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Welcome in Monikazz kitchen. Today we will make restuarant style plain rice. Before i get started If you have not subscribed my channel Monikazz Kitchen, then Please Subscribe and click the bell icon so that you may get information of my new uploads. So lets start Restuarant style plain Rice. Take 1 cup Basmati Rice. I have taken India gate Basmati rice. 2 Bay Leaves. Cinamon stick, 3 Cloves. 1 ts salt. 1 lemon. 2 ts veg oil. 2 cup water. First we will wash rice. You can use rice of your choice. You may soak rice for 10-15 min prior we will wash twice. Put veg oil in the wok. after oil is hot add 2 bay leaves. clove and cinnamon. Fry them, by adding these all, very good flavour comes in rice. Add 2 cup water as we are going to make 1 cup rice. so we will take double 2 cup water. Add 1 ts salt for 1 cup rice we need only 1 ts salt . Boil the water and add rice. Mix them well. wait for 1boil. After 1boil low the flame and put the lid to boil till the rice is cooked. it will take 3-4 min. as you can see the water is almost getting dried. lets see the rice once. By pressing we can see if it is cooked. yes its almost ready. Now Add 8-10 dropsof lemon. By adding lemon juice. rice will be bloomed. There is still little water. mix them all once. and put the the lid to cook rice for 2 min. after 2 min. put off the flame. Rice is ready. Bloomed non sticky rice is ready serve in a plate. If you like the recipe then please share it and subcribe my channel Monikazz kitchen. thank you for watching my video.

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  1. Gorgeous You says:

    Awesomeee recipe!👍🏻💛💚

  2. Shamina's DIY says:

    Delicious rice.

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