How to Slow Cook a Pot Roast : Cutting Fat Off of Meat when Making a Pot Roast

Hi, this is Josiah Owen and today we are going
to talk about making pot roast. Now we are going to go over our meat for our roast. Right
now we have our big 6 pound hunk of meat. This is way too much. We are not going to
use all of this; it is going to be a waste. But I like to buy in bulk so what I’m going
to do is cut this in half and use it for later. But right now I’m going to go ahead you see
right here there is some fat. Some of that is okay, some fat is always good. What you
want to do is minimize this and cut some of the fat away. So you want to flip it over
and cut away some of the hunk of the fat. Some of the fat is okay it gives it some flavor.
You don’t have to use it. Careful not to cut your hand, cut down while you are doing this
and when you get to a point cut that piece off. Just go back in and do the same thing
to the end of the meat. So be careful with the hand we do not want you to cut your hand
off. You just want to cut that right off. At this point this is about enough fat that
you want. So we are going to cut this right in half. We would not need all of this. We
would eat this later this week so we don’t have to waste food and at the same time save
some money.

4 comments on “How to Slow Cook a Pot Roast : Cutting Fat Off of Meat when Making a Pot Roast”

  1. Juan Ayala says:

    you butchered the meat…in a bad and inefficient way.

  2. YoLninYo says:

    Somewhere in nebraska there is a steer turning in his grave!

  3. Waiting2soar13 says:

    Like blow ur nose tho…

  4. Saptarshi Das says:

    Love it!!>>> Have made several large roasts in it in an hour, so delicious. Then made fall off the bone ribs in 30 minutes (once pressure is built up). One of the absolute best purchases I've made! Highly recommend!?

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