How to Season Cast Iron on Your Gas Grill- Cast Iron Tips Tricks Hacks

How To Season Cast Iron on your barbecue grill without an oven How to Season Cast Iron Cookware How To Season Cast Iron Pans Cleaning and Seasoning Cast Iron hi it’s AlaskaGranny fire up your barbecue it is time to season and prime your cast iron pots and pans for the coming spring and summer season season or preseason cast iron without an oven
let your grill get nice and warm get a can of all vegetable Crisco or shortening do not use butter flavored smear the crisco all over the cast iron pot or pan take all vegetable Crisco or shortening and spread it all over your cast iron pan it is messy but it works get all
vegetable shortening how to season cast iron pans on your grill rub Crisco all over the top and then rub it all over the bottom rub it all over all of the surfaces inside and out then you will place it in the grill or barbecue to season your cast iron pots and pans put it upside down in the barbecue grill so the grease will run off and not pool up in the bottom of your pan upside down don’t want the grease to pool easiest way to season cast iron cookware grease the lid all over too and put that in the grill do all of your cast iron cookware the same way grease the surface all over inside and out how often to season cast iron cookware at the beginning of each season and when the pan is new don’t miss any of the surface the lid has a bigger lip on one side put it in upside down so the grease doesn’t pool on the surface of your cast iron when it is heating up and getting seasoned don’t want the grease to pool in the lid I am going to let it heat up on the grill for 45 minutes to an hour got it on high and let it cook for 45 minutes to one hour to make sure all of the surface of the cast iron is well seasoned they look good the surface is dark brown to black which is how you want them to look they are glossy turn off your grill allow them to cool completely put them away if they are still sticky on the surface of your cast iron cook them a little longer and that is all you have to do to season your cast iron you should season your cast iron when it is new and at the beginning of each barbecue and camping season never use soap on cast iron season cast iron when food sticks or it loses its glossy coating please subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel learn more at

5 comments on “How to Season Cast Iron on Your Gas Grill- Cast Iron Tips Tricks Hacks”

  1. D. Kennedy says:

    What a view!

  2. Oldtimer Lee says:

    Beautiful view! However, hope that direction doesn't face the prevailing winds during the winter. — Agree with you that using a grill is the best way to season castiron cookware. My technique is a little different from yours. Melt some shortening & use a disposable natural bristle brush, like a pastry brush, to put a thin film on the CI. (Shortening is the best, IMO. However, any vegetable oil will work, too.) Put the pieces, upside down, in side the warming grill. Let them heat up as the drill does, until temp is about 400 F. Hold for an hour. Turn off the heat & let cool down naturally to the point, it can be handled again. If needed, repeat with another thin coating. 

    Less risk of sticky pooled coating. Thinly applied multiple coatings are stronger than thicker single applications. Natural cool down avoids getting burned and avoids CI cracking from sudden temp change. 

    Following a re-seasoning, I like to do a batch of French fries. (If a piece is stripped of original seasoning, discard both oil & single sliced potato of first batch.) This further reinforces the new seasoning. I try to avoid liquid based recipes, especially those with tomatoes, for a while, after seasoning. More taters, sausage, fried chicken, etc. keeps on building a good seasoning layer. One that better withstands the effects of liquid/tomato based cooking. 

    Using this approach, a skillet, griddle, DO, etc. may go many years before it needs seasoning again. YMMV, as it depends on several variables. (Frequency of use, recipes used, care after cooking, etc.)  

    FWIW, one of my hobbies is collecting & restoring old, neglected & forgotten cast iron. Love bringing it back to a useful life, using both electrolysis & lye bath processes, as applicable to the piece. There's something special about bringing a hundred year old pan back into service for yet another generation to appreciate. 

    Thanks for sharing. 

  3. dave althoff says:

    Thanks for the tip!!  What view is that off your deck??

  4. Loganeffecto says:

    Is that…your yard?! Good video!

  5. Brian S says:

    What a great way to season! Less stink in the house! But please Alaska, open the lid of the grill as if a mistake happens you just created a bomb! Then when it is lit you can lower it. Not to be critical, just to help like your videos have helped me! Thanks and keep them coming! Brian

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