for that or the money for that. So I’m going to show you how to deep fry with
the equipment you already have. When the oil hits the flash point, all it
takes is the oil in the air to go on fire. It doesn’t need to have any flame and it’s
a ferocious fire. I mean you’d think water boils at 212, we
cook at 450 in our big fryer. This is probably running close to 500 right
now. If you splash yourself, you’re going to burn
yourself. All of our chefs have burns. It happens every now and again. It’s unavoidable in the environment we work
it. When you put things into the fryer, you always
put them away from yourself, so if it does splash it splashes that way. And you put things in really gently, you don’t
be scared of it, and sort of throw things in like that, because it’s going to splash. There you go. That’s the flash point of the oil. The only way to put a fire like that out is
to turn the gas off. You get yourself a damp tea towel and smother
it. Use a couple and then just leave it well alone. Let it cool down on its own and you’re safe. If I was to throw water on there it would
be a massive, flaming oil coming back at me, and I would have been down at the hospital. You can see that actually if you take that
off, it may well still be at flash point. You can pick it up if it’s not too full and
carry it outside to get rid of the smoke in the house. We’re lucky we have an extraction system. But that’s how to put out a fat fryer.

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  3. Jordan Luker says:

    This is pooppp

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  5. Dylan Forest says:

    baking soda

  6. aroundtheworlda says:

    Ugh using a deep fat fryer is so annoying. There are no good guides on google that explain what heat on the hob to use, how long to heat the oil or when the oil is ready.

  7. Carol T says:

    Thank you for that. I just had a grease fire and after turning the heat off and deciding quickly not to run with the flames and pan into the bathroom to throw it down the toilet I found just the right top to fit snugly on the pan and it was smothered although not right away, though contained. But if I didn't have just the right top to fit on the pan I'll know next time to use the wet towels. Thxs again!

  8. Carol T says:

    One other thing. What in the world is in oil that would make it catch on fire? Must be something other than pure oil. I used sunflower oil. I'm quessing there's some kind of chemical in it. I was told frying isn't good for us and after that episode I'm convinced for more than that reason not to fry. One thing I learned, animals don't like smoke because my cat started meowing and getting scared.

  9. Kenneth9725 says:

    too late i hadn't watch this video or had this knowledge before, i poured water and got 36% of my body burnt.

  10. Andrew Ng says:

    Would just putting a pot or a pan (upside down), or a lid on the flaming pan do the trick of putting off the fire?

  11. Joe Mama says:

    I had 3rd degrees burns on my hands and feet when i tried to put out one of these oil fires on my stove…..i was smart enough not to pour water on it……….but i panicked and was stupid enough to cover it with a dry cloth…….after i put the cloth over it ….the fire went out….so i thought it was safe to remove the cloth……i was wrong……the oil was still at flash point……so as soon as i took off the cloth the oil caught back on fire and so did the cloth……after that i panicked even more and decided to pick up the burning pan with the flaming cloth and try to throw it out the door but i sliped and the oil spilled on my hands and legs…….luckily it didnt hit my face or chest…..thank god……i suffered 2nd and 3rd burns only to 30% of my body………i have a hell of a lot of scars now but luckily my movement wasnt impared much….and damn i was damn lucky not to pour water on oil or else i would have died.

  12. Eddygeek18 says:

    Great video, i always worry cuz i love deep fat frying and we do not have a thermometer good enough to get the temperature. I always have a tea-towel handy just incase. Thanks alot 🙂

  13. D Perfect says:

    Literally just saved my house from burning down.

  14. Yusuf Ismail says:

    last week I burned my whole hand, I got call and it took longer, frying pan escaped my attention, whole kitcen burned down…

  15. bun says:

    all these people who suffered burns…I'm sorry :/

  16. Boss Jack says:

    Let 's techrax watch this

  17. Monika Ren says:

    I told the firefighter that came to my school to do that if your pan catches on fire and she started yelling at me that I should NEVER do that. She needs to see this video.

  18. Fitsa Dee says:

    Baffles me because they say don't use water, then says using a damp cloth, presumably WITH WATER. xD Either way, I cook a lot, and especially sauté/fry a lot, so this will be handy to know.

  19. The ISO Buster says:

    squirtle! cancel the watergun!

  20. Sumanta guha roy says:

    This is an excellent video I must say but what you refer as flash point is not flash point it is rather auto ignition temperature.

  21. Tara & Tim Oosterlaken says:

    this just happened to me I'm alright thank god

  22. Tacobellgoodies says:

    thanks i started a small fire thats why i looked this up

  23. Gigi Becali says:

    What about flouer?

  24. Kieran Harvey says:

    Water does not mix with oil, so sinks straight to the bottom of the oil, hits the pan and instantly turns to steam, creating a pocket of vapor at the bottom of the oil that then escapes the oil fast and furiously, hence why you don't put water on it.

