How to Slow Cook a Pot Roast : How to Prepare Garlic for a Pot Roast

Hi, this is Josiah Owen and today we are going
to talk about making pot roast. Now we are going to talk about our garlic for our pot
roast. First we want to make sure we peel the garlic by starting off by cutting the
bottom of the cloves. You need 4 of these, just put the bottom to the side. We are not
going to be using those at all. Then you just peel the garlic or if you have a problem,
you can press down slightly but we do want the garlic intact. Just work your fingers
and pinch and it should be rubbed off. Do not use a press for these garlic; you don’t
want any problems. Like I said in fact we are going to be putting them in the roast.
It is going to be kind of hard if you press it with a garlic press. Now we have all these
we are going to discard it. Now what we are going to do is cut garlic slitters. So take
the garlic and go along with it and then cut little pieces. You don’t want them too small
but enough so you can pierce the skin of the roast. Put this to the side the same thing
with this. Then the other 2
and there is you go that is how you prepare your garlic for our roast.

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