How to replace a dual cooker element in an electric cooker

Hi I’m Helen from eSpares.
in this video I’m going to show you how to replace dual upper element in a cooker
Now I’m using an Indesit freestanding cooker. But the process will be very similar for any
model that uses a dual element So what is a dual element well in
most fan assisted ovens you’ll have a circular oven element
at the back and a separate grill element at the top.
But in most ovens that don’t have a fan you’l have a
combination elements at the top which works for both the oven and the grille The outer ring comes on when the ovens and use on both
rings come on when the grill is in use. Now you’ll know that your existing
element has blown if it doesn’t heat up at all when you
switch on the oven or the grille. and you’ll know your existing element is
faulty if you can see bright spots or uneven patches when it’s in use Now safety first, before you start work
on any appliance always make sure your unplugged from the mains. The dual element if access from the
back at the cooker like a grill element so that’s where
we’re going to start. I need to move this back panel accessed element.
But first I need to unscrew this wiring block so I can push it through and removed the
panel is held in place by Phillips screws I can now remove the back panel which is
held in place by six Phillips screws. With the back panel removed we can see the back of the element
poking through the oven cavity is held in place by two screws and wired
in six places Four to the element itself and then we’ve got a
thermal cut out and an earth that are connected to the left hand screw point.
So before we disconnect the wiring once make sure that we take a picture of
the wiring we want to take a picture of the wiring so that we can rewire in exactly the
same way as we found it. Now when you’re disconnecting the wires make sure you
pull by the spade clip and not the wire itself. If you find a bit tricky you can use a
pair of pliers I can now remove the screws that hold the
elements in place. I can now go around front of the cooker and completely remove
the element. The old elements slides out and the new one slides back in place. I can now screw the new element in place
starting with the thermal cut-out and earth screw.
I can now start reconnecting the wires using my photo as a reference.
There we go now I just need to put everything back
together. Dont forget to put your power cable through
the cable protector if it’s come loose. There we go that’s how easy it is to
replawebsitece the dual upper element on a cooker. Elements for all makes and models of cooker are available on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

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