How To Use A Volcano Stove For Outdoor Cooking- Camping Hunting Emergency Power Outages

how to cook with a volcano stove how to use a volcano stove for outdoor cooking biomass stove hi it’s alaskagranny i got out the old volcano stove and I’m going to show you the tiny amount of fuel you need to build a fire in this thing I just have a few leaves dried grass and sticks I’m going to add a few cotton balls and I’m going to light it and show you how powerful this volcano stove is this volcano stove is at least 20 years old you can tell it’s had lots of use it is easy to use uses very little fuel I’m adding a cotton ball just to make sure it takes off and lights when you use the volcano stove you never want sticks that are bigger than something like this you just don’t need something bigger than that and as the fire starts to go you just can add a little more a few more small sticks and it’s amazing how few sticks you need to be able to cook with a volcano stove to heat something up the volcano stove doesn’t get hot on the outside all the heat funnels up this way so it’s a perfect little biomass stove to use for cooking in an emergency or if you’re at Camp my fire in the volcano stove has been going about five minutes we added about five more sticks and now we’re going to wait until it gets down to a little more coals and then I start cooking the volcano stove is a great little campout cooker whether you use the grate down in the bottom or you can adjust these bolts up here you can put a grate up here put more wood in it to cook longer or if you want to use your Dutch oven or you can even take a pot fry pan and it will fit right in there at the top to help you get all the warmth that you can to cook with very little fuel the holes here on the sides of the volcano stove keep the air flowing so the pot is not going to turn the fire off if you just want to cook a little 15-minute foil packet that’s all the wood you need that and a little bit of cotton ball or some grass to get the fire going start the fire the volcano stove is a really nice little campout stove I know now they make a volcano stove that folds up up but I don’t have one this is what I have and I love it it is a little cumbersome you wouldn’t want to take it back packing because it weighs probably 20 pounds but it’s a handy little camping stove or use it for backyard fire pit cooking and hardly uses any fuel and you can cook with charcoal sticks anything you want anything you find around biomass stove so try the volcano stove see how it works for you learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

3 comments on “How To Use A Volcano Stove For Outdoor Cooking- Camping Hunting Emergency Power Outages”

  1. Vihor Vetrov says:

    AlaskaGrany, looking good!

  2. 1eyedjacksRwild says:

    I have the folding version. It is quite versatile. Thanks for sharing.

  3. John Batchler says:

    Even today old technology works better than the newer version s of bbq grills I have that one too bought it on eBay but I'll get the folded down one so I do a luau the steaks came out great

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