How to Slow Cook a Pot Roast : Seasoning & Adding Flour for a Pot Roast

Hi, this is Josiah Owen and today we are going
to talk about making pot roast. At this point we are going to go ahead and prepare out meat
to start searing. We need a little plate salt and pepper in our meat. What you want to do
is spread some of this flour on to our plate, we want to add some salt and pepper. This
is all to taste so if you want to add more, it is up to you. Now we are going to go ahead
and take our meat aside. We are just going to drop this right in and cover it up. You
want to shift it around and turn it so you can get all 4 sides. Shift it around, turn
around and stick it in there. The next step we are going to shear this, this would make
a nice little crust for you. Make sure to get the bottom as well. At this point if you
want to go back and reseason you can. Like I said before I like my pepper so I would
be using a lot of it. You need to pick it up and put some in the places that got missed
and there you go.

2 comments on “How to Slow Cook a Pot Roast : Seasoning & Adding Flour for a Pot Roast”

  1. Anthony Martinez says:

    sorry but im not understanding the flouring of the roast, maybe adding flour or starch to the broth to thicken the gravy, but come on, its not fried chicken, who wants a batter cooked onto a slow cooked pot roast? whats the point? please someone tell me?

  2. 녕다 says:

    I love this crock pot.>>> Excellent for the holidays and when you want to prepare for a large crowd.

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