How to Stop Bad Bloody Nose FAST!

hi everyone welcome back to life of pang
hey today we’re going to do something different again I am going to do a part
two to my dry nose video and I wasn’t expecting to do it part two but
something happened in the last month and I wanted to do another video just a
follow-up video to update you on what’s going on now if you did not see my first
video I’ll put the link up on the corner and down on the description box so you
can go take a look and see what cream really helped my dry nose and I’m
doing today’s video with all my glasses because of the glare from the natural
light outside or from the other light I don’t have a great setup for doing this
type of video so just got to do what I can so hopefully I don’t look so
different so if you watch my video you know they
have really dry nose and I have to use cream humidifier in order to keep my
nose moist otherwise I do get bloody nose and I have had bloody nose in the
past some are worse than others the first time I had a really bad bloody
nose was back in 2000 and I went to see my doctor and he cauterized it with
chemical cauterization which is pretty much silver nitrate they put it on the
wound and burn it and let me tell you it hurt okay it really really hurt I did
not enjoy that at all however the next day it started bleeding again so I went
to the doctor again and he actually packed my nose what that is is they
actually put a kind of like a log of cotton up your nose and leave it there
for a couple of days and you have to take antibiotics for that
so that there is no other infection that comes with it and then I went back to
the doctor’s office and he removed the cotton packed from my nose that did help
and I did have any more bad bloody nose for years however since I moved out to
Southeast Asia and Thailand I have experienced a few bad bloody nose the
first time I went to the ENT doctor here and I had to ask them to pack it again
and they packed it with a dissolvable foam and it pretty much self dissolved
within a couple of days and I also had to take antibiotics for that in that
again that helped however a few months later it started to have heavy bleeding
it again and I thought I can’t live like this I can’t just keep going back to the
doctor to have a pack I mean I asked a doctor can’t have some of these packing
phones so that I can do it myself but they said they would not sell it to
individuals you have to have the doctors do it so I searched online and found
some on Amazon and this is a nosebleed plug and it’s actually is a foam it is
hard and it’s got chemical coated on it to actually cut the wound so that is
this the bleeding was a lot faster and as it absorbs the blood it expands and
so it puts pressure on the room again to help stop it and this has been a
lifesaver for me and this is what I’ve been using off and on as I experience
these heavy bloody nose bleeding and when I say heavy bloody nose I don’t
mean just your little bloody nose now for those of you who can’t stand the
sight of blood look away for just a few minute here this is what I mean look at
my bloody nose I mean it’s dripping right and when I can’t stop it this is
what my snake looks like yeah it’s cover and tissue and blood and so I really
needed a different solution so that I can stop the bleeding quickly without
any hope leading to death anyway okay you can look back now with
this thing I will take it apart I will take it out of the packaging and then
slowly insert it up my nose and you want to do it slowly because of the chemical
on there if you do it too fast you’ll scratch your soft tissue inside you
don’t want to do that you don’t want to cause any more problem but slowly insert
it up there but leave a little bit still sticking out of your nose and then that
way you have something to grab on to when you’re ready to remove it so if you
look at it as the blood is absorbed into the sponge it expand slowly out and this
has been a lifesaver for me a couple of times in couple of public places where I
needed to actually stop my bloody nose a lot of – relatively quick so if you are
interested in these I have all have a link below where you can find it on
Amazon and like I said it’s been a lifesaver for me for those times when I
really needed it I wish I’ve discovered this a long time ago but hey you know
what it’s helped me within the last couple of years so I’m thankful for that
you should leave it in for at least an hour I’ve taken it out sooner but then I
would rebleed again so I just left it longer to actually just give some added
pressure and on to that wound and again for those of you who can’t stand the
sight of blood look away for just a little bit to take it out you have to be
very very gentle and slow okay just because if you pull it out too fast you
may reopen the wound and you’ll have bloody nose again or you may call a
cause other damages to your soft tissues so this is how I do it I’m not gonna
fast for or any of this I’m just gonna go at the rate that it’s recorded it and
you so that you can see how slow I do this okay I’ll I’ll be honest it is
uncomfortable and a little bit painful but you have to do what you got to do
right so just slowly wiggle it back and forth up and down and slowly pull on
and take as long as you need to slowly pull it out and once you get it out and
it’s like oh thank goodness you feel this pressure relief and obviously
healthily your bloody nose would have stopped almost every single time that I
use these plugs they have helped stop my bad bloody nose so the reason for part
two of this video is that the nose being plugs okay so those of you who have bad
bloody nose and you want something to stop it
that’s a lifesaver and the number two reasons for making a part two video I
had electoral cauterization done and here’s why I did it
I mentioned I was in the Midwest in America for a few months the night
before I was gonna get on a 20-hour flight back to Bangkok Thailand I had
the worst bloody nose again gushing bloody nose I used one of those plug and
it stopped it and so the next day I bought my flight and after about 10
hours on the flight I started getting a little bit of a bloody nose not the
heavy one so after a 14-hour flight we landed in Shanghai China and in the
airport I was in the bathroom stall and boom bad bloody nose all right worst
timing right I have to borrow a flight in 20 minutes so I put one of the nozbe
plug in and got on my flight after about an hour when the seat belt liked his
turn off I went and took out my plug and my nose buddy has stopped and for the
rest of the flight it was a 4-hour flight to Bangkok from Shanghai I just
