How to Replace an Electric Cooker Hot Plate

Welcome to Buyspares. This video will show how to
change the hot plate on an electric cooker. Important: before replacing a part in any
electrical appliance, you must ensure that the appliance
is first disconnected from the mains. If your hot plate is not heating correctly or trips
the fuse board it may have failed and require replacing. Start by undoing the screws at the back. Next remove the control panel. Many hobs have these multi connectors
allowing you to disconnect them. You can then move the top
onto a flat surface to work on. Take a photo to remind you how the colour coded
wires fit into the cooker plate. Then using a screwdriver undo the wires. With the wires out of the way and removed,
take off the fixing cover, like so. Then just lift up the corner of the hob
and slide out the old cooking plate and replace with the new one. Line it up in the same position then fit the cover. Next reconnect using your reference photo
not forgetting to put the earth wire back on the fixing bracket. Finally replace the hob and refit the connectors. For all the spares you need
visit the Buyspares website.

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