How to Replace the Regulator on a Rangemaster Cooker

Welcome to Buyspares. In this video we will show
you how to replace the regulator on a Rangemaster cooker. Before fitting any electrical
equipment you must ensure that the appliance is first
disconnected from the mains. If one the rings fails to heat or
the ring cannot be controlled, then it is likely to be due to
a regulator that needs replacing. Start by taking the screws out
of the vent at the back. Remove the griddle cover
and heat reflector and the two fixing screws
next to the griddle heater. Release the top by sliding to
the left and place to one side. Remove the other side top by taking out the two
screws at the back. Slide forward to release. Rest the top safely. Remove the knobs and fascia. Remove the fascia screws. Pull off the fascia carefully, as there are wires still
connected to the indicators. Loosen the faulty regulator screws. Remove the two screws and nuts to
release a control bracket and cover. Take a photo of the connections
on the regulator if required. Change one wire over at a
time to the new regulator, to prevent any errors. Check your photo if required. Refit the regulator. Refit the control bracket and rear cover. Put the fascia back onto the cooker, refitting the screws and the knobs. Finally, turn the power back on and
reset the clock before testing. For all the spares you need,
visit the Buyspares website.

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