HSN | Wolfgang Puck’s Holiday Party 10.26.2019 – 03 AM

One comment on “HSN | Wolfgang Puck’s Holiday Party 10.26.2019 – 03 AM”

  1. Theo Emissary says:

    Golly, I guess I missed the part when Puck told Marlo to shut up. (what happened to THAT clip?). Marlo did, not providing ANY commentary for the remainder of this obnoxious old man's pitch. Michael Symon followed, mentioning Puck's rudeness, and Marlo being the professional that she is, blew Puck's behaviour off. This man is not only unprofessional, rude and obnoxious, he's a health hazard as well. During any of his presentations he can be seen stuffing his face with food. Tonight he quadruple dipped — with saliva coated fingers — into whipping cream and chocolate interchangeably … once even sticking his fingers into his mouth to be certain he didnt miss a molecule of goodness.
    HSN should ban this disgusting piece of feculent butt fungus from ever presenting again.

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