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Welcome back to Albany County Fasteners – Fasteners 101 I’m Bob and today i’m going to demonstrate to you how to remove a structural rivet. So the first thing i’m going to do is use my punch and i’m gonna punch a hole So I have a starting point for my drill. I’m going to add some lubricant to my bit. As I always do. Then i’m gonna, find the center here. Now, this is a structural rivet, that i’m removing. That’s in place and we’re gonna clear the hole out. Of course, you should be using protective glasses and gloves while you’re doing this. Almost there. There we go. Drilled the rivet out. That’s the head of the rivet. Backside comes right out. Takes ya less than five minutes, not even a couple of minutes you can drill the rivet right out. The rivet, so if it’s a quarter inch rivet Ok like we used here, you should use a quarter inch bit to remove the rivet or a three-sixteenths bit but nothing smaller than that. And nothing larger if you don’t want the hole to be over-sized and you’re going to reuse the hole again. So you basically want to use the same size as the rivet that you installed originally. That’s how you remove a structural rivet or you can remove any POP rivet, in this demonstration here. Thank you for watching. There you go. Subscribe, like, comment. Visit us at for 50,000 skus right off the rack, ready to ship. We look forward to seeing you in our next video.

15 comments on “How to Remove POP Rivets Without Surface Damage | Fasteners 101”

  1. Sparty83 says:

    removing is easy, installing like a pro is hard. A video on riveting like a pro would be great.

  2. Don T says:

    Any hints about what to do if the river spins with the drill bit when trying to drill through the river head?

  3. Tim Wasson says:

    punch out the center stem, drill with a larger drill bit to take the head off then punch out the back side…..saves the surface metal and once you get used to it you can use the same holes with same size rivets

  4. The Frazzled Frog says:

    I like to use a Remmington 12 gauge shotgun. Doesnt do shit about removing rivets but shooting shit up is always cool , plus its an excuse should anyone ask !

  5. Ramsey Jordan says:

    RIP headphones users

  6. hulkhatepunybanner says:

    What if the rivets are in fiberglass? How do you remove them without damaging the 'glass?

  7. Vigneswaran MahiramVEVO says:

    this is bad method

  8. mick coomer says:

    If you use a centre finder drill from a lathe as an initial pilot/positioner you can get a more central hole with your main drill.

  9. Death Spank says:

    I tried drilling my rivets, but the f'ers start spinning so the drill does nothing for me. Any advice?

  10. Grendel Prime says:

    Thank you for this video. I'll let you know how it went.

  11. cliffjockey says:

    That's awful!! You've now ended up with a scored surface and an over sized hole. Knock the centre stem out with a punch, use the correct size drill, drill to the base of the head and use a slight sideways tip to snap the head off the stem. Remove the rivet tail with a punch and you have a perfect unmarked hole……

  12. Syed Rafi says:

    Bro u have fit 10 number bit on drill machine that's why drill machine is stop u fit 8 number bit u can easily remove the rivets thank u for video

  13. Syed Rafi says:

    What is name of chemical

  14. cris rose says:

    what drill bits are you using?

  15. Greg Guille says:

    I'm sorry to go against what you are showing there but I believe you are in error with your example of how to remove a blind rivet. "THE" Proper way to remove a rivet, is nothing like you have shown here. You should support the back of the panel and using a small parallel punch that is the same size as the rivet mandrel, carefully drive, the "break off and trapped" section mandrel of the rivet back into the set rivet. This gives you a centre to drill the head of the fully set rivet out. CAREFULLY, and SLOWLY, drill down into the head of the rivet with a larger drill than the rivet size to a point where you can remove JUST the head. Then CAREFULLY punch the remaining rivet body out of the joint. All the time you are doing this, support the back of the riveted joint if you possibly can. What you have shown there has ruined the joint because you now have an oval hole. No "Aircraftsman or panel setting technician" would ever do what you have done there, they would be fired immediately on the inspection of their work!

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