How To Smoke Sausages With A Masterbuilt Smoker- How To Smoke Meats

how to smoke sausages with masterbuilt electric smoker hi it’s AlaskaGranny today I am going to smoke all beef hot links using Masterbuilt Electric Smoker taking to the next level they are going to be delicious first thing you need to do is prepare the smoker lay out foil on the ground because it drips cover the drip tray with foil turn it on to get it preheated to 200 degrees push the buttons today I am going to use pecan chips pecan chips I’m gonna fill up my tray I
want to use one full tray plus a little more to know how
much I put in here ahead of time and I filled my bucket with water now I can just dump it in and add a handful more now I know I will have enough I need those to soak for about a half an hour before I begin to smoke my sausage when you go to turn it on simply hit the on set your temperature I’m gonna do these it two hundred
just push the plus to go up where you on it or down
if you go too far up then you push the set again then you need to set the time or it won’t stay on it won’t start to preheat so I wanted to do these for about 2 two and a half hours I’m gonna put in a
little longer just to make sure that it stays on be sure to take your rack out
before you turn it to heat so you can load your food and put it on after it
comes up to temperature have your meat and your chips ready for
when it comes up to temperature quickly open the door slide in your chip tray add your meat be sure to place it with the lip forward so they don’t fall off the rack make sure you leave the damper open about 25 percent are a quarter of the way if you want to add more chips there is a chip tray on the side add more chips just drop them stick it back in and in then turn it it will drop them right into your chip tray huge look at delicious these are they have an internal temperature one
hundred eighty-five degrees I’ve toasted some buns we are gonna top
them with our favorite topping and dinner is served add
any side dishes that you enjoy please try making some smoke sausages on
the Masterbuilt smoker see if you don’t love it as much as I
do. Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

26 comments on “How To Smoke Sausages With A Masterbuilt Smoker- How To Smoke Meats”

  1. 7CamDan 4Dan says:

    another great vid.. Thanks beautiful granny..

  2. Chowdy Chopz says:

    I just bought one last week,  Wow it works great

  3. JW's BulletsNBlades says:


  4. Scott F. says:

    Looks tasty…Good vid…

  5. j stark says:

    yum, looks like a well used smoker. I just learned ya can add chips directly to the smoke tray to start, and then later more from the outside. NOT IN MY INSTRUCTIONS BOOK.  Thanks.

  6. palladini971 says:

    I also own a MasterBuilt 30 inch Electric smoker, only mine has window in the door.  I do not soak my wood chips, as I do not need that added steam in the smoker.
    I have no idea if by your Youtube Name, your in Alaska, but if you are, I find it amazing you can get Pecan chips up there.
    And are the Sausages your smoking store bought or Home made?  And what flavour/kind of sausages are they?

  7. Jim Munhall says:

    Should the skins be pierced ?

  8. dzrt XV says:

    No water in your waterbowl? The manual says to not smoke w/o it. What gives?

  9. b ferg says:

    is that a palm tree in the back ?

  10. Rick Froehlich says:

    You should not use a water bowl when smoking sausage, as you want the surface dry to take the smoke better.  Many people suggest hanging/racking the sausage in the smoker I hour at 100 degree's before adding wood.  That's the way I have always done it at in does make a big difference in taste.  Thanks for your video!

  11. TacSoob253 says:

    Why leave the damper open 25% or a quarter of the way?

  12. mglass96 says:

    Hello, I just bought the same exact smoker today! In fact I am "pre seasoning" it right now.
    I see people talking about smoking brats until the internal temp is "x" just curious how you knew when they were done if you didn't use the probe throughout the smoking? Sorry if dumb question. Do you use the probe in any meats when smoking?

  13. Willa Fields says:

    this is my first and I did well. Sausage turn out great… thanks granny

  14. Pesak Hraap says:

    Too many sausages for her.

  15. Kevin Aveson says:

    If you don't push the grease tray all the way to the back, it will catch the drippings and not leak out from the door. No need to put the foil on the ground then!

  16. Papa Pardue says:

    i have masterbuild smoker but was told not to soke the chips

  17. Darrell Drayton says:

    you are doing it wrong. You are supposed to put the chips in on the side, that way you dont have to open the door as much

  18. Michael Henry says:

    Hello! Thanks for the video! How did you measure the internal temperature of the brats? Did you use the temperature probe that came with the smoker or did you use a different one?

  19. Patrick Leabo says:

    She reminds me of my mom 🙂 love her

  20. rob brown says:

    Your using it wrong. Take the foil off drip tray. Adjust the front legs of smoker so that the front on smoker is slightly higher than the back of smoker. Put a small pan on ground behind smoker where the grease drip tube is located. There is a reason the drip pan is channeled and has a whole in rear of it. Also when you add wood chips, pull the chip pan on right side off smoker, fill with chips, reinsert chip pan and rotate 180 degrees to dump chips into internal chip pan. And yes I always soak my chips to decrease heat spikes and last longer

  21. Doug6714 says:

    I will be making my first attempt at smoking sausage. I have smoked other meat over the years, but not sausage. I will use my Masterbuilt today. Great video. Keep smoking!

  22. julia E says:

    Why do you soak your chips first?

  23. Dudley B says:

    You make me look good! Salmon was great, even my mother in law liked it!

  24. Sector Black says:

    I know this is an of video, but I'm going to put a few rolls of green onion sausage in my masterbuilt tomorrow and was curious about how other people liked to do it. We love our smoker. Definitely not a heavy duty piece of equipment, but for a few Burgers, sausages, and pork shoulders, and chickens it's a great. I even use it as an outdoor oven during the summer when we don't want to heat the house up.

    Good-looking sausages, by the way.

  25. Jim Tuchrello says:

    Hi Alaskan Granny… do you recommend any other wood chips other than pecan? I have apple, hickory and cherry to choose from.

  26. Punz says:

    Yummy 🙂

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