  25. william hogan says:

    This just saved my house from burning thank you !

  26. yara elshennawy says:

    Well you see throwing water in oil the water will sink then evaporate giving the fire oxygen leading it to grow bigger

  27. Gregory Hall says:

    Well i wished i watched this a day ago
    Im alright though

  28. wilsjane says:

    It is always good to see a video that helps to prevent accidents and injury, rather than the all to common uploads that glorify being an idiot and getting hurt.

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  30. Kyle Hayes says:

    I remember my friend set part of my high school on fire in a cooking lesson trying to make a stir fry xD

  31. eln0rte says:

    So is the man also saying that the oil should be at about 350 degrees and that you should adjust the gas on the appropriately to get this right?

  32. shawnte Pitts says:

    That's right girls

  33. Anik BB says:

    Thank you very much for this video!!! Honestly, you showing the actual fire helped calm my nerves a lot. I was very nervous thinking about frying but after watching you control that fire I feel much more confident in doing it. Very helpful thanks!!

  34. Bob Moskowitz says:

    Please… Everyone watch this quick video! Could save your life.

  35. Proud Vet - Russ says:

    how do u remove the burnt on oil in the pan though? i suspect thats not coming off with soap and water.

  36. Taylor Donnan says:

    How many people are watching this after setting their kitchen on fire? XD

  37. hicham workers says:

    I found a great compilation of videos that will help you at Canny cleanser chart

  38. Carlos Ace says:


  39. Aziz Fraij says:

    I threw water at oil when it started a fire at my house

  40. Skip Dyver says:

    Can't you just put a big lid on top of the pan to smother the fire too? I did that today and it seemed to work. Although…it didn't go out at first. It took awhile before it dropped down from "flash point".

  41. Rose says:

    The best way to avoid a kitchen fire:
    If you are not done preparing your ingredients and the oil starts jumping, turn it off!
    It’s the best way

  42. Apa Shehab says:

    I don’t know how but I put out the fire with water and it somehow worked. I had no idea the outcome could be so disastrous. My guardian angel must really love me.

  43. Stephen Gutierrez says:

    Please please please!!!! Do not follow the advise in this video, it's reckless and dangerous. If you have a pan of burning oil in your kitchen at home, leave the kitchen immediately, get everyone out of the house and call the fire service. The method used to put the towel on the pan is completely incorrect, a pan that has been extinguished should never be moved untill it has returned to room temperature or you are wearing specialist clothing, such as fire kit, even then it is extremely dangerous. The cost of redecorating your kitchen is cheaper and less painful than multiple skin grafts. The advise to use a wet tea towel was withdrawn many years ago due the excessive number and severity of injuries sustained by people. I would not even advocate this method in a commercial kitchen, that is what fire blankets are for and then I would still recommend leaving it to the fire service. Before I get comments that I do mot know what I talking about, I served over 30 years as a firefighter and officer, 10 of those in the fire safety department and work as a fire safety consultant. If you do not have the correct equipment, clothing or training leave it to those who do!!!!!

  44. Nasser K says:

    Why keep the heat high lower it after a while then turn it back up if needed…

  45. EVERmints says:

    I remember I put butter on a pan and it created fire… my school doesn't have the thing that can control the heat ….when it's a university.

  46. Romania star wars says:

    The oil is getting close to Flashpoint
    Run Barry, run!

  47. rashwan rashwan says:

    It is very dengrise

  48. Reggie Robinson says:

    I put the whole pan in the sink n put the water on full blast

  49. Peter Foster says:

    Did he say deep FAT Fryer or VAT??

  50. same old panda says:

    I am the new member of this club

  51. Jeff Bourke says:

    Here after liveleak.


    2:38 – 3:20 That is what we called, "Magic Burning Grill!" right?

  53. Odelette Blue says:

    This happened to me today after preparing Iftar meal at the end of the day in Ramadan.i forgot the oil on fire and left the kitchen,when i came back after a while all i found was that horrifying fire out of the pan,i calm myself down and remembered this video that i have seen before,good thing i managed it wisely..

  54. May Khan says:

    Thank you for the knowledge!!👍

  55. Mini Mixers says:

    We are all here cause we are college students and can’t cook to save a life 😂

  56. Decrete says:

    Get outta here

  57. Angela Martin says:

    I’m the worst cook and I’d like to be well prepared.

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  59. cs512tr says:

    i dont agree with this,
    for a start he covered the fire in reverse, you cover it away from you to prevent flash burns to your hands or splash if its raging.
    dont be too stingy to use the damp cloth method, invest in a damn fireblanket and learn how to use it properly. cheap as and they work.

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