How to replace the grill element in a Diplomat cooker

Hi, I’m Rory from eSpares and, in this video,
I’m going to show you how to replace the grill element on this fitted electric cooker.
Now I’m going to be working on a Diplomat ADP cooker but you’ll find that the process
is pretty similar for all fitted electric combination ovens. Now, this is a grill element. Now you’ll
know if yours is broken if it’s not coming on at all or if you see bright spots or uneven
patches when it is in use. Now some grill elements are fitted from the inside of the
oven. This will mean you’ll just be able to remove screws from here and replace with
the new one, so it’s pretty easy to do. However, on this Diplomat ADP 3101, the grill
element is fitted from the back so what I’m going to need to do is remove the whole oven
from its unit. Now, safety first: always make sure that your
cooker is switched off at the wall. As you can see, in this kitchen, the switch is here.
Yours may be underneath the cooker or it could be in a cupboard, but just do make sure that
your oven is switched off before you get to work. And, similarly, if you are not a hundred
per cent confident with fitting this yourself, do contact a qualified technician to do it
for you. But, what I’m going to do first, is just
remove these shelves and shelf supports from the oven. Ok, now I’ve removed the shelves
and shelf supports from the oven , I need to remove the door. To do this, I’m just
going to pull up these latches which sit on the hinge. There you go. And do it on the
other side as well. And now, I just need to go to lift the door up like this and it should
just come away. There we go. Ok, now I’ve removed the oven door, I’m
going to remove the whole oven from its unit. Now, you may need to unscrew yours but I’m
just going to lift mine straight up. Now, you must do this carefully because you don’t
want the flex to come out off the back of the oven. So I’m just going to lift mine
up like that and carefully place it in the floor. There we go, ok. Now, I’m going to
remove the top panels and the back panel from the oven. I’m going to need a torqueshead
screwdriver to do this. Ok, now I’ve got access to the back of the
oven, I’m just going to pull the installation here and now I can see the back of my grill
element. Ok, what I’m going to do first is take a picture of how this is wired so
I know exactly how to rewire it when I put the new grill element in. Now, I’m just
going to use pliers to remove the wires. There we go. And now, with my torqueshead screwdriver,
I’m just going to remove the two screws. Ok, now I can take my old element out and
put my new one in, making sure that it’s the right way round. There we go. Ok, now I need to screw in and
rewire my new element. Ok, there we go. Now I just need to put everything back together
the way I took it apart. Ok, now I’m going to fit the door back in and we need to make
sure that this slot on the hinge sits perfectly onto the hole in the main part of the oven.
Once the doors are back on, I just need to flip both these latches back over so I can
close the door. There we go, one grill element changed on
a Diplomat cooker. It can be quite time consuming because you’ve got to take the oven out
of the unit, but you’ll get there in the end. Thanks for watching.

15 comments on “How to replace the grill element in a Diplomat cooker”

  1. eSpares says:

    @superscotman Rory made exactly all the same moves twice. We couldn't believe it when we saw it 😀

  2. eSpares says:

    @Pistolerohellride Very welcome!

  3. Nylon Surf says:

    Very helpful, thanks guys 🙂

  4. Handyjack says:

    You must test for dead, there could be a fault with that switch.

  5. John long says:

    Hi I have a select Diplomat 920  double oven. on conventional cooking the oven only really cooks food at the top and the element looks hot. the fan oven setting appears to work. the setting for lower part of bottom oven does not work at all are there any other elements other than the top and fan elements, cheers john

  6. Michael Robinson says:

    Superb demonstration.

  7. vicachcoup says:


  8. vicachcoup says:

    Cumbriahandyman said
     _You must test for dead, there could be a fault with that switch._

    How do you do that?

  9. Korie Ball says:

    I have a diplomat gas oven and grill built in cooker its suddenly stopped working no gas is going threw only the fan is working. have checked all the electricity trip switches and fuses and still its not working please help because were in a shared house of six people and the land lord isn't much use?????

  10. Username says:

    Is it safe to use a grill with a warped and split grill element on one side?

  11. Jackie Woodard says:

    Hi there I have a home world gas cooker the grill worked before I cleaned it but now half of it works it's 600tsldlm model 050551123 if you could help it be great thankyou

  12. Jackie Woodard says:

    It's not a element like your doing there it's like under the top oven can't explain the grill the flame runs up and down under a mesh and flames comes out is that any good explaining it thankyou I used a lot of cleaner when I washed it my husband likes cooking but not cleaning the cooker thankyou could be blocked it the cleaning agent I used .thankyou

  13. Jackie Woodard says:

    A solar grill maybe

  14. Eileen Luck says:

    Any chance you could do a video showing how to set the clock/timer on a diplomat softline ADP0530 gas cooker?

  15. shantal moses says:

    Do you still have parts for this oven? Please

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