How to Replace the Control Panel Fascia on a Cooker

Hi I’m Matt from eSpares in this video I’ll
be showing you how to replace a fascia on an electric cooker. Safety first: Always disconnect an appliance
before carrying out any work. And for the purpose of this fix I’ll be using
protective gloves because the edges of the fascia are very sharp. If we compare the old fascia to the new one
you can see that all the markings have come off the old fascia. These are often only painted on and can be
damaged by cleaning fluids. We do advise when cleaning to use a damp cloth
to prevent damage in the future. Now it’s always a good idea to check around
the fascia to locate the screws holding it in place. I can see there are no screw fixings around
the outside of the fascia. So on this particular version there are only
two screw fixings here and here, so it should be a pretty simple fix. The next thing I need to do is to remove all
the knobs and line them up so they go back in the same order. I can then remove this screw first
and then the second screw. Now there are no washers behind the screws
on this cooker but there may be on your model so make sure you retain those as well. You can then remove the fascia being very
careful because it may be stuck on to the machine due to any drips or grease
that gets collected in the bottom. The next thing I need to remove is these two
indicators holding the fascia in place. Now all I have to do is to lift up
the protective sleeve on this indicator as you can see there is a lot of grease
on the inside of the fascia and that may be affecting the indicator as
well and the protective sleeve may be stuck. If that’s the case with yours just use a small
screwdriver to help lift up the sleeve. I’m just going to lift it up and we can see
that the connection has come away from the cover here so I’m just going to pull
the cover out and that frees up the indicator. With the second indicator you’re just going
to lift up the sleeve very gently then we can see that the two electrical terminals
are still connected to the lens. So I’m just going to gently prise those off
you may need to use a small screwdriver to help you before I can then take out the lens. Also on your cooker you may have Barb’s
holding the lens in place which have to be pushed in
before the lens is released. You can then grab our new fascia
and fix the indicator into it replacing the electrical terminals before
popping the sleeve back down. With the second indicator
the lens has come away from the lamp inside. So what I’m going to do is very gently put
a small screwdriver inside the sleeve and gently push the lamp through. Then what I can do is put the lens into the
fascia and making sure that the holes on the lens line up with the pips on the lamp refit the indicator. With the indicators in place carefully lift
up the fascia and feed the wires back into the cooker. Once that’s done
I can then screw the fascia into place. With the fascia screwed into place
I can now refit the knobs. I’ve just seen that one of the clips
has come out of the knob. Without that being in the correct position
the knob won’t work correctly, so I’m just going to pop that back
in the knob itself before refitting. So there we have it one brand new fascia
fitted to this electric cooker. Remember spares and accessories
for all the appliances around your home can be found on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

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