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Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new Yesterday morning we woke up and Started smelling this weird smell Michelle said it smells like when you get a perm that ammonia smell a little bit later She had noticed that it was coming from the refrigerator. So it came outside and Sure enough the RV refrigerator Leaking the ammonia That’s not good. Usually when that happens your fridge is toast. Oh We had to get a couple coolers from Walmart To stick our food in make sure it stays cold frozen and I’m gonna run and grab some more ice. No, here we go. They are here so first they obviously know to get in the back of your refrigerator now twist these Little clips here, and then it pulls off little grooves there at the bottom First thing you want to do is you want to go over and turn off your gas valve to your LP tank Make sure that’s turned off now Once you have your LP turned off, you can go ahead and unplug the 110 once your 110 is unplugged Then you want to take off your LP line here and then you take this panel Here off line for your DC coming from your batteries ours just happens to be white and blue But that’s these two lines coming from up here. You’ll know which one it is. That’s Going to your coach. There will be any other wires down in here because that’s all part of the refrigerator So these two lines are coming from the coach? Feeding DC voltage to your refrigerator. So you disconnect those as well So you have your 110 disconnected you have your gas line disconnected? After you have shut off your propane and then you’ll have a couple screws here At least that’s holding down the refrigerator to keep it from moving You need to take those screws out any other screws that might be holding it onto the sides or the bottom But that’s all you have there. Next we go inside So on your old refrigerator you take these plates off here on the outside edge They’re just these plastic plates and they pull right off And Then on the backside of this there’s gonna be screws You need to check all the way around your refrigerator and see if there are any screws that is Screwing the spring to your cabinet You take those screws out as well Now you’re ready to pull the fridge in pull it and rock it As you’re trying to pull it pull it straight through try to put something down on your floor and set it down upright And take it through wherever you need to ours, luckily we were able to take it through this door had to do was take this bracket off to move the door out further and Then take this screen door off and all it left was these brackets the screen door getting us? Just that a little bit of room. Hopefully with the screen door off is going to make it through Just gave us just enough to get the refrigerator out I’m gonna grab that bar Beat it out without scratching anything. Oh, they gotta bring the next one you get your new refrigerator in I knew from residential refrigerators. You could always swap your doors I kind of figured you could as well on these also, so if somebody tries to tell you that you cannot That’s not true. They are reversible as well now on these refrigerators you have to take your top bracket and put it on the bottom in the bottom on the top when you’re switching it to a Left-hand swing to a right-hand swing or vice-versa And then this middle panel this as you can see is loose here This pops off just like the rest of the outside trim and then when you pop this off this middle digital panel that’s an extra screw hole to move it over and then you take your Trim piece here and it just flips around the opposite way put your doors back on Trim pieces back on and then you’ve just switched your doors around The lights on that’s a good sign Freezer I feel it starting to cool back there Of course the fridge always takes a lot longer Hopefully they’re gonna put the old refrigerator back in there and take it Yeah, they’re taking the old fridge For us we decided not to get the icemaker the icemaker took up About a little over half of this width and came out quite a bit So we would rather have the freezer space And then use these tiny little Ice Cube silicone ice cube trays they’re very space-saving and Give you a nice thick square cube. We did think about going with a residential refrigerator so we weighed our options and since we’ve had an Extended warranty we decided just to put the same thing in The biggest thing for us is if we were gonna go with a residential fridge. We wanted to go with a bigger fridge and Since we are limited on cabinet space we didn’t want to cut into the cabinets and lose the canvas space that we already had So that was one big factor in going with the RV refrigerator instead of the residential refrigerator we did however find a residential fridge made by magic chef from Home Depot That was ten cubic foot as well. Same dimensions, except it was two inches deeper it would have fit There’s plenty of room to go in depth, but the width and the height was the exact same We could have went that way it was around $400 for that refrigerator But again, it just kind of boiled down to since we had the warranty we decided we would put the more expensive fridge in because What if we sell it it can say that it has a new refrigerator and somebody might want option two, you know for dry camping or whatever or They can sell this refrigerator and get enough out of it since its new To put a residential refrigerator back in it if they’re easy to sell. That’s the process We got our old fridge out and a new fridge in and if you have any questions Please ask below in the comment section and don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up you’re gonna like and please subscribe if you haven’t already and Until the next video we’ll see you then

8 comments on “HOW TO REPLACE AN RV FRIDGE | Full Time RV | LivinRVision! (EP 30)”

  1. Philip Devoll Jr says:

    My RV fridge went out in my class A and I put a residential fridge in. The cost was a big factor in the decision. It worked fine for me. By the way nice video and keep up the good work

  2. Shane Christiansen says:

    I am really sorry my trailer was in your way!! I would have moved it had I known.

  3. David Reyburn says:

    Would a larger residential fridge fit through the door?

  4. Crafty Clarke says:

    If there was ever a tutorial on RV fridge uninstall/install y'alls would be my go to 😉 TWO THUMBS UP

  5. Douglas Payne says:

    There is a conversion kit you can retro your propane/aluminum fridge. Its $500 i believe

  6. Wings and Wheels Alaska says:

    Nice job. Very informative. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Ken Quick says:

    Sorry about your fridge failure.  But at least it happened near civilization!  Check out for upgraded cooling units for RV refrigerators.  I'm going to get mine (Norcold 1210 series) replaced this fall with either the dual condenser helium version or the 12 VDC compressor version.

  8. LivinRVision says:

    Hello Visionaries! 😊🤓 Have you had to replace your RV fridge? If so, please share why you stayed with an RV fridge or why you went to a residential refrigerator. There are many reasons why people decide to go with one over the other and it's not always the same reason. Let's learn from everyone's experiences! 😊🤓
    Once again, thanks for watching us while we are… living our vision … and if you're not already, hopefully you'll be… living your vision … soon! 🌴 🌞 🚌

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