How To Season Cast Iron Bacon Press

How To Season Cast Iron Bacon Press how to season cast iron without an oven cast iron bacon grill press by Norpro hi it’s AlaskaGranny I have a new cast iron bacon press grill press by Norpro you can also use it to press burgers hot dogs sausages sandwiches quesadillas there are lots of things you can use this with a cast iron bacon press know that when you get it you have to season it you can’t just begin to use it so I am going to show you what you need to do to begin to season and enjoy your bacon press first get another cast iron skillet and you want to get it warmed up and add vegetable oil to coat the bottom if you are worried about smoke do this out on your barbecue instead of in your kitchen sometimes seasoning cast iron causes a lot of smoke once you get that nice and warm over a medium heat take some of the oil and a paper towel and rub it all over the bacon press coat the bottom of your press make sure you use a paper towel so you get it into all the grooves set that into your pan and let it cook nooks and crannies fill it all in get it all filled in then set it into your warm pan let the cast iron bacon press cook in the cast iron skillet on the stove top or barbecue grill on medium for about 20 minutes never use a nonstick pan to season cast iron because the cast iron press will scratch your nonstick pan when the 20 minutes is up be careful remove the cast iron bacon press set it aside on another surface that is safe for hot things turn off your heat and let everything cool now your cast iron bacon press should be good to go seasoned and ready for cooking how to care for cast iron bacon press
don’t ever wash it with soapy water always make sure you take care of it just as you would any other cast iron pot or pan please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

4 comments on “How To Season Cast Iron Bacon Press”

  1. Al Machado says:

    I just received the same model brand new bacon press and am seasoning it right now. Five more minutes then power off to cool. Thank you for the video. Subbed!

  2. Daniel Brady says:

    You can also coat the top part also with that hot vegetable oil

  3. Fern Fancyface says:

    Can I use Canola Oil? Thanks for the instructions.

  4. Jerry Sutphin says:

    Could you not just place the press into the pan first, thus wetting with oil without use of the paper towel? I understand the need for perhaps helping it into the grooves, but seems unnecessary if you are going into the pan with it anyway.

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