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Lighting your charcoal the proper way will
have you up and cooking in no time. Always begin by lifting open the lid to the
grill and removing the top cooking grate. There are three common methods to light your
charcoal grill: The first is lighting coals with a chimney
starter using no lighter fluid. Place the empty chimney starter onto the lower
grate, also called a charcoal grate, and pour in the charcoal. For low heat, for cooking food like tender
white fish or for using the coals to light a smoker, fill the chimney one quarter full. For medium heat, for foods like burgers or
brats, fill it one-half to three-quarters. And for high temperatures, fill the chimney
to the top. The amount of charcoal needed may vary based
on the size of your grill. Now that your chimney has charcoal, you will
need to add an accelerant such as lighter cubes or crumpled newspaper. Put the accelerant at the base of the starter
and light. Once the top coals begin to turn grey with
ash you’ll be ready to pour them onto the charcoal grate. The entire process should take about 15 minutes. The second method is lighting the coals with
lighter fluid. Arrange the charcoal in a pile or pyramid
on the charcoal grate. Keeping the briquettes close together will
help the fire spread from coal to coal easily so they’re ready to use faster. Read the lighter fluid directions for using
proper amounts, and don’t ever spray onto a lit fire or hot coals. Squirt lighter fluid onto the top of the coals,
and light immediately. The coals are ready for cooking when they
turn grey with ash. A third option is to use matchlight charcoal. Arrange the charcoal in a pile or pyramid
on the charcoal grate and light. The coals are ready for cooking when they
turn grey with ash. Regardless of your method, once your coals
are ready, place your cooking grate back on the grill and close the lid. Allow the grill to heat up to the desired
temperature using a thermometer as a guide. If your grill doesn’t have a built-in one,
use a surface thermometer placed on the cooking grate. Once the grill is heated, prepare it for cooking. First, clean the grill grates using a grill
brush, and coat the grates with a grill spray or vegetable oil. When you’re done cooking, clean the cooking
grate while it’s still warm and any stuck-on food is easier to remove. When done, fully close the vents
and dampers on the grill to cut off the oxygen supply to the coals. This will cause the coals to be extinguished. How long that takes depends on how much charcoal
you still have left. Once all coals are out and the grill has cooled
down, be sure to put on your grill cover. To find out more about starting a charcoal
grill, check out our full guide on, or to browse our wide selection of
grills, click below.

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