kept a surgical mask on and I’m glad I did because I was so exhausted from that
travel you know it’s never comfortable just try and sleep in an airplane
especially for a 14-hour flight anyhow I was so exhausted put my surgical mask on
and I fell asleep quite a few hours along the way so that made that four
hour journey so much faster and so if you’ve been keeping track two days
too bad bloody nose right next day my hotel in Bangkok guess what yes bad
bloody nose and usually I have a tissue with me and so I just block it and get
over to my purse grab out my nose plug and get over to the sink and then put my
plug in that’s same evening second bloody nose so we’re talking three days
for bad bloody nose okay so I’m just like what is going on right I never had
any bloody news like this before what what is going on I just don’t know what
to do I don’t want to have to keep plugging up my nose and not have a real
solution I was in Bangkok for a few days because the following day I had to go
see my rheumatologist for my rheumatoid arthritis maybe that’s another video but
I decided to call the ENT doctor at this international Hospital to see to go see
it they didn’t have any appointment that evening so I made an appointment for the
following afternoon so the next day I went to my room at halogen and guess
what sitting in the waiting room yep you got it gushing bloody nose right so
bye bloody nose hearing five bloody nose in five days I just knew that I need to
do something drastic I just can’t live my life this way because I never know
when the next next episode is gonna be and it’s gonna be the most inconvenient
time right or like maybe you’re on the bus or in a taxi or somewhere where you
you just can’t get to a bathroom fast enough
so the afternoon when I did go see the ENT doctor because I did have a bloody
nose the morning my nose would still kind of crust it with some blood and she
said I’m going to clean it she did some cotton into some cleaning solution went
in guess what bloody nose so I had to put pressure on it for 10 minutes and it
stopped and then she was starting to numb my nose to do a chemical
cauterization it’s like I don’t want a chemical cauterization because I had
that done before and the next day it started bleeding again
so I told her it’s like I’ve been researching online and I want to do this
electoral cauterization she say oh if you want to do that that we should just
go ahead and start prepping you for that say yes let’s do that the reason I
wanted to do that was I was researching and I found out that the chemical
cauterization you may have to do three four or five times before it actually
stops the bleeding whereas the electoral cauterization it actually works the
first time around I’m not in the medical field so I won’t be able to give you the
specifics and answer any of your questions specific to it but I would
advise you to go talk to an ENT specialist which is an ear nose and
throat specialist and they’ll be able to give you better information as well I’ll
put a link to a few article and video that helped me make my decision down
below so you can take a look at it and see what it entails so a little bit of
detail on the process okay the doctor started to numb my nose but in order to
actually do the electoral cauterization she would have to put a local anesthetic
and guess what yep ah ha long needle inside of my nose yes that hurt okay it
really really hurt she had to poke me three times inside to get the anesthetic
in you know I started to feel the numb and
my obvious main gum started to numb a little bit because she did use some
numbing lotion earlier I can feel the back of my throat started to numb a
little bit so just be calm okay I think I might have been a little bit anxious
too and said such as really oh I can’t breathe but it’s just a numbing solution
you’re fine all right so needle in your nose okay
that is hard to take but I was at that point and then yes the process started
now they have to ground you and so for me they put some cream on my elbow and
set my elbow on the armrest of the chair to growl me but we Electra cauterization
they actually burn your blood vessel seal it so that it doesn’t come through
there anymore and I’ll be honest it hurt it really hurt a lot and you can smell
it you can taste it okay the smoke the smell of burning flesh
obviously so if you are scared of needle and you’re scared of all that sound and
smell this may not be a procedure for you and this is the first time for me to
but I know that I need it to do something drastic because I did not want
to have to put up with all this bloody nose right so yeah during the whole
process which is about five minutes it really did hurt a lot but afterwards I
didn’t feel any more pain the doctor did put dissolvable packing on it and this
packing wasn’t like it stuffed up my nose it was just on the wound itself so
I could still breathe but these it’s more kind of like bandages on the wound
inside of the nostril and it actually self dissolve after a few days so what
the doctor told me is take d congestion so that you can keep your system dry
that way heals the woman a lot faster she also gave me a cream to put it
inside the nostril to help keep it moist and heal faster as well you don’t put it
on the wound itself obviously it’s too difficult to see that you don’t want to
play with that wound and cause it to again bleed so it’s been over two weeks
and so far no bad bloody nose I’m hoping that this is the end of my bad bloody
nose because I did not want to have to deal with that and just live in fear of
when when is it going to happen and when it will it happen at the worst time so
I’m really thankful and I’m glad that I make that decision I know it was painful
but I think in the long run it’s probably the best decision for me okay
so I’m rambling on but I hope that this has helped some of you who is dealing
with very bad bloody nose as well I hope that the nose be plug would help you and
if you’re just you know sick and tired of dealing with that may be the
electoral cauterization will help you as well if anything else comes up I’ll
probably maybe do another video to update you otherwise I’m hoping and
praying that this will be the end of a bad bloody nose I know that I will
probably get you know the lighter dry nostril bleeding every once in a while
and you know that’s okay and so I’m trying to keep my nose moist but I hope
that I will not have any of that bad gushing bloody nose anymore
alright so until next time I’ll see you later I hope you like my videos please hit
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