How to Replace the Grill Element on a Rangemaster Cooker

Hi i’m Mat from eSpares In this video i’ll show you how to replace a
grill element on a Rangemaster cooker. If your grill element fails
to come on, does not heat up or is damaged like the one on this
cooker then you’ll need to replace it. Safety first always disconnect an
appliance before carrying out any work. The next thing I need to do is to unscrew the
access panel at the back of the elements here. With the access panel removed here
we can see the two grill elements now both of these are damaged so
I’m going to replace both of these and you can see the wiring
that connects to both as well. what I’m going to do and it’s a good
idea to take a photo of the wiring so that when I reconnect the new grill
elements I’m connecting the wires correctly. With the photo taken now I can just
disconnect these two wires on both the grill elements but keep
the earth wires in place. Be careful of sharp edges
when you take these wires off. If you come around to the front the
two grill elements are here but they’re behind this baffle plate and
held in place by a bracket behind so the next thing I need to do
is just to remove this baffle plate by undoing the two screws that hold it in place. Behind this baffle plate we
see a silver bracket here. This just holds the front of
the elements in position so I’m just going to remove this by undoing
again the two screws that hold it into position. Now that the bracket is removed
just going to pop some cardboard in at the bottom of the grill to
protect my hands and my arms. Using a torch to look inside the
grill we can see both the elements and the one on the right particularly
has sagged considerably. Of course the element is partially
made of metal which gets very hot and over time weakens and eventually sags like
this one, so these both need to be replaced. If I demonstrate on a new grill element you can see the bracket at the
back has a single screw hole so all I need to do is using a
very long screwdriver engage with the screw at the back undo it as I pull the grill element
towards me freeing it from the cooker and obviously I’ve already disconnected
the electrical connections so it’s only the screw holding
the element in place. Here we can see one of the old
elements that has come out as you can see it’s severely damaged, the metal
has split exposing the insulation underneath. Now bizarrely enough both of these
grill elements still do work they still will cook food but as the
insulation has been exposed and the metal is damaged they’re dangerous
so they do need to be replaced. To fit the new grill element simply
put your screw into the bracket grab your very long screwdriver
holding the screw into position and then offer the element
inside and screw it into place. Now with both elements fitted I can refit the
bracket at the front and also the baffle plate. Then I can reconnect the electrical
connections at the back. Now having checked my
photo for reference and know that the red connectors go
on the right-hand side of the elements and the lilac or pink on the left
of the right-hand element and the blue one on
the left of the left. now I can replace the cover so there we have it grill elements
replaced on a range cooker. Remember spares and accessories for all
the appliances around your home can be found on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

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