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Hey guys its DJ BBQ and I’m here to show you how to properly use your griddle pan You don’t oil your griddle pan, you oil your steak and massage it on both sides If you oil your griddle pan, it will smoke. The oil will burn Most people put salt and pepper on the steaks before they grill, I’m only going to use salt right before I grill Now to the griddle pan, screaming hot The steak came off the grill, now I hit the steak with the pepper If you do it too early like when your cooking, it will burn I would let it rest for a couple minutes, all those juices going back in the muscle so I can have a nice juicy steak This sirloin was already cut against the grain, now were going to cut at an angle even more against the grain If you’re not sure where to cure, just ask your butcher So there you go, oil your meat, not your griddle pan For a smorgasbord of helpful tips, hit the link below

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  1. ivoman7 says:

    Do one on how you light up and start your BBQ; get things set up, use fire starters or not, etc.

  2. MrBradJJ says:

    Did that but mine still smoked a lot. Too much oil???

  3. Avalaxy says:

    Love this quick tips. Keep them coming!

  4. Dominik S says:

    Olive oil to grill a steak at high heat? Wow, you're dumb. It gets all bitter and nasty. Next time take the steak out of the fridge half an hour before cooking it, use oil with a high smoke point, finish it with some clarified butter (makes the best crust) and also grill the steak on the side so the fat melts. This video is garbage.

  5. Flat Sun Biker says:

    A Right I was doing it all wrong

  6. servinlp says:

    can you guys make a video with tips for shopping? How to recognize quality ingredients and where it is best to bey them?

  7. Jason Forbes says:

    Impressive… 1 minute on the dot. 

  8. Joanne Bleiwas says:

    Will it work with chicken? Mine always sticks.

  9. Mark Muller says:

    "ITS RAWWWWW" – Gordon Ramsay

  10. miklas1911 says:

    I always oil my griddle before it's time for the business. Yiiiiir boooooyy..

  11. IvyatHeart says:

    That was actually really helpful. .thx.
    Sincerely, The Girl Who Sets Off The Fire Alarm Every Dang Time

  12. Kalupz says:

    This is common knowledge that needs to be known by the common bachelor

  13. Dream Clean says:

    Why would anyone oil the pan? The oil would just fall between the grooves.

  14. mrlieenn says:

    If you have a induction cooktop, never heat the pan on boost straight at once, it will bend the iron. My le creuset pan bent like crazy!

  15. Divalicious_gemini says:

    Do…. You do salmon the same way

  16. Chris Fox says:

    This was very helpful thank you! And that steak looked so good! 

  17. PapaKryptoss says:

    What salt was that? It looked looked like flakes.

  18. catsIview says:

    .i have one of these but never used it now I might

  19. Peter 3337 says:

    I oil my meat daily 

  20. F_Sleek says:

    Thanks – I've been doing this wrong for a while so you've helped me 🙂

  21. indian60314 says:

    But before you massage the steak,massage your penis first

  22. Steve Potterton says:

    What's the best way to clean your cast iron griddle pan? I can never get the dam thing clean, there is always stuff stuck to even if I let it soak for a bit and then scrub it.

  23. funkdoobiest says:

    How To Use Your Griddle Pan, a.k.a How to Cook a Steak on a Griddle Pan

  24. Rainbow Gardens says:

    I enjoy using clarified butter (has a high smoke point) for my cast iron skillet, which I tend to use more than a griddle. However, I melt it into the skillet first because I use the remaining butter to cook potatoes, peppers, onions, etc. while the steak rests. It is a one skillet meal. 🙂 Here's how I clarify my butter:

  25. TheK1ngdom says:

    0:36 Yeeeeeaaaaah bro! Pepper afterwards! Woooooo!

  26. Stuart Safford says:

    Aha! Oiling the steak would not have occurred to me.

  27. timmy yong says:

    Always wanted to ask this, do people touch meat or when their hands are oily go grab salt? Doesn't that make the whole jar/cup of salt dirty?

  28. djab says:

    Ummmm, is he from jackass?

  29. IamIUareU says:

    how to use your griddle pan? just use it 🙂

  30. Mill Eudic says:

    This stake cooked in this video is not rare. It is uncooked! You can get poisoned if you eat it and was made from aged beef. I said, you could! The middle is RAW — [email protected]

  31. Kati's Welt says:

    Great Video – thank you. ♥

  32. Dan Browne says:

    This is the first video when anyone doesn't season with pepper until after . It even goes against what Jamie says .

  33. Beer Baron says:

    I never expected the ending!

    Rock on, DJ BBQ!

  34. Frl_F says:

    Another tip is: don't use fridge cold meat. Get it out a bit before usage and let it warm up.

  35. Donal Skehan says:

    Top tips but now I want steak! 🙂

  36. 100k like喵喵頻道 says:

    good tips!

  37. bchan210 says:

    What's the benefit of the griddle pan over a flat pan? I see the grill marks but I feel you get a much better sear with flat. Answers?

  38. heartsofdragons87 says:

    the  steak isn't even close to finish  it's still raw  a nice meat that is raw cocked is just  terrible realy 

  39. Coco 007 says:

    can I use a griddle pad also if I dont have a gas cooker? 

  40. aaaaaaaaaaaa808 says:

    No matter how many billion times people watch the same steak being grilled, it still soooooo attractive and sexy and go go power ranger!

  41. Michael Boulton says:

    l wish l could afford a good steak and have the teeth to eat it.

  42. Rapandula says:

    Best breakfest recipe

  43. balooc2 says:

    where is the "sh" sound in smörgåsbord?

  44. Alan Hesketh says:

    If using flavoured butter, would you rub that on your meat or into the pan?

  45. tattooedhippiechick says:

    I just got a griddle pan…thanks for the tip!

  46. Brenda grant says:

    my steak sticks to my pan, why? how do you clean and season your pan?

  47. alientech86 says:

    can a grill pan cook a 1 inch thick steak to medium or medium well ? how many minutes on each side to get medium well?

  48. thedr00 says:

    Any tips for how to clean griddle pans?

  49. • AbdullahBinMuhammed • says:

    Thanx chef (:

  50. mokkagili says:

    Any tip on how to season your pan? like every use etc?? which oil? there are lots on internet but saying different things!

  51. croguy says:

    How can you eat cadaver?! Interesting to see how different people have been conditioned differently and find corpse and dead body appealing.

  52. Samie Frites says:

    That's a grill pan idiot. Griddle pans are flat.

  53. god563616 says:

    How many minutes for a well done steak in the pan?

  54. Fulux Gaming says:

    Can smebody please tell me which size hob I use e.g. the biggest burner & is it medium high heat ?

  55. god563616 says:


  56. NPAMike says:

    LIke if you don't have a local butcher.

  57. Sonnylyn Trettler12 says:

    this is an easy way to cook for barbeque

  58. SamsonAKAK80 says:

    Does anyone know who DJ BBQ is?

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