How to replace an oven fan motor in an electric cooker

Hi, I’m Rory from eSpares. In this video I’m going to replace the fan
oven motor in this electric cooker. Now I’m using a built-in Zanussi electric cooker in
this video but the process is really similar for all domestic electric ovens. Now fans come in three parts; there’s the
motor that sits behind the oven cavity, the fan blade that sits inside the oven cavity
and a fixing nut as well. These are usually sold as three separate spare parts. You can
also get universal fans and motors that will fit most make and model of cooker, but I’m
going to use the genuine replacement in this video because it’s always recommended that
you do when possible. So how will you know if your fan is broken?
Well it’s really easy. All you need to do is switch the oven on, open the door, and
if the fan isn’t spinning, then it will need to be replaced. Safety first; do make sure that your cooker
is switched off at the wall before you get to work. There should be a switch in the general
vicinity. If not, have a look in the units above, below, to the side. Just make sure
it is switched off. And because fans are situated at the back of the cooker, if you have a built-in
cooker like this one. You’ll need to remove it from it’s cavity. And that will involve
removing the screws either side of the cavity and then lifting it out and unplugging any
cables at the back. Once you’ve done all this and you’ve got
your cooker in a nice open space so you can work on it, the first thing you need to do
is just remove the door. Now on most oven doors, there will be a latch
on either hinge, that when moved into the open position will allow you to close the
door up and lift it out. I now need to remove the back panel from the
cooker. It’s held in place by torx head screws. You can get a torx set on the eSpares
website, I’m just going to use a torx bit on the end of a screwdriver. Now I just need
to remove this front panel here. It’s held in place by four torx head screws. Now I’m
just going to remove the nut, it’s reverse thread so it loosens the opposite way you
might think. You can use a spanner or a pliers if yours is a bit tight. Now I can just take
the fan off as well. So now you can see the existing fan motor.
You can see how the new one will sit. What you’ll need to do is remove any wires. This
one has an earth terminal but it isn’t earthed, yours might be. Either way make sure to get
a photograph so you know which way to put the wires onto the new one. You can then un-couple
just like that. Now its just a case of removing this one by taking out the three holding screws.
It then comes away just like that. I can now put the new fan motor in, slots
in just like that. Then I can put the screws in, re-attach the wires and then put the back
panel back onto the cooker. I can now put the blade on and the nut. Remember it tightens
in the opposite direction than you may think. If you want to get it really tight use a socket
wrench or a pliers. There you go that’s good. Now all that remains for me to do is put the
front panel back on and re-fit the door. Don’t forget to put the latches down on
the door when you are re-fitting it. That’s how easy it is to fit an fan oven
motor on an electric cooker. Before you get cooking again, it’s best to give it a bit
of a clean inside the oven cavity as there will probably be a bit of debris from the
work you have just done. Fan oven motors for all make and model of
cooker are available at the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

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